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JamieEchoDetectionSystem - Class in clickDetector.echoDetection
JamieEchoDetectionSystem(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDetectionSystem
JamieEchoDetector - Class in clickDetector.echoDetection
JamieEchoDetector(JamieEchoDetectionSystem, ClickControl, ClickDetector.ChannelGroupDetector, int) - Constructor for class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDetector
Construct an Echo detector
JamieEchoDialogPanal - Class in clickDetector.echoDetection
JamieEchoDialogPanal(JamieEchoDetectionSystem) - Constructor for class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDialogPanal
JamieEchoParams - Class in clickDetector.echoDetection
JamieEchoParams() - Constructor for class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoParams
JarExtractor - Class in PamUtils
JarExtractor() - Constructor for class PamUtils.JarExtractor
javaDAQmxFailed(int) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
javaDAQmxGetErrorString(int) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
javaPlaybackData(double[]) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
javaPreparePlayback(int, int, int, int[]) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
javaStartPlayback() - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
javaStopPlayback() - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
JBufferedPanel - Class in PamView
JBufferedPanel() - Constructor for class PamView.JBufferedPanel
JFontChooser - Class in PamView
The JFontChooser class is a swing component for font selection.
JFontChooser() - Constructor for class PamView.JFontChooser
Constructs a JFontChooser object.
JFontChooser(String[]) - Constructor for class PamView.JFontChooser
Constructs a JFontChooser object using the given font size array.
jniAsioStart(AsioJniInterface.AsioController, String, int[], int[]) - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
jniGetAsioControlPanelSettings(String, AsioJniInterface.AsioDriverSettings) - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
jniPlayData(int, double[]) - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
jniSetDriverAndSampleRate(int, int, String) - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
JPanelWithPamKey - Class in PamView
JPanelWithPamKey() - Constructor for class PamView.JPanelWithPamKey
JSONTest - Class in dataAnnotation
JSONTest() - Constructor for class dataAnnotation.JSONTest
jumpSize - Variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCParams