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packData(int, int, short, int, byte[]) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkObjectPacker
packData(int, int, short, int, byte[], int) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkObjectPacker
Pack any type of data for TCP transfer between programmes.
packDataUnit(int, int, PamDataBlock, PamDataUnit) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkObjectPacker
Pack a data unit for TCPIP transfer.
PackedBinaryObject - Class in binaryFileStorage
PackedBinaryObject(int, byte[]) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.PackedBinaryObject
PAGE_END - Static variable in class PamView.CornerLayoutContraint
PAGE_START - Static variable in class PamView.CornerLayoutContraint
paint(Graphics) - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayUnit
paint(Graphics) - Method in class dataMap.DataStreamPanel.DataGraph
paint(Graphics) - Method in class dataMap.ScrollingDataPanel
paint(Graphics) - Method in class dataMap.SettingsStrip
paint(Graphics) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
paint(Graphics) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.CheckRenderer.TreeLabel
paint(Graphics) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTable.TreeTableCellRenderer
Sublcassed to translate the graphics such that the last visible row will be drawn at 0,0.
paint(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.BusyLayeredPane
The default dims the blocked component.
paint(Graphics, JComponent) - Method in class PamView.PamWaitAnimation
paint(Graphics, JComponent) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
Paints the slider.
paint(Graphics, JComponent) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamSliderUI
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Layout.PamAxisPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel.ChiGraphAxis
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Map.DisplayPanZoom
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Map.GpsTextDisplay
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Map.MapPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.PamButtonAlpha
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.sliders.TransparentPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.TestPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class rocca.SpectrogramPanel
Paint the component.
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class Spectrogram.ScalePanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.ClickEventLocaliserControl.ClickPlotPanelEvent
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRImageEditPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRMetaDataPanel
paintComponent(Graphics) - Method in class worldWindMap.PAMDataLayer
paintIcon(Component, Graphics, int, int) - Method in class Map.Vessel
paintIcon(Component, Graphics, int, int) - Method in class PamView.PamSymbol
paintLayer(Graphics) - Method in interface pamMaths.HistogramGraphicsLayer
paintPanel(Graphics, Rectangle) - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
paintPLineSpectrum(Graphics2D, double[][], Rectangle) - Static method in class staticLocaliser.panels.ClickEventLocaliserControl
paintShape(Graphics, Component, boolean) - Method in class PamView.zoomer.Zoomer
Paint the top most shape in the zoom sequence
paintThumb(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
Overrides superclass method to do nothing.
paintThumb(Graphics, Rectangle, Color, Color) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamSliderUI
paintTrack(Graphics) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
Paints the track.
paintTrack(Graphics) - Method in class Spectrogram.ColourRangeSliderUI
Paints the track.
PairBearingLocaliser - Class in Localiser.bearingLocaliser
Really simple BearingLocaliser which works with two element closely spaced arrays.
PairBearingLocaliser(int, long, double) - Constructor for class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.PairBearingLocaliser
PairBearingLocaliser(int[], long, double) - Constructor for class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.PairBearingLocaliser
PairedList<A,B> - Class in PamUtils
PairedSequentialTrainingSelector - Class in whistleClassifier.training
PairedSequentialTrainingSelector() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.PairedSequentialTrainingSelector
Pam3dRangeCalc(Coordinate3d, Coordinate3d) - Static method in class PamUtils.CoordUtils
Given two Coordinate3d objects, return the distance between them.
Pam3DUtils - Class in PamGraph3D
Contains utility functions used to help implement 3D in Pamguard.
Pam3DUtils() - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.Pam3DUtils
PAM_IDLE - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
PAM_INITIALISING - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
PAM_LOADINGDATA - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
PAM_RUNNING - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
PAM_STALLED - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
PamArray - Class in Array
PamArray(String, Class) - Constructor for class Array.PamArray
PamAudioFileFilter - Class in PamUtils
PamAudioFileFilter() - Constructor for class PamUtils.PamAudioFileFilter
PamAudioFileStorage - Class in SoundRecorder
Implementation of RecorderStorage specific to audio files.
PamAudioFileStorage(RecorderControl) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.PamAudioFileStorage
PamAudioSystem - Class in Acquisition.pamAudio
PamAudioSystem() - Constructor for class Acquisition.pamAudio.PamAudioSystem
PamAxis - Class in Layout
Draws an axis on a Java Component.
PamAxis(int, int, int, int, double, double, int, String, int, String) - Constructor for class Layout.PamAxis
PamAxis(int, int, int, int, double, double, boolean, String, String) - Constructor for class Layout.PamAxis
PamAxisPanel - Class in Layout
PamAxisPanel() - Constructor for class Layout.PamAxisPanel
PamAxisPanel(boolean) - Constructor for class Layout.PamAxisPanel
Overloaded constructor, to handle dual-display frames.
PamBorder - Class in PamView
Class defining standard borders for PAMGaurd displays.
PamBorder() - Constructor for class PamView.PamBorder
PamBorderPanel - Class in PamView
Class primarily aimed at making little panels for the side panel
PamBorderPanel() - Constructor for class PamView.PamBorderPanel
PamBorderPanel(boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamBorderPanel
PamBorderPanel(LayoutManager, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamBorderPanel
PamBorderPanel(LayoutManager) - Constructor for class PamView.PamBorderPanel
pamBuoyGlobals - Class in PamController
pamBuoyGlobals() - Constructor for class PamController.pamBuoyGlobals
PamButton - Class in PamView
PamButton() - Constructor for class PamView.PamButton
PamButton(Action) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButton
PamButton(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButton
PamButton(String, Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButton
PamButton(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButton
PamButtonAlpha - Class in PamView
PamButtonAlpha(String, Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButtonAlpha
PamButtonAlpha(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButtonAlpha
PamButtonAlpha(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamButtonAlpha
PamCalendar - Class in PamUtils
PamCalendar() - Constructor for class PamUtils.PamCalendar
PamCheckBox - Class in PamView
PamCheckBox() - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(Action) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(Icon, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(String, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(String, Icon, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(String, Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
PamCheckBox(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamCheckBox
pamClose() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
pamClose() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBControl
pamClose() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
pamClose() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSender
pamClose() - Method in class NMEA.NMEAControl
pamClose() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Called when PAMGUARD is finally closing down so that a module may free any remaining resources (e.g.
pamClose() - Method in class PamController.PamController
Called after canClose has returned true to finally tell all modules that PAMGUARD is definitely closing down.so they can free any resources, etc.
pamClose() - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Close all modules and free up resources.
pamClose() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDataProcess
pamClose() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLogger
PamColors - Class in PamView
PamColors.PamColor - Enum in PamView
pamColours3D - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
PamConstants - Class in PamguardMVC
PamConstants() - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamConstants
PamControlledUnit - Class in PamController
PamControlledUnit(String, String) - Constructor for class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Constructor for a new PamControlledUnit
PamControlledUnitSettings - Class in PamController
PamControlledUnitSettings(String, String, long, Object) - Constructor for class PamController.PamControlledUnitSettings
PamControlledUnitSettings(byte[]) - Constructor for class PamController.PamControlledUnitSettings
PamController - package PamController
PamController - Class in PamController
PamController.command - package PamController.command
PamController.masterReference - package PamController.masterReference
PamControllerInterface - Interface in PamController
PamCursor - Class in generalDatabase.pamCursor
Class to generate Cursors for databases which can directly support scrollable cursors and ones which cannot.
PamCursor(EmptyTableDefinition) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
PamCursorManager - Class in generalDatabase.pamCursor
PamCursorManager() - Constructor for class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursorManager
PamDataBlock<Tunit extends PamDataUnit> - Class in PamguardMVC
PamDataBlock(Class, String, PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
PamDataBlock constructor.
PAMDataLayer - Class in worldWindMap
PAMDataLayer(WorldMapComponent) - Constructor for class worldWindMap.PAMDataLayer
PamDataRow - Class in generalDatabase.pamCursor
holds a single row of data for a non-scrollable result set wrapped up with NonScrollablePamCursor.
PamDataUnit - Class in PamguardMVC
PamDataUnit(long) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamDataUnit
PamDependency - Class in PamModel
Dependency information if this module can ony work if some other module is providing appropriate data.
PamDependency(Class, String, String) - Constructor for class PamModel.PamDependency
PamDependency(Class, String) - Constructor for class PamModel.PamDependency
PamDependent - Interface in PamModel
Interface to describe dependencies.
PamDesktopPane - Class in PamView
PamDesktopPane() - Constructor for class PamView.PamDesktopPane
PamDetection - package PamDetection
PamDetection<T extends PamDetection,U extends PamDetection> - Class in PamDetection
Base class for all Pamguard detections.
PamDetection(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.PamDetection
PamDetectionLogging - Class in generalDatabase
Standard logging class for any PamDetection, but you'll want to extend it for any additional information your detector outputs.
PamDetectionLogging(PamDataBlock, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamDetectionLogging
PamDetectionOverlayGraphics - Class in PamView
PamDetectionOverlayGraphics(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class PamView.PamDetectionOverlayGraphics
Constructor for standard overlay graphics class.
PamDialog - Class in PamView
General functionality for PamGuard dialogs.
PamDialog(Window, String, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamDialog
Dialogs are always constructed with OK and Cancel buttons.
PamDialog.PopupListener - Class in PamView
Only activated in the smruDev version to provide a quick way of copying dialog displays for help file authoring.
PamDialog.PopupListener() - Constructor for class PamView.PamDialog.PopupListener
PamDialogPanel - Interface in PamView
General class for dialog panels which will be incorporated into one or more actual dialogs.
pamEnded() - Method in class PamController.PamController
pamEnded() - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Sent from the model when Pam ends - this can happen when a file finishes or after Pam ends following a PamStop command sent by the controller
pamEnded() - Method in class PamView.PamGui
PamEnded() - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
pamEnded() - Method in class PamView.PamObjectViewer
pamEnded() - Method in interface PamView.PamViewInterface
PamFFTControl - Class in fftManager
PamFFTControl(String) - Constructor for class fftManager.PamFFTControl
PamFFTProcess - Class in fftManager
PamFFTProcess(PamFFTControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class fftManager.PamFFTProcess
PamFileBrowser - Class in PamView
Some useful functions to open up a File Browser
PamFileBrowser() - Constructor for class PamView.PamFileBrowser
PamFileFilter - Class in PamUtils
PamFileFilter(String, String) - Constructor for class PamUtils.PamFileFilter
PamFilePanel - Class in PamView
PamFilePanel(boolean, String, FileFilter[], boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamFilePanel
PamFlowLayout - Class in PamView
Flow layout with a standard gap for consisten appearance througout PAMGUARD
PamFlowLayout() - Constructor for class PamView.PamFlowLayout
PamFlowLayout(int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamFlowLayout
PamFlowLayout(int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamFlowLayout
PamFramePlots - Class in Layout
PamFramePlots() - Constructor for class Layout.PamFramePlots
PamGraph3D - package PamGraph3D
PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D - package PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D
PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D - package PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D
PamGridBagContraints - Class in PamView
Standard grid bag contraints to use as a default in dialogs.
PamGridBagContraints() - Constructor for class PamView.PamGridBagContraints
pamguard - package pamguard
Pamguard - Class in pamguard
Pamguard main class.
Pamguard() - Constructor for class pamguard.Pamguard
PamguardInfo - Class in performanceTests
PamguardInfo() - Constructor for class performanceTests.PamguardInfo
PamguardMVC - package PamguardMVC
PamguardMVC.dataSelector - package PamguardMVC.dataSelector
PamguardVersionInfo - Class in PamController
Class to hold static license and release information for PAMGUARD.
PamguardVersionInfo() - Constructor for class PamController.PamguardVersionInfo
PamguardVersionInfo.ReleaseType - Enum in PamController
PamGui - Class in PamView
PamGui(PamControllerInterface, PamModelInterface, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamGui
pamHasStopped() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
pamHasStopped() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSender
pamHasStopped() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Called for all controlled units after Pam acquisition has stopped
pamHasStopped() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierControl
pamHasStopped() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
PamHelp - Class in PamView
PamHelpBroker - Class in PamView
PamHelpBroker() - Constructor for class PamView.PamHelpBroker
PamHelpBroker(HelpSet) - Constructor for class PamView.PamHelpBroker
PamHelpContentViewer - Class in PamView
PamHelpContentViewer(HelpSet) - Constructor for class PamView.PamHelpContentViewer
PamHelpContentViewerUI - Class in PamView
PamHelpContentViewerUI(JHelpContentViewer) - Constructor for class PamView.PamHelpContentViewerUI
PamHistogram - Class in pamMaths
class for collecting data into a 1-D histogram.
PamHistogram(double, double, int) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamHistogram
Constructs a histogram object with minVal and maxVal, specifying the low edge of the lowest bin and the high edge of the highest bin respectively.
PamHistogram(double, double, int, boolean) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamHistogram
Constructs a histogram object where minVal and maxVal specify the centres of the lower and upper bins (true) or the lower edge of the lowest bin and the upper edge of the highest bin (false)
PamHistogram2 - Class in pamMaths
Class for collecting two dimensional histogram data.
PamHistogram2(double, double, int, double, double, int) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamHistogram2
PamHistogram2(double, double, int, double, double, int, boolean) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamHistogram2
PamImage - Class in videoRangePanel
Class which holds photos or other images and reads metadata.
PamImage(File) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.PamImage
Open a photo an dcalculate metadata information.
PamImage(BufferedImage) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.PamImage
Sometimes a photo will have no metadata.
PamInternalFrame - Class in Layout
PamInternalFrame(PamFramePlots, boolean) - Constructor for class Layout.PamInternalFrame
PamKeyItem - Interface in PamView
Interface for passing information from overlay graphics to plots to give information to include in keys for the various displays.
PamLabel - Class in PamView
Extension of JLabel to use standard PAMGUARD colours
PamLabel(Icon, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLabel(String, Icon, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLabel() - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLabel(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLabel(String, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLabel(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLabel
PamLoadBar - Class in PamView
PamLoadBar(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamLoadBar
PamLoadBar() - Constructor for class PamView.PamLoadBar
PamLocalisation - Class in PamDetection
PamLocalisation(long, int, long, long, boolean, double, boolean, boolean, double, boolean, double) - Constructor for class PamDetection.PamLocalisation
pamMaths - package pamMaths
PamMatrix - Class in pamMaths
Some functions to compliment those of the Jamma Matrix class
PamMatrix() - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamMatrix
PamMenu - Class in PamView
PamMenu() - Constructor for class PamView.PamMenu
PamModel - package PamModel
PamModel - Class in PamModel
PamModel(PamController) - Constructor for class PamModel.PamModel
PamModelInterface - Interface in PamModel
PamModelSettings - Class in PamModel
PamModelSettings() - Constructor for class PamModel.PamModelSettings
PamModuleInfo - Class in PamModel
Holds information about available PAMGUARD modules.
PamObjectList - Class in PamView
PamObjectViewer - Class in PamView
Make a diagram of the overall PAM process layout.
PamObjectViewerSettings - Class in PamView
PamObjectViewerSettings() - Constructor for class PamView.PamObjectViewerSettings
PamObservable - Class in PamguardMVC
PamObserver - Interface in PamguardMVC
PamObserverAdapter - Class in PamguardMVC
Adapter class for PamObserver so not necessary to implement absolutely everything.
PamObserverAdapter() - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamObserverAdapter
PamPanel - Class in PamView
PamPanel() - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanel
PamPanel(boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanel
PamPanel(LayoutManager, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanel
PamPanel(LayoutManager) - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanel
PamPanel(PamColors.PamColor) - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanel
PamPanel3D - Class in PamGraph3D
A class to create the basic foundations needed to make a Java3D panel in Pamguard.
PamPanel3D(Frame) - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Create a spectrogram
PamPanel3D(Frame, boolean) - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
PamPanel3D.PamCanvas3D - Class in PamGraph3D
PamPanel3D.PamCanvas3D(GraphicsConfiguration) - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D.PamCanvas3D
PamPanelTiler - Class in PamView
Class to lay out windows within a JDesktopPane
PamPanelTiler(JDesktopPane) - Constructor for class PamView.PamPanelTiler
PamProcess - Class in PamguardMVC
PamProcess(PamControlledUnit, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
PamProcess(PamControlledUnit, PamDataBlock, String) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
PamProfiler - Class in PamModel
PamProfiler.CPUUsageSnapshot - Class in PamModel
PamProgressBar - Class in PamView
PamProgressBar() - Constructor for class PamView.PamProgressBar
PamProgressBar(int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamProgressBar
PamProgressBar(BoundedRangeModel) - Constructor for class PamView.PamProgressBar
PamProgressBar(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamProgressBar
PamProgressBar(int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamProgressBar
PamQuaternion - Class in pamMaths
Basically a quaternion is a vector which can encode three dimensional orientation information (e.g.
PamQuaternion(double, double, double, double) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamQuaternion
Construct a new quaternion.
PamQuaternion(double[]) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamQuaternion
Wrap a quaternion in vector form.
PamQuaternion(double, double, double) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamQuaternion
Create a quartenion from euler angles.
PamRadioButton - Class in PamView
PamRadioButton() - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(Action) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(Icon, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(String, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(String, Icon, boolean) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(String, Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRadioButton(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamRadioButton
PamRangeSlider - Class in PamView.sliders
An extension of JSlider to select a range of values using two thumb controls.
PamRangeSlider() - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSlider
Constructs a RangeSlider with default minimum and maximum values of 0 and 100.
PamRangeSlider(int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSlider
Constructs a RangeSlider with default minimum and maximum values of 0 and 100 and specified orientation.
PamRangeSlider(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSlider
Constructs a RangeSlider with the specified default minimum and maximum values.
PamRangeSlider(int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSlider
Constructs a RangeSlider with the specified default minimum and maximum values and specified orientation.
PamRangeSliderUI - Class in PamView.sliders
UI delegate for the RangeSlider component.
PamRangeSliderUI(PamRangeSlider) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
Constructs a RangeSliderUI for the specified slider component.
PamRangeSliderUI.ChangeHandler - Class in PamView.sliders
Listener to handle model change events.
PamRangeSliderUI.ChangeHandler() - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI.ChangeHandler
PamRangeSliderUI.RangeTrackListener - Class in PamView.sliders
Listener to handle mouse movements in the slider track.
PamRangeSliderUI.RangeTrackListener() - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI.RangeTrackListener
PamRawDataBlock - Class in PamguardMVC
Extension of RecyclingDataBlock that is used for Raw audio data.
PamRawDataBlock(String, PamProcess, int, float) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.PamRawDataBlock
PamScrollBarUI - Class in PamView
PamScrollBarUI() - Constructor for class PamView.PamScrollBarUI
PamScroller - Class in pamScrollSystem
PamScroller(String, int, int, long, boolean) - Constructor for class pamScrollSystem.PamScroller
Construct a Pamguard scroll bar which contains a main scroll bar bit and buttons for moving forward in large secScollbar name (used in scroll bar management)
PamScrollerData - Class in pamScrollSystem
PamScrollerData() - Constructor for class pamScrollSystem.PamScrollerData
PamScrollObserver - Interface in pamScrollSystem
PamScrollPane - Class in PamView
PamScrollPane() - Constructor for class PamView.PamScrollPane
PamScrollPane(Component, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamScrollPane
PamScrollPane(Component) - Constructor for class PamView.PamScrollPane
PamScrollPane(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamScrollPane
PamScrollSlider - Class in pamScrollSystem
PamScrollSlider(String, int, int, long, boolean) - Constructor for class pamScrollSystem.PamScrollSlider
pamScrollSystem - package pamScrollSystem
PamSettingManager - Class in PamController
PamSettings - Interface in PamController
PamSettingsGroup - Class in PamController
Stores a group of PAMGUARD settings read back from the database or some other store (e.g.
PamSettingsGroup(long) - Constructor for class PamController.PamSettingsGroup
Create a new settings unit, which will contain all the settings of a configuration at a particular time
PamSettingsSource - Interface in PamController
Added to a PamControlledUnit which can save and reload PamSettings information from files, databases, etc.
PamSettingsTableDefinition - Class in generalDatabase
PamSettingsTableDefinition(String, int, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamSettingsTableDefinition
PamShapes3D - Class in PamGraph3D
Simple class to hold various useful 3D shapes for Pamguard.
PamShapes3D() - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
PamSidePanel - Interface in PamView
PamSidePanels provide support for additional display units for each PamControlledUnit displayed in a vertical column to the left of the main tabbed display.
PamSlider - Class in PamView
PamSlider() - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider(int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider(BoundedRangeModel) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSlider
PamSlider - Class in PamView.sliders
PamSlider() - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSlider(BoundedRangeModel) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSlider(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSlider(int) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSlider
PamSliderUI - Class in PamView.sliders
PamSliderUI(JSlider) - Constructor for class PamView.sliders.PamSliderUI
pamStart() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
Interval between daq checks in milliseconds
pamStart() - Method in class AirgunDisplay.AirgunProcess
pamStart() - Method in class AIS.ProcessAISData
pamStart() - Method in class alarm.AlarmProcess
pamStart() - Method in class amplifier.AmpProcess
pamStart() - Method in class angleMeasurement.AngleProcess
pamStart() - Method in class annotationMark.MarkProcess
pamStart() - Method in class Array.HydrophoneProcess
pamStart() - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelProcess
pamStart() - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedProcess
pamStart() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStoreProcess
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.BinaryClickProcess
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickAlarmManager
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector.ChannelGroupDetector
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplay
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrainDetector
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrigger
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_Display
On audio start, start the timer and create a new histogram object in the array.
pamStart() - Method in class clickDetector.TrackedClickLocaliser
pamStart() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipProcess
pamStart() - Method in class dbht.DbHtProcess
pamStart() - Method in class decimator.DecimatorProcess
pamStart() - Method in class decimus.summarystring.DStrProcess
pamStart() - Method in class depthReadout.DepthProcess
pamStart() - Method in class difar.DifarProcess
pamStart() - Method in class difar.trackedGroups.TrackedGroupProcess
pamStart() - Method in class echoDetector.EchoProcess
pamStart() - Method in class EdgeDetector.EdgeProcess
pamStart() - Method in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeProcess
pamStart() - Method in class fftManager.PamFFTProcess
pamStart() - Method in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileProcess
pamStart() - Method in class Filters.FilterProcess
pamStart() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBProcess
pamStart(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.LogModules
pamStart() - Method in class GPS.ProcessHeadingData
pamStart() - Method in class GPS.ProcessNmeaData
pamStart() - Method in class IMU.IMUProcess
pamStart() - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiProcess
pamStart() - Method in class ishmaelComms.ProcessIshmaelData
pamStart() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnProcess
pamStart() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshPeakProcess
pamStart() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.MatchFiltProcess
pamStart() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.SgramCorrProcess
pamStart() - Method in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocProcess
pamStart() - Method in class KernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothingProcess
pamStart() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodFFTProcess
pamStart() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra.LinearAverageSpectraProcess
pamStart() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.NormalizerProcess
pamStart() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.spectralEti.SpectralEtiProcess
pamStart() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.ThresholdDetectorProcess
pamStart() - Method in class listening.ListeningProcess
pamStart() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DProcess
pamStart() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsProcess
pamStart() - Method in class ltsa.LtsaProcess
pamStart() - Method in class Map.MapProcess
pamStart() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendProcess
pamStart() - Method in class NMEA.AcquireNmeaData
pamStart() - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandProcess
pamStart() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseProcess
pamStart() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandProcess
pamStart() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandPulseProcess
pamStart() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineProcessingProcess
pamStart() - Method in class PamController.PamController
pamStart(boolean) - Method in class PamController.PamController
Start PAMGuard with an option on saving settings.
pamStart(boolean, long) - Method in class PamController.PamController
Starts PAMGuard, but with the option to save settings (to binary and to database) and also to give a specific start time for the session.
pamStart() - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Instruction to the controller (probably from a menu command inthe view) that data collection should start.
pamStart() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Called for each process to tell it to start (may not be necessary for processes which are listening for data anyway).
pamStart() - Method in class PamView.GuiFrameManager
pamStart() - Method in class patchPanel.PatchPanelProcess
pamStart() - Method in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEProcess
pamStart() - Method in class rocca.RoccaProcess
pamStart() - Method in class rocca.RoccaWhistleSelect
pamStart() - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoProcess
pamStart() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDataProcess
pamStart() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerProcess
pamStart() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackProcess
pamStart() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderProcess
pamStart() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramMarkProcess
pamStart() - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseProcess
pamStart() - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserProcess
pamStart() - Method in class targetMotionModule.TargetMotionProcess
pamStart() - Method in class UserInput.UserInputProcess
pamStart() - Method in class videoRangePanel.externalSensors.AngleListener
pamStart() - Method in class videoRangePanel.externalSensors.IMUListener
pamStart() - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRProcess
pamStart() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
pamStart() - Method in class whistleDetector.PeakDetector
pamStart() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
pamStart() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleEventDetector
pamStart() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleLinker
pamStart() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.SpectrogramMedianFilter
pamStart() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneConnectProcess
pamStart() - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopProcess
pamStart() - Method in class xBatLogViewer.XBatLogProcess
pamStarted() - Method in class PamController.PamController
pamStarted() - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Notification recieved from the model that data collection has started.
pamStarted() - Method in class PamView.PamGui
PamStarted() - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
pamStarted() - Method in class PamView.PamObjectViewer
pamStarted() - Method in interface PamView.PamViewInterface
PamStatusBar - Class in PamView
pamStop() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
pamStop(String) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
pamStop() - Method in class AirgunDisplay.AirgunProcess
pamStop() - Method in class AIS.ProcessAISData
pamStop() - Method in class alarm.AlarmProcess
pamStop() - Method in class amplifier.AmpProcess
pamStop() - Method in class angleMeasurement.AngleProcess
pamStop() - Method in class annotationMark.MarkProcess
pamStop() - Method in class Array.HydrophoneProcess
pamStop() - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelProcess
pamStop() - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedProcess
pamStop() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStoreProcess
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.BinaryClickProcess
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickAlarmManager
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplay
PamStop method - called by ClickControl
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrainDetector
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_Display
called when user stops the audio capture
pamStop() - Method in class clickDetector.TrackedClickLocaliser
pamStop() - Method in class dbht.DbHtProcess
pamStop() - Method in class decimator.DecimatorProcess
pamStop() - Method in class decimus.summarystring.DStrProcess
pamStop() - Method in class depthReadout.DepthProcess
pamStop() - Method in class difar.DifarProcess
pamStop() - Method in class difar.trackedGroups.TrackedGroupProcess
pamStop() - Method in class echoDetector.EchoProcess
pamStop() - Method in class EdgeDetector.EdgeProcess
pamStop() - Method in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeProcess
pamStop() - Method in class fftManager.PamFFTProcess
pamStop() - Method in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileProcess
pamStop() - Method in class Filters.FilterProcess
pamStop() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBProcess
pamStop(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.LogModules
pamStop() - Method in class GPS.ProcessHeadingData
pamStop() - Method in class GPS.ProcessNmeaData
pamStop() - Method in class IMU.IMUProcess
pamStop() - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiProcess
pamStop() - Method in class ishmaelComms.ProcessIshmaelData
pamStop() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnProcess
pamStop() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshPeakProcess
pamStop() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.MatchFiltProcess
pamStop() - Method in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocProcess
pamStop() - Method in class KernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothingProcess
pamStop() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodFFTProcess
pamStop() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra.LinearAverageSpectraProcess
pamStop() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.NormalizerProcess
pamStop() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.spectralEti.SpectralEtiProcess
pamStop() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.ThresholdDetectorProcess
pamStop() - Method in class listening.ListeningProcess
pamStop() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DProcess
pamStop() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsProcess
pamStop() - Method in class ltsa.LtsaProcess
pamStop() - Method in class Map.MapProcess
pamStop() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendProcess
pamStop() - Method in class NMEA.AcquireNmeaData
pamStop() - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandProcess
pamStop() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseProcess
pamStop() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandProcess
pamStop() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandPulseProcess
pamStop() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineProcessingProcess
pamStop() - Method in class PamController.PamController
Stopping PAMGUARD.
pamStop() - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Instruction to the controller (probably from a menu command inthe view) that data collection should stop.
pamStop() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Stops the process.
pamStop() - Method in class PamView.GuiFrameManager
pamStop() - Method in class patchPanel.PatchPanelProcess
pamStop() - Method in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEProcess
pamStop() - Method in class rocca.RoccaProcess
pamStop() - Method in class rocca.RoccaWhistleSelect
pamStop() - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoProcess
pamStop() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDataProcess
pamStop() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerProcess
pamStop() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackProcess
pamStop() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderProcess
pamStop() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramMarkProcess
pamStop() - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseProcess
pamStop() - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserProcess
pamStop() - Method in class targetMotionModule.TargetMotionProcess
pamStop() - Method in class UserInput.UserInputProcess
pamStop() - Method in class videoRangePanel.externalSensors.AngleListener
pamStop() - Method in class videoRangePanel.externalSensors.IMUListener
pamStop() - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRProcess
pamStop() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
pamStop() - Method in class whistleDetector.PeakDetector
pamStop() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
pamStop() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleEventDetector
pamStop() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleLinker
pamStop() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.SpectrogramMedianFilter
pamStop() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneConnectProcess
pamStop() - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopProcess
pamStop() - Method in class xBatLogViewer.XBatLogProcess
PamSymbol - Class in PamView
Standard symbols for Pamguard graphics.
PamSymbol() - Constructor for class PamView.PamSymbol
Simplest constructor creates a PamSymbol with default attributes.
PamSymbol(int, int, int, boolean, Color, Color) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSymbol
Creates a PamSymbol with a given shape, size, colour, etc.
PamSymbolDialog - Class in PamView
Dialog for user control of PamSymbols
PamSymbolDialog(Window) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSymbolDialog
Private constructor - use Show(PamSymbol ...) to create the dialog
PamSymbolManager - Class in PamView
Class to manage symbols for various PAMGAURD displays.
PamSymbolSelector - Class in PamView
Component for including in dialogs.
PamSymbolSelector(Window) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSymbolSelector
PamSymbolViewer - Class in PamView
Class to show a PamSymbol alongside a button which allows the user to change it.
PamSymbolViewer(Window, String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamSymbolViewer
PamTabbedPane - Class in PamView
Creates tabs in Pamguard.
PamTabbedPane(PamControllerInterface, PamGui) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTabbedPane
PamTable - Class in PamView
PamTable() - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(TableModel) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(TableModel, TableColumnModel) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(Vector, Vector) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(Object[][], Object[]) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTable(TableModel, TableColumnModel, ListSelectionModel) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTable
PamTableDefinition - Class in generalDatabase
Defines a database table for use with the Pamguard database The Pamguard database can query this table definition to see what columns should be present and to create appropriate tables.
PamTableDefinition(String, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamTableDefinition
PamTableItem - Class in generalDatabase
Defines a single item (column) for a Pamguard database table These are listed in PamTableDefinition for each table.
PamTableItem(String, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
PamTableItem(String, int, int) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
PamTableItem(String, int, int, boolean) - Constructor for class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
PamTabPanel - Interface in PamView
PamTextArea - Class in PamView
PamTextArea() - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextArea(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextArea(Document) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextArea(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextArea(String, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextArea(Document, String, int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextArea
PamTextDisplay - Class in PamView
PamTextDisplay() - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextDisplay
PamTextDisplay(Document, String, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextDisplay
PamTextDisplay(int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextDisplay
PamTextDisplay(String, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextDisplay
PamTextDisplay(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamTextDisplay
PamTip - Class in tipOfTheDay
Stores information for a single tip of the day
PamTip(String, String, String, String) - Constructor for class tipOfTheDay.PamTip
PamTip(String, String) - Constructor for class tipOfTheDay.PamTip
PamTipViewer - Class in tipOfTheDay
Viewer dialog for PAMGUARD tip of the day
PamToolBar - Class in PamView
PamToolBar() - Constructor for class PamView.PamToolBar
PamToolBar(int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamToolBar
PamToolBar(String, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamToolBar
PamToolBar(String) - Constructor for class PamView.PamToolBar
pamToStart() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
pamToStart() - Method in class EdgeDetector.EdgeControl
pamToStart() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetControl
pamToStart() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSender
pamToStart() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
called just before data acquisition starts.
pamToStart() - Method in class smlGainControl.SMLGainControl
PamToStart() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
pamToStart() - Method in class userDisplay.UserDisplayControl
PamUtils - package PamUtils
PamUtils - Class in PamUtils
PamUtils() - Constructor for class PamUtils.PamUtils
PamVector - Class in pamMaths
PamVector(double[]) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamVector
PamVector(double, double, double) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamVector
PamVector(PamVector) - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamVector
PamVector() - Constructor for class pamMaths.PamVector
PamVectorException - Exception in pamMaths
PamVectorException() - Constructor for exception pamMaths.PamVectorException
PamView - package PamView
PamView - Class in PamView
PamView(PamControllerInterface, PamModelInterface, int) - Constructor for class PamView.PamView
PamView.hidingpanel - package PamView.hidingpanel
PamView.importData - package PamView.importData
PamView.sliders - package PamView.sliders
PamView.zoomer - package PamView.zoomer
PamViewInterface - Interface in PamView
pamViewParameters - Variable in class PamController.PamController
PamViewParameters - Class in PamController
PamViewParameters() - Constructor for class PamController.PamViewParameters
PamWaitAnimation - Class in PamView
This class, when enabled within a JLayer will grey out a JPanel and show a circular rotating animation.
PamWaitAnimation() - Constructor for class PamView.PamWaitAnimation
PamZoomOnMapPanel - Class in Map
PamZoomOnMapPanel(MapPanel) - Constructor for class Map.PamZoomOnMapPanel
panel2LL(Coordinate3d) - Method in class Map.MapRectProjector
panelNotify(int) - Method in interface Layout.DisplayPanelContainer
notification from a display panel that it's necessary to perform some action - such as redrawing axis.
panelNotify(int) - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
PanelOverlayDraw - Interface in PamView
PanelOverlayKeyItem - Class in PamView
PanelOverlayKeyItem(PamDetectionOverlayGraphics) - Constructor for class PamView.PanelOverlayKeyItem
PanZoomBehaviour - Interface in Map
parabolicCorrection(double, double, double) - Static method in class Localiser.Correlations
Calculate a parabolic fit correction based on three bin heights
The answer should always be between -0.5 and +0.5
parabolicHeight(double, double, double) - Static method in class Localiser.Correlations
Calculate a parabolic maximum height based on three bin heights
parabolicHeight(double, double[]) - Static method in class Localiser.Correlations
PARAMETER_FIXED - Static variable in class Acquisition.DaqSystem
PARAMETER_UNKNOWN - Static variable in class Acquisition.DaqSystem
parametersDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.HyperboleLoc
parametersDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
parametersDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSLHM
parametersDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Mimplex
parametersDialog() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Simplex3DStatic
parametersDialog() - Method in interface staticLocaliser.algorithms.SLAlgorithmModel
Opens a settings dialog if the 'settings' button on the algorithm panel is selected.
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.LeastSquares
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.MarkovChain
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex2D
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex3D
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex3DTD
parametersDialog() - Method in interface targetMotionModule.algorithms.TargetMotionModel
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionOld.LeastSquares
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionOld.MarkovChain
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionOld.Simplex2D
parametersDialog() - Method in class targetMotionOld.Simplex3D
parametersDialog() - Method in interface targetMotionOld.TargetMotionModel
parity - Variable in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialSettings
parseAndSetClassCountList(String) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Reads the class counts from the passed string and sets the tally.
parseAndSetSpList(String) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Reads the species from the passed string and sets the species list.
parseAndSetVoteList(String) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Reads the class counts from the passed string and sets the tally.
passAllVetoes(double, boolean) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoes
Test a particular angle to see if it passes all veto tests.
passBandRipple - Variable in class Filters.FilterParams
passVeto(int, double) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoes
Test to see if a given angle passes a particular veto
passVeto(AngleVeto, double) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoes
Test to see if a given angle passes a particular veto
password - Variable in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendParams
pasteButton() - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
Pastes an image from the computers clipboard.
pasteImage() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRTabPanelControl
patchPanel - package patchPanel
PatchPanelChannelList - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelChannelList(PatchPanelControl) - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelChannelList
PatchPanelControl - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelControl(String) - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelControl
PatchPanelDataBlock - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelDataBlock(String, PatchPanelProcess, int, float) - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelDataBlock
PatchPanelDialog - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelDialog(Frame) - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelDialog
PatchPanelParameters - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelParameters() - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelParameters
PatchPanelProcess - Class in patchPanel
PatchPanelProcess(PatchPanelControl) - Constructor for class patchPanel.PatchPanelProcess
path - Variable in class GPS.ImportGPSParams
peakAmp - Variable in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWESound
PeakDataUnit - Class in whistleDetector
WhistlePeakUnits contain information from a single FFT slice.
PeakDataUnit(long, int, long, int, ArrayList<WhistlePeak>, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.PeakDataUnit
PeakDetector - Class in whistleDetector
PeakDetector(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector, FFTDataBlock, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.PeakDetector
PeakDetectorProvider - Class in whistleDetector
PeakDetectorProvider() - Constructor for class whistleDetector.PeakDetectorProvider
peakFreq - Variable in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWESound
peakFrequency(double[]) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
peakFrequency(double[]) - Method in class clickDetector.OldClickClass
peakFrequencyRange - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
peakFrequencySearch - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
peakFrequencyWidth(double, double) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
peakFrequencyWidth(double, int) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
peakFrequencyWidth(double, double) - Method in class clickDetector.OldClickClass
peakFrequencyWidthChan(double, int, int, boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
Returns the frequency width of a drop in dBDrop decibels to either side of the peak frequency.
PeakGraphics - Class in whistleDetector
PeakGraphics(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.PeakGraphics
peakSample() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.CurvePeakTracker
peakStolen - Variable in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWESound
peakTime() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.CurvePeakTracker
peakTimeConstant - Variable in class whistleDetector.WhistleParameters
peakValue() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.CurvePeakTracker
peakWidth - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
percentageToIgnore - Variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCParams
percentProgress - Variable in class nmeaEmulator.EmulationProgress
PerformanceDialog - Class in performanceTests
PerformanceTest - Interface in performanceTests
Interface for all performance tests.
performanceTests - package performanceTests
PerformanceWindow - Class in performanceTests
Simple (but reasonably pleasant) graphics window for drawing in during performance tests.
PerformanceWindow(String) - Constructor for class performanceTests.PerformanceWindow
performPreChecks() - Method in class Array.importHydrophoneData.StreamerImport
Determine whether the streamer is going to be a threading or straight hydrophone and origin methodsd
performPreChecks(File) - Method in class GPS.ImportGPSData
Having problems with deadlock when opening dialog from inside thread so this is a quick fix.
performPreChecks() - Method in class PamView.importData.DataImport
Use this function to perform any pre checks on data/ bring up extra dialog boxes before laoding data.
phoneFilterIndex - Variable in class smlGainControl.SMLGainParameters
index of filter setting for each channel.
phoneGainIndex - Variable in class smlGainControl.SMLGainParameters
index of gain setting for each channel
PHOTO_TAG - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.LocationManager
Look for a geo-tag in the current photo
pickEarlierData(Complex[], Complex[]) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
go through an array of other data, and copy data that's in earlyData into thresholdData if the threhsoldData is > 0;
PingCommand - Class in PamController.command
PingCommand() - Constructor for class PamController.command.PingCommand
PINGER_MODE_CYCLE - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
PINGER_MODE_IDLE - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
PINGER_MODE_PAUSE - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
PINGER_MODE_RUN - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
PINGER_MODE_UNKNOWN - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
pingerFrequencies - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
PingerSerialPort - Class in smlPingerControl
PingerSerialPort(SMLPingerControl, SMLPingerProcess) - Constructor for class smlPingerControl.PingerSerialPort
pingerSettings(Frame) - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerControl
PingerSidePanel - Class in smlPingerControl.display
PingerSidePanel(SMLPingerControl) - Constructor for class smlPingerControl.display.PingerSidePanel
pistonBeam - Variable in class simulatedAcquisition.SimObject
Flag to say beam pattern should be modelled using a piston model.
PistonModel - Class in simulatedAcquisition
Calculations associated with a piston model.
PistonModel() - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.PistonModel
pistonRadius - Variable in class simulatedAcquisition.SimObject
Piston radius in metres.
PITCH_UPDATE - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
The pitch of the image has been changed (usually manually)
pitchCal - Variable in class IMU.IMUParams
pitchOffset - Variable in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelParams
Tilt offset is added to the measured roll.
pixelAccuracy - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
pixelsPerSlics - Variable in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramParameters
Used if timeScaleFixed is false to set the scale
PlatformInfo - Class in PamUtils
PlatformInfo() - Constructor for class PamUtils.PlatformInfo
PlatformInfo.ARCHType - Enum in PamUtils
PlatformInfo.OSType - Enum in PamUtils
PLAY_END - Static variable in interface soundPlayback.PlaybackProgressMonitor
PLAY_START - Static variable in interface soundPlayback.PlaybackProgressMonitor
playbackChange() - Method in interface soundPlayback.PlaybackChangeObserver
playbackChange() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackDialog
PlaybackChangeObserver - Interface in soundPlayback
PlaybackControl - Class in soundPlayback
Main Pam Controller for sound playback modules.
PlaybackControl(String) - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
PlaybackDataServer - Interface in soundPlayback
Provide data for sound playback in a suitable format.
PlaybackDialog - Class in soundPlayback
Options for sound playback
PlaybackDialogComponent - Class in soundPlayback
Class for playback systems to add a system specific dialog component to the sound playback dialog.
PlaybackDialogComponent() - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackDialogComponent
PlaybackParameters - Class in soundPlayback
Parameters controlling sound playback
PlaybackParameters() - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackParameters
PlaybackProcess - Class in soundPlayback
Pam Process for sound playback (corralls data from multiple channels and then passes it on to the PlaybackSystem.
PlaybackProcess(PlaybackControl) - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackProcess
PlaybackProgressMonitor - Interface in soundPlayback
Receives notificaitons from the playback system detailing how far playback has got in viewer mode.
playbackRate - Variable in class soundPlayback.PlaybackParameters
PlaybackSourcePanel - Class in soundPlayback
Slight modifications to sourcePanel so that only the correct number of channels can be selected.
PlaybackSourcePanel(PlaybackDialog, Class, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackSourcePanel
PlaybackSourcePanel(PlaybackDialog, String, Class, boolean, boolean) - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackSourcePanel
PlaybackSystem - Class in soundPlayback
Interface for soundplayback systems.
PlaybackSystem() - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlaybackSystem
playClicks() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
playClicks() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
playClicks() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplayManager
playClip(double[][], float, boolean) - Method in class soundPlayback.ClipPlayback
Play one or two channels of audio data back through the default sound card.
PlayClipProgress - Class in soundPlayback
PlayClipProgress() - Constructor for class soundPlayback.PlayClipProgress
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOFilePlaybackSystem
playData(int, RawDataUnit) - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOPlaybackSystem
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIFilePlayback
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIPlaybackSystem
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class soundPlayback.FilePlayback
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in interface soundPlayback.FilePlaybackDevice
Play some data.
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackSystem
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class soundPlayback.SoundCardFilePlayback
playData(RawDataUnit[]) - Method in class soundPlayback.SoundCardPlayback
playIt(ClickAlarm) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickAlarmManager
PlaySound - Class in alarm.actions.sound
PlaySound(AlarmControl) - Constructor for class alarm.actions.sound.PlaySound
PlaySoundDialog - Class in alarm.actions.sound
PlaySoundParams - Class in alarm.actions.sound
PlaySoundParams() - Constructor for class alarm.actions.sound.PlaySoundParams
playViewerData() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
Play the first two channels in the channel list for this display.
playViewerData() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplayManager
playViewerData(int, long, long, PlaybackProgressMonitor) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
Play back raw audio data for a specific channel.
playViewerData(long, long, PlaybackProgressMonitor) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
The simplest of the viewer instructions simply instructs the playback module to play data from it's own data source between the given times.
playViewerData(int, long, long, PlaybackProgressMonitor, PlaybackDataServer) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
This one is for playing back non-raw data through the sound card.
playViewerSound() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
playViewerSound() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Start playing sound in reponse to a call from the viewer top toolbar.
playViewerSound() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
Should receive play commands from the top toolbar.
playViewerSound() - Method in class userDisplay.UserDisplayControl
playViewerSound() - Method in class userDisplay.UserDisplayTabPanelControl
PLOT_2D - Static variable in class dataGram.DatagramScaleInformation
PLOT_3D - Static variable in class dataGram.DatagramScaleInformation
plotCepstrum - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumParams
PlotMouseAdapter - Class in dataPlots.mouse
PlotMouseAdapter() - Constructor for class dataPlots.mouse.PlotMouseAdapter
PlotMouseListener - Interface in dataPlots.mouse
PlotMouseMotionListener - Interface in dataPlots.mouse
plotPredictedPosition - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
On the map, work out where the ship will be and draw an arrow to that point
plotSmoothing - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumParams
PlotZoomerAdapter - Class in dataPlots.mouse
This is a class designed to act as an adapter between the zoomer class and the TDGraph class.
PlotZoomerAdapter(TDGraph) - Constructor for class dataPlots.mouse.PlotZoomerAdapter
plus(Complex) - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Adds a complex number
plus(double) - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Add a real number to a complex number
podTimeToMillis(long) - Static method in class cpod.CPODControl
Convert POD time to JAVA millis - POD time is integer minutes past the same epoc as Windows uses i.e.
Point3d - Class in PamUtils
Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
Point3d(double, double, double) - Constructor for class PamUtils.Point3d
POINT_END - Static variable in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
POINT_START - Static variable in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
PointAppearance(float, Color3f) - Static method in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
Create an appearance for a pointArray.
pointArray3D(ArrayList<Point3f>, Appearance) - Static method in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
Creates a series of points specified by an array of 3d points of appearance ap
pointsToUpdate - Variable in class dataGram.DatagramProgress
pointWithinCheckBox(int, int, String) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.CheckRenderer
Point within check box.
poleZeroCount() - Method in class Filters.IIRFilterMethod
pollTime - Variable in class depthReadout.DepthParameters
polyFit(double[], double[], int) - Static method in class pamMaths.Regressions
popMenu - Variable in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraphHidingDialog
popupAll() - Method in class loggerForms.UDFError
popupAll(Component) - Method in class loggerForms.UDFErrors
popupMenu(MouseEvent) - Method in class dbht.DbHtDisplayPanel
popupMenu(MouseEvent, OneBandDisplayPanel.PlotPanel) - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandDisplayPanel
PopupTextField - Class in PamView
porpoiseDefaults() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierSet
port - Variable in class NMEA.NMEAParameters
PortChooser - Class in portcomms
Choose a port, any port! Java Communications is a "standard extension" and must be downloaded and installed separately from the JDK before you can even compile this program.
PortChooser(JFrame) - Constructor for class portcomms.PortChooser
Construct a PortChooser --make the GUI and populate the ComboBoxes.
portcomms - package portcomms
portError() - Method in class smlPingerControl.display.PingerSidePanel
portError() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerControl
Report a port error
portName - Variable in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialSettings
portNumber - Variable in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendParams
PortOwner - Class in portcomms
Demonstrate the port conflict resolution mechanism.
PortOwner(String) - Constructor for class portcomms.PortOwner
POSITION_AFTER - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Set the iterator so that a call to next() will give the first wanted element
POSITION_BEFORE - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Set the iterator so that a call to previous() will give the first wanted element
positionAccuracy - Variable in class AIS.AISPositionReport
positionAtData() - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
postFilterParams - Variable in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeParams
postSample - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
postSeconds - Variable in class clipgenerator.ClipGenSetting
Seconds after end of trigger.
pow(double) - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Raises a complex number to a scalar power.
preampGainDb - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.AcquisitionSettings
The preamplifier gain of the audio data.
preamplifier - Variable in class Acquisition.AcquisitionParameters
Preamplifier - Class in Array
Preamplifier(double, double[]) - Constructor for class Array.Preamplifier
predictionLength - Variable in class AIS.AISParameters
Prediction length in seconds
predictionTime - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
time for prediction arrow (seconds)
preferredLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipLayout
preferredLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class dataMap.DataMapLayout
preferredLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class PamView.CornerLayout
preferredLayoutSize(Container) - Method in class PamView.VerticalLayout
preFilter - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
prepare() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.GPSOriginMethod
prepare() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.HydrophoneOriginMethod
prepare the method - called from the controllers notify model changed or whenever anything else happens that might require some preparatory action
prepare() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.StaticOriginMethod
prepare(int[], long, double) - Method in interface Localiser.bearingLocaliser.BearingLocaliser
Do any preparation necessary (e.g.
prepare(int[], long, double) - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.MLGridBearingLocaliser
prepare(int[], long, double) - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.PairBearingLocaliser
prepareAction() - Method in class alarm.actions.AlarmAction
Called when PAMGuard initialises to prepare any alarm actions, e.g.
prepareAction() - Method in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialAction
prepareBearings() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleDelays
prepareChannel(int, int, int, int) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqJNI
Sets the gain and filters for a channel
prepareComboBox() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickAlarmDialog
Sorts the ClickAlarmList arrayList by alarm name, removes all the previous alarm names from the JComboBox and reloads the new list
prepareDAQ(int, int, int[], double[], double[], int[]) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
prepareDataSource(long[], long) - Method in class AIS.AISDataBlock
prepareDataSource(long[], long) - Method in class GPS.GPSDataBlock
prepareDataSource(long[], long) - Method in interface nmeaEmulator.NMEAEmulator
Prepare the data to be read into the emulator.
prepareDevice(int, boolean) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqJNI
This function will also load the card information and open the card - so jni code keeps thos handles and keeps on re-using them.
prepareDifarImage() - Method in class difar.display.DIFARGram
prepareDisplay() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierTabPanelControl
prepareEmulation(long[]) - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
Written to prepare the AIS module for general data emulation - will try to put it in this higher level class, but will move to AISLogger if there are any problems with it.
prepareFastAmplitudeCalculation(int) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
Prepares for fast amplitude calculations
prepareFilter() - Method in class fftFilter.FFTFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.AbstractFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.FastIIRFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in interface Filters.Filter
Calculates the poles and zeros for the filter and sets up any memory buffers required during real time operation.
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.FIRFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.IirfFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.MovingAverageFilter
prepareFilter() - Method in class Filters.NullFilter
prepareForMixedMode(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
prepareForRun() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetGraphics
prepareForRun() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetSave
prepareForRun() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshPeakProcess
prepareGraphParameters() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
A bit different to the standard getter in that this only gets called just before teh configuration is serialized into the psf.
prepareHistogram(double, double, int, double, double, int, boolean) - Method in class pamMaths.PamHistogram2
prepareInputFile() - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
Open the audio stream for processing.
prepareInputFile() - Method in class Acquisition.FolderInputSystem
prepareInputFile() - Method in class Acquisition.RonaInputSystem
prepareNonDetProcesses() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetControl
preparePlayback(PlaybackParameters) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOFilePlaybackSystem
preparePlayback(int, float) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOSoundSystem
preparePlayback(PlaybackParameters) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIFilePlayback
preparePlayback(PlaybackParameters) - Method in interface soundPlayback.FilePlaybackDevice
Prepare playback
preparePlayback(PlaybackParameters) - Method in class soundPlayback.SoundCardFilePlayback
prepareProcess() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class AirgunDisplay.AirgunProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class clickDetector.BinaryClickProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
prepareProcess() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class dbht.DbHtProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class decimator.DecimatorProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class echoDetector.EchoProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnProcess
Get a new IshDetDataUnit suitable for holding output data.
prepareProcess() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.MatchFiltProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra.LinearAverageSpectraProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.NormalizerProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.spectralEti.SpectralEtiProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.ThresholdDetectorProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class ltsa.LtsaProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandPulseProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Called for each process before any of them receive the PamStart command
prepareProcess() - Method in class rocca.RoccaProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class whistleDetector.PeakDetector
prepareProcess() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
prepareProcess() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleLinker
prepareProcess() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneConnectProcess
prepareProcess() - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel
Called by WILDControl after user has accessed the WILDParameters dialog.
prepareProcess() - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopProcess
prepareRenderer(TableCellRenderer, int, int) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTable
prepareSignal() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.RandomQuadratics
prepareSignal() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.SimSignal
Called just before simsound loops through channels and propagation paths so that parameters of a new sound can be set up.
prepareStore() - Method in class whistleClassifier.BasicFragmentStore
prepareStore() - Method in interface whistleClassifier.FragmentStore
Prepare the store to receive new data.
prepareStore() - Method in class whistleClassifier.HistoFragmentStore
Called at run start, takes some basic parameters from the whistle detector and sets up histogram bins accordingly.
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class Acquisition.DaqSystem
Prepare the DaqSystem.
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class Acquisition.RonaInputSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class Acquisition.SoundCardSystem
prepareSystem(PlaybackControl, int, float) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOPlaybackSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOSoundSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class asiojni.NewAsioSoundSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDAQProcess
prepareSystem(PlaybackControl, int, float) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIPlaybackSystem
prepareSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimProcess
prepareSystem(PlaybackControl, int, float) - Method in class soundPlayback.FilePlayback
prepareSystem(PlaybackControl, int, float) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackSystem
prepareSystem(PlaybackControl, int, float) - Method in class soundPlayback.SoundCardPlayback
prepareTask() - Method in class alarm.AlarmOfflineTask
prepareTask() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickBearingTask
prepareTask() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickDelayTask
prepareTask() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickReClassifyTask
prepareTask() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.EchoDetectionTask
prepareTask() - Method in class dbht.offline.DbHtSummaryTask
prepareTask() - Method in class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryTask
prepareTask() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineTask
Called at the start of the thread which executes this task.
prepareTask() - Method in class whistleClassifier.offline.ReclassifyTask
prepareToSerialize() - Method in class Array.PamArray
Called just before the array is serialised into Pam settings so it can get data out of the localisers, etc.
prepareTrainingStore() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
prepareTrainingStore(String, String) - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
preSample - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
preSeconds - Variable in class clipgenerator.ClipGenSetting
Seconds before start of trigger
PreviewDataForm - Static variable in class loggerForms.LoggerForm
PreviewDialog - Class in loggerForms.formdesign
PreviewDialog(Window, FormDescription) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.PreviewDialog
previewForm() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.FormEditDialog
Preview the form in a popup window of its' own.
previewForm() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.FormEditor
Create a temporary preview of a form during the design phase.
previous() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.GPSOriginIterator
previous() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.StreamerDataIterator
previous() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
previous() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
previous() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
previous() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ChannelIterator
previous() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ReverseChannelIterator
previousIndex() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.GPSOriginIterator
previousIndex() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.StreamerDataIterator
previousIndex() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ChannelIterator
previousIndex() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ReverseChannelIterator
prevSighting() - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel.SidePanel
primaryHydrophone - Variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserParams
The hydrophone channel to be used as the primary hydrophone.
primaryHydrophoneSel - Variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserParams
Tell the localiser to use a primary hydrophone when localising.
print(Graphics, PageFormat, int) - Method in class PamView.ClipboardCopier
printAll() - Method in class loggerForms.UDFError
printAll() - Method in class loggerForms.UDFErrors
printData(ArrayList<ArrayList<String>>) - Static method in class PamUtils.TxtFileUtils
Print out data.
printErrors(ArrayList<String>) - Method in class loggerForms.LoggerForm
printGpsValues() - Method in class GPS.GpsData
printHistoStats(PamHistogram) - Static method in class pamMaths.TestHistogram
println(String) - Static method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserOut
printMatrix(Complex[][]) - Static method in class PamUtils.MatrixOps
debug tool
print a complex matrix (with no null entries) to std out
PROB_DISTRIBUTION - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
Flag for locShape which identifies it as part of the final probability distribution of the MCMC chain.
Process(SpectralEtiDataUnit) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.DecayingAverageNorm
Process(SpectralEtiDataUnit) - Method in interface likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.Normalizer
Process(SpectralEtiDataUnit) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.SplitWindowNorm
Process(double[], double[]) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.TwoSpeedExponentialAverager
PROCESS_ALL - Static variable in class offlineProcessing.TaskGroupParams
Process all data in the datastore (binary, database, or wherever).
PROCESS_LOADED - Static variable in class offlineProcessing.TaskGroupParams
process only the data currently loaded in memory.
PROCESS_NEW - Static variable in class offlineProcessing.TaskGroupParams
Process new data only - i.e.
PROCESS_SPECIFICPERIOD - Static variable in class offlineProcessing.TaskGroupParams
unimplemented Process new data only - i.e.
ProcessAISData - Class in AIS
Process NMEA data to extract AIS information
ProcessAnnotation - Class in PamguardMVC
Class for passing information around with Datablocks giving a record of what has happened to the data within them throughout the whole processing chain.
ProcessAnnotation(PamProcess, Object, String, String) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.ProcessAnnotation
ProcessAnnotator - Interface in PamguardMVC
Class for providing annotations.
processClick() - Method in interface clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineReProcess
processClick() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ReDoClickId
processClip(double[], double, int, DemuxObserver, DifarDataUnit) - Method in class difar.demux.AmmcDemux
processClip(double[], double, int, DemuxObserver, DifarDataUnit) - Method in class difar.demux.DifarDemux
processClip(double[], double, int, DemuxObserver, DifarDataUnit) - Method in class difar.demux.NativeDemux
processClip() - Method in class difar.display.DifarClipDecorations
processData(long, long, Complex[]) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra.RealBlockAverage
Processes a block of data at given timestamp and absolute block index.
processDataUnit(PamDataUnit) - Method in class alarm.AlarmOfflineTask
processDataUnit(PamDataUnit) - Method in class annotation.tasks.AnnotationOfflineTask
processDataUnit(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickBearingTask
processDataUnit(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickDelayTask
processDataUnit(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClickReClassifyTask
processDataUnit(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.EchoDetectionTask
processDataUnit(DbHtDataUnit) - Method in class dbht.offline.DbHtSummaryTask
processDataUnit(OneBandDataUnit) - Method in class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryTask
processDataUnit(T) - Method in class offlineProcessing.DataCopyTask
processDataUnit(T) - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineTask
Process a single data unit.
processDataUnit(PamDetection) - Method in class staticLocaliser.offline.BatchLocaliseOfflineTask
processDataUnit(PamDetection) - Method in class staticLocaliser.offline.FindDetectionNOfflineTask
processDataUnit(PamDetection) - Method in class targetMotionModule.offline.BatchTMLocalisation
processDataUnit(AbstractWhistleDataUnit) - Method in class whistleClassifier.offline.ReclassifyTask
processDifarUnit(DifarDataUnit, DifarProcess.DifarDemuxWorker) - Method in class difar.DifarProcess
Process a queued data unit - in normal operation, this involves first demuxing and decimating the data in order to get the waveforms for the three sensors, then calculating the difargram.
processedData - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.SlidingAverager
processedDataKeepTime - Variable in class difar.DifarParameters
natural lifetime for the processed data datablock
processedUnits - Variable in class dataGram.DatagramProgress
processFreqMax - Variable in class difar.DifarParameters.SpeciesParams
processFreqMin - Variable in class difar.DifarParameters.SpeciesParams
ProcessFromQueue - Static variable in class difar.DIFARMessage
A data unit in the pre-process queue should now be processed.
ProcessHeadingData - Class in GPS
ProcessHeadingData(GPSControl) - Constructor for class GPS.ProcessHeadingData
ProcessIshmaelData - Class in ishmaelComms
processNewBuoyData(BuoyStatusDataUnit, PamDataUnit) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
processNewBuoyData(BuoyStatusDataUnit, PamDataUnit) - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipProcess
processNewBuoyData(BuoyStatusDataUnit, PamDataUnit) - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandProcess
processNewBuoyData(BuoyStatusDataUnit, PamDataUnit) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
processNewBuoyData(BuoyStatusDataUnit, PamDataUnit) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneConnectProcess
ProcessNmeaData - Class in GPS
processPCM(ByteData) - Method in class Acquisition.rona.RonaFlacProcessor
processPhotoData() - Method in class videoRangePanel.PamImage
Find the relevent data within the photos metadata.
processQueueUpdate(SLNotification) - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.StaticLocalisationMainPanel
Called when real time process queue updates
processState - Variable in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class clickDetector.ConcatenatedSpectrogram.MouseDragged
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class clickDetector.ConcatenatedSpectrogram.MouseWheelMoved
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface.MouseDragged
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface.MouseWheelMoved
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel.MouseDragged
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel.MouseWheelMoved
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseGetVirtualLocation
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseProportionalZoom
processStimulus(Enumeration) - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseRightClickMenu
processStreamInfo(StreamInfo) - Method in class Acquisition.rona.RonaFlacProcessor
processTabMouseEvent(LoggerTabbedPane, MouseEvent) - Method in class loggerForms.FormDescription
Process an event created by a mouse action on the tab associated with this form.
Producer - Class in ipcomms
Producer() - Constructor for class ipcomms.Producer
ProducerTester - Class in ipcomms
ProducerTester() - Constructor for class ipcomms.ProducerTester
progressBars - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTrigger
ProgressInformation - Interface in whistleClassifier.training
progressReport(EventLocalisationProgress) - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.EventControlPanel
progressReport(EventLocalisationProgress) - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.TargetMotionDialog
Called from the localisation worker thread each time an event is loaded, started, completed, etc.
progressType - Variable in class targetMotionModule.EventLocalisationProgress
progressType - Variable in class targetMotionOld.EventLocalisationProgress
propagation - package propagation
PropagationModel - Interface in propagation
Really simple propagation models.
propagationModel - Variable in class simulatedAcquisition.SimParameters
PropertyDescription - Class in loggerForms
PropertyDescription(FormDescription, ItemInformation) - Constructor for class loggerForms.PropertyDescription
PropertyDescription.hotkeys - Enum in loggerForms
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.AutoAlertPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.BearingPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.BooleanPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.ColourPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.FontPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.HeadingPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.HotkeyPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.IntegerPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.NMEAPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.NotImplementedPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.OrderPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.PropertyPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.RangePanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.SymbolPanel
propertyEnable(boolean) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.TextPanel
PropertyPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
Base class for strips of information to go with each property of a form
PropertyPanel(FormEditor, PropertyTypes) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.PropertyPanel
PropertyTypes - Enum in loggerForms
providerClass - Variable in class dataPlots.layout.DataListInfo
providerClassName - Variable in class userDisplay.DisplayProviderParameters
providerName - Variable in class dataPlots.layout.DataListInfo
psiFromRange(double, double) - Method in class videoRangePanel.RoundEarthMethod
Convert a range to an angle up from the vertical (cosine rule).
psiFromRange(double, double) - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRHorzCalcMethod
Get the pitch of the camera from the height and range to target.
publishTriggerFunction - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
Make the trigger function output data available as raw data so it can be viewed.
pulseCounter - Variable in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
pulseFrequencies - Static variable in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
pulseHidingPanel - Variable in class noiseOneBand.OneBandDisplayPanel
pulseHighPeriod - Variable in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
pulseLowPeriod - Variable in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
pulseLowPeriod - Variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
pulse low period in tenths of a second.
pulseOnPeriod - Variable in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerParams
Pulse on period in 10's of microseconds
purple - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
pushProperties() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.ControlPropertySheet
pushes the properties from the item descriptions into the individual property panels.
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.BooleanCtrlColPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.CtrlColPanel
Push properties from the item description onto the visible control
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.FloatCtrlColPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.IntegerCtlrColPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.LUTTopicPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.NMEACtrlPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.SubformTopicPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.TextCtrlColPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.AutoAlertPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.BearingPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.ColourPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.FontPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.HeadingPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.HotkeyPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.IntegerPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.OrderPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.PropertyPanel
Set the control content on the display
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.RangePanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.SymbolPanel
pushProperty(ItemInformation) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.TextPanel