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QuadraticParameteriser - Class in whistleClassifier
Basic three parameters from a whistle fragment from a quadratic fit.
QuadraticParameteriser() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.QuadraticParameteriser
queryData() - Method in class generalDatabase.dataExport.DataExportDialog
queueDataObject(NetworkQueuedObject) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSender
Put data objects in a queue.
queuedDataKeepTime - Variable in class difar.DifarParameters
natural lifetime for the queued data datablock-note there is also some control over this withing the clip generator history section of the hiding panel
queueDemuxProcess(DifarDataUnit) - Method in class difar.DifarProcess
Send a difar unit off for processing in a worker thread.
QueueStatusData - Class in networkTransfer.send
QueueStatusData() - Constructor for class networkTransfer.send.QueueStatusData
queueUpdate(SLNotification) - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.LocQueuePanel
Called when the process queue updates (or once per second)