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objectDistance_m - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRCalibrationData
objectId - Variable in class binaryFileStorage.PackedBinaryObject
objectSize_cm - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRCalibrationData
objectToXMLFile(Object, File) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
An object is serializable iff ....
ObserverListPopup - Class in PamView
OfflienEventViewer - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OFFLINE_DATA_CANCEL - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
OFFLINE_DATA_INTERRUPT - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
OFFLINE_DATA_LOADED - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Notification sent out when new offline data have been loaded.
OFFLINE_DATA_WAIT - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
OfflineClickLogging - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineClickLogging(ClickControl, ClickDataBlock) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineClickLogging
OfflineDAQDialogPanel - Class in Acquisition.offlineFuncs
An extra panel that appears in the DAQ control when offline so that user can point the DAQ at a set of wav of aif files to use with the offline viewer.
OfflineDAQDialogPanel(OfflineRawDataStore, PamDialog) - Constructor for class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineDAQDialogPanel
offlineDataChanged() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
offlineDataChanged() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
Called from clicksOffline when data have changed (eg from re doing click id).
offlineDataChanged() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplay
Called from clicksOffline when data have changed (eg from re doing click id).
offlineDataChanged() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTabPanel
Called from clicksOffline when data have changed (eg from re doing click id).
offlineDataChanged() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTabPanelControl
Called from clicksOffline when data have changed (eg from re doing click id).
OfflineDataMap<TmapPoint extends OfflineDataMapPoint> - Class in dataMap
Class which get's held within a PamDataBlock which provides summary information on data within that block when operating in viewer mode.
OfflineDataMap(OfflineDataStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
OfflineDataMapPoint - Class in dataMap
Map points to go into an OfflineDataMap.
OfflineDataMapPoint(long, long, int) - Constructor for class dataMap.OfflineDataMapPoint
OfflineDataStore - Interface in PamController
Interface implemented by PamControlledUnits which are capable of reloading and restoring data when operating in Viewer mode.
OfflineDbHtDataUnit - Class in dbht.offline
OfflineDbHtDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class dbht.offline.OfflineDbHtDataUnit
OfflineDbHtLogging - Class in dbht.offline
OfflineEventDataBlock - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
PamDataBlock for offline events.
OfflineEventDataBlock(String, ClickDetector, int) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDataBlock
OfflineEventDataUnit - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineEventDataUnit replicates the RainbowClick functionality in OfflineRCEvent.
OfflineEventDataUnit(String, Integer, ClickDetection) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDataUnit
OfflineEventDialog - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineEventDialog(Window, ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDialog
OfflineEventGraphics - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineEventGraphics(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventGraphics
OfflineEventListPanel - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
List of offline events which can be included in various dialogs associated with offline event creation and management.
OfflineEventListPanel(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventListPanel
OfflineEventLogging - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineEventLogging(ClickControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventLogging
OfflineEventViewer - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineFileControl - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFileControl(String, String) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileControl
OfflineFileDataMap - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFileDataMap(OfflineDataStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileDataMap
OfflineFileMapPoint - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFileMapPoint(long, long, int, File) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileMapPoint
OfflineFileParameters - Class in Acquisition.offlineFuncs
OfflineFileParameters() - Constructor for class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineFileParameters
OfflineFileParams - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFileParams() - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileParams
OfflineFileProcess - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFileProcess(OfflineFileControl) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileProcess
OfflineFileProgressDialog - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFilesDialog - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFilesDialogPanel - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineFilesDialogPanel(OfflineFileControl) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineFilesDialogPanel
OfflineFileServer - Class in Acquisition.offlineFuncs
Functionality for handling data from files offline.
OfflineFileServer(OfflineRawDataStore) - Constructor for class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineFileServer
offlineFolder - Variable in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileParams
OfflineMapProgress - Class in fileOfflineData
OfflineMapProgress(boolean) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineMapProgress
OfflineMapProgress(int, int) - Constructor for class fileOfflineData.OfflineMapProgress
OfflineOneBandDataUnit - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OfflineOneBandDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.offline.OfflineOneBandDataUnit
OfflineOneBandLogging - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OfflineParameters - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineParameters() - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineParameters
offlineProcessing - package offlineProcessing
OfflineProcessingControlledUnit - Class in offlineProcessing
OfflineProcessingControlledUnit(String) - Constructor for class offlineProcessing.OfflineProcessingControlledUnit
OfflineProcessingProcess - Class in offlineProcessing
OfflineProcessingProcess(PamControlledUnit, PamDataBlock, OfflineTask) - Constructor for class offlineProcessing.OfflineProcessingProcess
OfflineRawDataStore - Interface in PamController
OfflineReProcess - Interface in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
Processes that run offline.
OfflineTask<T extends PamDataUnit> - Class in offlineProcessing
An offline task, such as click species id.
OfflineTask() - Constructor for class offlineProcessing.OfflineTask
OfflineTaskGroup - Class in offlineProcessing
OfflineTaskGroup(PamControlledUnit, String) - Constructor for class offlineProcessing.OfflineTaskGroup
PamControlledunit required in constructor since some bookkeeping will be goign on in the background which will need the unit type and name.
OfflineToolbar - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
OfflineToolbar(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineToolbar
offOrTurningOff() - Method in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
OK_OPTION - Static variable in class PamView.JFontChooser
Return value from showDialog().
okAngleError - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
OldClickClass - Class in clickDetector
OldClickClass(ClickDetector, long, int, long, int, int) - Constructor for class clickDetector.OldClickClass
OLProcessDialog - Class in offlineProcessing
Dialog for offline processing of a particular data type.
Will offer the user choices in how to select data (e.g.
OLProcessDialog(Window, OfflineTaskGroup, String) - Constructor for class offlineProcessing.OLProcessDialog
ON_TRACK - Static variable in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedExperimentData
OneBandAlarmCounter - Class in noiseOneBand.alarm
OneBandAlarmCounter(AlarmControl, OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.alarm.OneBandAlarmCounter
OneBandAlarmParameters - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandAlarmParameters() - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandAlarmParameters
OneBandAlarmParamsDialog - Class in noiseOneBand.alarm
OneBandAlarmProvider - Class in noiseOneBand.alarm
OneBandAlarmProvider(OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.alarm.OneBandAlarmProvider
OneBandControl - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandControl(String) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandControl
OneBandDataBlock - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDataBlock(String, OneBandControl, PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandDataBlock
OneBandDatagramProvider - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OneBandDatagramProvider(OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandDatagramProvider
OneBandDataSource - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDataSource(OneBandControl, OneBandDataBlock, String) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandDataSource
OneBandDataUnit - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandDataUnit
OneBandDialog - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDialog(OneBandControl, Window) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandDialog
OneBandDisplayDialog - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDisplayPanel - Class in noiseOneBand
Display panel for dBHt data - can be incorporated into a spectrogram plug in or a stand alone display window.
OneBandDisplayParams - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandDisplayParams() - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandDisplayParams
OneBandException - Exception in noiseOneBand
OneBandException(String) - Constructor for exception noiseOneBand.OneBandException
OneBandLogging - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandParameters - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandParameters() - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandParameters
OneBandProcess - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandProcess(OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandProcess
OneBandPulseProcess - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandPulseProcess(OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandPulseProcess
OneBandSummaryDialog - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OneBandSummaryParams - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OneBandSummaryParams() - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryParams
OneBandSummaryTask - Class in noiseOneBand.offline
OneBandSummaryTask(OneBandControl, OneBandDataBlock) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryTask
OneBandTabPanel - Class in noiseOneBand
OneBandTabPanel(OneBandControl) - Constructor for class noiseOneBand.OneBandTabPanel
onOrTurningOn() - Method in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
OOoDBSQLTypes - Class in generalDatabase
OOoDBSQLTypes() - Constructor for class generalDatabase.OOoDBSQLTypes
OOoDBSystem - Class in generalDatabase
http://digiassn.blogspot.com/2006/07/java-creating-jdbc-connection-to.html The unzipping/zipping part needs implemented.
OOoDBSystem(DBControl, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.OOoDBSystem
OOoDialogPanel - Class in generalDatabase
OOoDialogPanel(Component, OOoDBSystem) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.OOoDialogPanel
OPEN_FILE - Static variable in class PamView.PamFileBrowser
openBatchRunDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.offline.StaticLocaliserOfflineFunctions
openBatchRunDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.offline.TMOfflineFunctions
openCalFile(File) - Static method in class d3.calibration.CalFileReader
Open an XML file for a corresponding wav file by changing the file end to xml and then trying to find an xml file in the same directory.
openClickStorage(long) - Method in interface clickDetector.ClickFileStorage
openClickStorage(long) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
Open a new rainbowFile for storage.
openClickStorage(File) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
Open an old rainbowclick file to reload data for viewing or for batch conversion into binary files.
OpenCommPort - Class in portcomms
Open a serial port using Java Communications.
OpenCommPort(String) - Constructor for class portcomms.OpenCommPort
openComponent() - Method in class alarm.AlarmDisplayTable
openComponent() - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayPanel
openComponent() - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
openComponent() - Method in class difar.display.DifarDisplayContainer
openComponent() - Method in class difar.display.DifarDisplayContainer2
openComponent() - Method in class Map.SimpleMap
openComponent() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDisplayTable
openComponent() - Method in interface userDisplay.UserDisplayComponent
Called when the component is first displayed.
openComponent() - Method in class worldWindMap.WorldMapComponent
openCurrentDatabase() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBSystem
Open the database with it's host application if available (e.g.
openCurrentDatabase() - Method in class generalDatabase.MSAccessSystem
openCurrentDatabase() - Method in class generalDatabase.UCanAccessSystem
openedFiles - Variable in class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.FileMapProgress
openFile(long) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Open an output file.
openFile(File) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Open an output file.
openFileBrowser() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumTemplateDialog
openFileBrowser() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumTemplateEditDialog
openFileBrowser(Window, String) - Method in class GPS.ImportGPSDialog
openInputStream(File) - Static method in class Acquisition.pamAudio.WavFileInputStream
openInsertCursor(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
Open a cursor for inserting data using a non-scrollable cursor.
openLogFile() - Method in class Logging.LogDataObserver
openMapDialog() - Method in class Map.GetMapFile
openNewLogFile() - Method in class Logging.LogToFlatFile
openOptionsDialog(int) - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.StaticLocalisationMainPanel
openOutputFile(boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
openOutputFile(String) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
Open psf file for settings serialised output.
openPort(String, int, CommPortIdentifier, String) - Method in class smlPingerControl.PingerSerialPort
openRainbowConnection() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowDatabseConverter
openReadOnlyCursor(Connection, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
openScrollableCursor(Connection, boolean, boolean, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
openScrollableCursor(Connection, boolean, boolean, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
Open a scrollable cursor
openScrollableCursor(Connection, boolean, boolean, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
openSerialPort() - Method in class nmeaEmulator.SerialOutput
openStorage(AudioFileFormat.Type, long, float, int, int) - Method in class SoundRecorder.PamAudioFileStorage
Write data to an audio file.
openStorage(AudioFileFormat.Type, long, float, int, int) - Method in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderStorage
Open audio file storage
openStore(String) - Method in class whistleClassifier.FileTrainingStore
openStore(String) - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.FileTrainingStore
openStore(String) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.training.TrainingDataStore
Open store for writing
openStore(String) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.TrainingDataStore
Open store for writing
openUDPPort() - Method in class PamController.command.NetworkController
Open the UDP port.
openURL(String) - Static method in class PamView.PamGui
openXMLFile(File) - Static method in class d3.D3XMLFile
Open an XML file for a corresponding wav file by changing the file end to xml and then trying to find an xml file in the same directory.
operationMode - Variable in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassificationParameters
OptionsDialog - Class in staticLocaliser.panels
optionsMenu(Frame) - Method in class dbht.DbHtTabPanel
optionsMenu(Frame, int) - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandTabPanel
orange - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
orderLock - Variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
orderModules(Frame) - Method in class PamController.PamController
orderModules(Frame) - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Take actions to alow the user to change the order modules apear in.
orderOfflineData(PamObserver, LoadObserver, long, long, int, boolean) - Method in class ltsa.LtsaDataBlock
orderOfflineData(PamObserver, LoadObserver, long, long, int) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Similar functionality to getOfflineData, but this will launch a separate worker thread to do the actual work getting the data.
orderOfflineData(PamObserver, LoadObserver, long, long, int, boolean) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Similar functionality to getOfflineData, but this will launch a separate worker thread to do the actual work getting the data.
OrderPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
OrderPanel(FormEditor) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.OrderPanel
orderPlaybackData(PamObserver, PlaybackProgressMonitor, float, long, long) - Method in interface soundPlayback.PlaybackDataServer
Request playback data.
orientation - Variable in class dataPlots.TDParameters
ORIGIN_INTERPOLATE - Static variable in class Array.PamArray
ORIGIN_USE_LATEST - Static variable in class Array.PamArray
ORIGIN_USE_PRECEEDING - Static variable in class Array.PamArray
OriginDialogComponent - Class in Array.streamerOrigin
OriginDialogComponent() - Constructor for class Array.streamerOrigin.OriginDialogComponent
OriginIterator - Class in Array.streamerOrigin
OriginIterator(Streamer) - Constructor for class Array.streamerOrigin.OriginIterator
originMethodClass - Variable in class Array.streamerOrigin.OriginSettings
OriginSettings - Class in Array.streamerOrigin
Class to hold settings for the different origin methods.
OriginSettings(Class) - Constructor for class Array.streamerOrigin.OriginSettings
Constructor can generally be overridden using a simple constructor with no input arguments.
outCount - Variable in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogPanel
OUTOFRANGE - Static variable in class rocca.RoccaContour
OUTPUT_BINARY - Static variable in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
OUTPUT_INPUT - Static variable in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
OUTPUT_RAW - Static variable in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
outputFolder - Variable in class clipgenerator.ClipSettings
output file folder.
outputIntervalSeconds - Variable in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandSettings
outputSampleRate - Variable in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeParams
OutputTableDefinition - Class in loggerForms
OutputTableDefinition(String) - Constructor for class loggerForms.OutputTableDefinition
OverlappingFragmenter - Class in whistleClassifier
OverlappingFragmenter() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.OverlappingFragmenter
OverlayOptionsDialog - Class in clickDetector.dialogs
overrideAxisColour(Color) - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
Overrides the standard axis color;