How is it Collected?

The University of St Andrews has created a new Framework Agreement contract.


This document will have no monetary value attached to it, but will serve as the overarching five-year contract between the contributing companies and the University, under which multiple invoices can be attached for PAMGuard usage contributions. This Framework Agreement will be made available on the PAMGuard website. Contributing companies will be expected to download, complete, sign and return hard copies of the Framework Agreement to the University for countersigning (this is the only part of the new contract and invoicing system that will require a hard copy – which is required by Scottish law).

Every quarter, the contributing company will receive an email from the University of St Andrews Finance Advice & Support team, requesting the information necessary to raise an invoice. The contributing company should respond with their quarterly PAMGuard usage in arrears. Based on this information the University will raise an invoice which will be sent to the contributing company who can pay contributions directly to the University of St Andrews.