How is the contribution used?

To keep the PAMGuard project alive, the software undergoes a continuous process of improvement and bug fixing to ensure compatibility with new versions of Windows, new Java versions and new external hardware (such as new National Instruments Acquisition devices). In addition we support PAMGuard developers around the world who are (at others’ expense) working to improve PAMGuard functionality. Our priority tasks are:

  • Bug Fixing: Reported bugs are fixed in a timely manner and included in future releases.
  • User Support: Providing basic email support to industry users.
  • Code Maintenance: Assisting developers, managing the Sourceforge code repository and preparing bi annual software releases.
  • Administration: Keeping track of time and costs, discussing needs with Industry and managing the website and the PAMGuard Facebook pages.

We are currently in the middle of a major program to provide compatibility with the latest Java version (Java 8) and also to provide full 64 bit support. Current funding will also allow us to change the plug in architecture of PAMGuard, making it easier for third parties to develop and distribute PAMGuard modules. Without ongoing maintenance, any software is likely to become gradually obsolete over a period of just a few years.  Indeed, as computer systems evolve, significant changes may be required to ensure the future availability of PAMGuard and its compatibility with new operating systems and Java versions.