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radarColour - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
How to colour clicks on radar displays (this will apply to all radars - not possible to do them individually at the moment).
radardisplay - package radardisplay
RadarDisplay - Class in radardisplay
RadarDisplay(UserDisplayControl, RadarParameters) - Constructor for class radardisplay.RadarDisplay
RadarParameters - Class in radardisplay
RadarParameters() - Constructor for class radardisplay.RadarParameters
RadarParametersDialog - Class in radardisplay
RadarParametersDialog(RadarDisplay, Frame) - Constructor for class radardisplay.RadarParametersDialog
RadarProjector - Class in radardisplay
RadarProjector(RadarDisplay) - Constructor for class radardisplay.RadarProjector
RADIAL_AMPLITIDE - Static variable in class radardisplay.RadarParameters
RADIAL_DISTANCE - Static variable in class radardisplay.RadarParameters
RADIAL_SLANT_ANGLE - Static variable in class radardisplay.RadarParameters
radians2degrees(double) - Static method in class Map.TransformUtilities
RainbowClicksTableDef - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
RainbowClicksTableDef() - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowClicksTableDef
RainbowDatabaseConversion - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
RainbowDatabseConverter - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
Does the work of converting a RainbowClick databse.
RainbowDatabseConverter(ClickControl, String) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowDatabseConverter
RainbowEventsTableDef - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
RainbowEventsTableDef() - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowEventsTableDef
RainbowFile - Class in clickDetector
RainbowFile(ClickDetector) - Constructor for class clickDetector.RainbowFile
RainbowFileMap - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
RainbowFileMap() - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowFileMap
RainbowFileSectionData - Class in clickDetector
RainbowFileSectionData() - Constructor for class clickDetector.RainbowFileSectionData
RANDOM_FLAT - Static variable in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedParameters
RANDOM_HALFNORMAL - Static variable in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedParameters
randomBlue() - Static method in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
Creates a random colour of blue.
randomBlue() - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.DialogMap3D
Creates a random colour of blue for each series of Markov chain jumps.
randomGreen() - Static method in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
randomIntervals - Variable in class simulatedAcquisition.SimObject
randomNGenerator() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMC
RandomQuadratics - Class in simulatedAcquisition.sounds
RandomQuadratics() - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.RandomQuadratics
randomRed() - Static method in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
Creates a random colour of blue.
RandomWhistles - Class in simulatedAcquisition.sounds
RandomWhistles() - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.RandomWhistles
range - Variable in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationData
range - Variable in class depthReadout.MccDepthParameters
range - Variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCTDResults
RANGE_CHANGED - Static variable in class targetMotionModule.TargetMotionControl
used whenever the map range is changed
RangeDialogPanel - Interface in videoRangePanel.panels
rangeError - Variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCTDResults
rangeForDataType(DifarDataUnit) - Method in class difar.DifarControl
Get a display range for a particular data unit, as will be used by the map.
rangeFromPsi(double, double) - Method in class videoRangePanel.RoundEarthMethod
Many calcls, including those in the refractionmethoduse the anlge from the vertical, so put that as a separate calculation.
rangeFromPsi(double, double) - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRHorzCalcMethod
Get the range from the pitch of the camera and camera height.
RANGEinfo - Class in loggerForms.propertyInfos
RANGEinfo(ControlDescription, int, RangeUnitTypes, RangeTypes, int) - Constructor for class loggerForms.propertyInfos.RANGEinfo
rangeMethod - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
rangeMethod - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
RangePanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
RangePanel(FormEditor, PropertyTypes) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.RangePanel
rangesChanged(long) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Called when ranges have been changed and tells scroller to go to a particular absolute value.
rangesChanged(long) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.PamScroller
rangesChanged(long) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.PamScrollSlider
rangesChanged(long) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.ScrollPaneAddon
rangeSpinner - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
rangeSpinner - Variable in class noiseMonitor.NoiseTabPanel
RangeSpinner - Class in pamScrollSystem
Spinner control used to set display ranges which can be added to a PamScroller.
RangeSpinner() - Constructor for class pamScrollSystem.RangeSpinner
RangeSpinnerListener - Interface in pamScrollSystem
rangeToReference() - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkData
RangeTypes - Enum in loggerForms
RangeUnitTypes - Enum in loggerForms
rateOfTurn - Variable in class AIS.AISPositionReport
ratioPeakTracker() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.DetectionTracker
rawAmplitude2dB(double, int, boolean) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
Convert a raw amplitude to dB re 1 micropascal based on calibration information held in the AcquisitionController
rawAmplitude2dB(double[], int) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionProcess
Convert a raw amplitude to dB re 1 micropascal based on calibration information held in the AcquisitionController for an array of double data
RawDataBinaryDataSource - Class in Acquisition
Data source for Raw acoustic data.
RawDataBinaryDataSource(PamRawDataBlock) - Constructor for class Acquisition.RawDataBinaryDataSource
RawDataDisplay - Class in PamguardMVC
RawDataDisplay is used to create plug in panels that can be used at the bottom of spectrogram windows (and eventually other displays).
RawDataDisplay(PamRawDataBlock) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.RawDataDisplay
The constructor is called from within each RawDataBlock as it is constructed
RawDataDisplay.RawDisplayPanel - Class in PamguardMVC
There may be several actual DisplayPanels if lots of different displays all want one.
RawDataDisplay.RawDisplayPanel(DisplayPanelProvider, DisplayPanelContainer) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.RawDataDisplay.RawDisplayPanel
RawDataDisplayOptions - Class in PamguardMVC
RawDataDisplayOptions() - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.RawDataDisplayOptions
rawDataName - Variable in class difar.DifarParameters
name of unit to get raw data from including the frequency bands in which the multiplexed signals are within
rawDataSource - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
rawDataSource - Variable in class decimator.DecimatorParams
rawDataSource - Variable in class Filters.FilterParameters_2
rawDataSource - Variable in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandSettings
rawDataSource - Variable in class SoundRecorder.RecorderSettings
Name of the raw data source
RawDataUnavailableException - Exception in PamguardMVC
Exception thrown by PamRawDataBlock when raw data are requested.
RawDataUnavailableException(PamRawDataBlock, int, long, int) - Constructor for exception PamguardMVC.RawDataUnavailableException
RawDataUnit - Class in PamDetection
RawDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.RawDataUnit
rawEnergyPeakTracker() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.DetectionTracker
RawSourceDialogPanel - Class in Acquisition
RawSourceDialogPanel(String) - Constructor for class Acquisition.RawSourceDialogPanel
rcAutoNewFile - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
rcFileLength - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
READ_ALL - Static variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
Read everything
READ_DYNAMIC - Static variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
Read on a fixed time interval or when course or speed change
READ_GGA - Static variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
READ_RMC - Static variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
READ_TIMER - Static variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
Read on a fixed time interval
readByte() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readByte() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
readClickStructure(int, ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
readClickStructures(ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
readClickStructures(ClickParameters, boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
Read click head structures from a rainbowclick file.
readData(StringBuffer) - Method in class serialComms.SerialPortCom
readData(double[][]) - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
Read data into a preallocated double array.
readData(short[][]) - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
Read data into a preallocated double array.
readData(String) - Method in class whistleClassifier.FileTrainingStore
readData(String) - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.FileTrainingStore
readData(String) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.training.TrainingDataStore
Open, read data and close a data store
readData(String) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.TrainingDataStore
Open, read data and close a data store
readData(StringBuffer) - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDSerialInterface
Need to override this method since it is abstract in SerialPortCom, even though we will not be reading the port
readDatagramData(DataInputStream, int) - Method in class dataGram.Datagram
readDatas(String) - Method in class landMarks.DatabaseImport
readEverything() - Method in class d3.calibration.CalFileReader
Read in all the calibration information and pack it into a nested list of CalibrationInfo objects.
readFileData(File, boolean) - Method in class Map.GebcoMapFile
readFileData(File) - Method in class Map.GebcoMapFile
readFileData(File) - Method in interface Map.MapFileManager
Read all file data including contours.
readFileData(File, boolean) - Method in interface Map.MapFileManager
Read file data and optionally read contours.
readFooter(DataInputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryFooter
readFooterData(DataInputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryFooter
Reads footer data from after the footer id Int.
readHeader(DataInputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeader
Read binary header information
readHeader(WindowsFile) - Method in class wavFiles.WavHeader
readHeading - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
readInterval - Variable in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelParams
readInterval - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
Interval between reads in seconds
readLastData(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
Called when a new database is connected to read the last values back in from the database.
readMixedModeData(long) - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
always creates the data unit on the next pass through each loop so that they are only created AFTER the tiem cut off ahs passed.
readNextEmulation() - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
readNextString() - Method in class smlPingerControl.PingerSerialPort
readNextString(long) - Method in class smlPingerControl.PingerSerialPort
Read the next string from the serial port.
readOnGps() - Method in class loggerForms.LoggerForm
readQueue() - Method in class Acquisition.rona.RonaGatherer
readRateCodes - Static variable in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldParameters
readRateIndex - Variable in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldParameters
readRateIntervals - Static variable in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldParameters
readSampleRate() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionDialog
Read the latest sample rate value.
readSamples(int, int, int) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqJNI
readSCSettings(ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
readSensor() - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelProcess
readSensor(int) - Method in interface depthReadout.DepthSystem
Read all data from a sensor.
readSensor(int) - Method in class depthReadout.MccDepthSystem
readSerial() - Method in class portcomms.CommPortModem
Read from the port store response in rxData.
readTableDefRecord() - Method in class loggerForms.ItemInformation
Read the data for a single from item (control or command) from the UDF table definition.
readTime(String) - Static method in class PamUtils.TimeRangeFormatter
readToolBar() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickToolBar
readTrueHeading - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
Attempt to read true heading information
readType - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
storage and read options: Can either read everything that comes in or just read every n seconds, or be a bit more clever and read every n seconds OR whenever course or speed have changed by more than than some set amount.
readVoltage(int, int, int) - Method in class mcc.MccJniInterface
readWavHeader(WindowsFile) - Static method in class Acquisition.WavFileFuncs
readWavHeader() - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
readWinDouble() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readWinDouble() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
ReadWinFile - Interface in clickDetector
readWinFloat() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readWinFloat() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
readWinInt() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readWinInt() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
readWinInt() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
Read a Windows 32 bit integer
readWinLong() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readWinLong() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
readWinShort() - Method in interface clickDetector.ReadWinFile
readWinShort() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
readWinShort() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
real - Variable in class fftManager.Complex
RealBlockAverage - Class in likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra
This is a helper class to compute block averages.
RealBlockAverage(int) - Constructor for class likelihoodDetectionModule.linearAverageSpectra.RealBlockAverage
realTime - Variable in class Acquisition.FileInputParameters
RealTimeScrollManager - Class in pamScrollSystem
RealTimeScrollManager() - Constructor for class pamScrollSystem.RealTimeScrollManager
reAnalyseClicks() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ClicksOffline
Go through clicks and do things like re classify to species, look for trains, etc.
reblankString(String) - Static method in class generalDatabase.EmptyTableDefinition
Function to replace the _ character in a database table or column name with spaces to use with displays.
rebuild() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.EditControlPanel
Recreate all the controls in the dialog.
receivePort - Variable in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiveParams
recentFiles - Variable in class Acquisition.FileInputParameters
reCheckTable() - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
Re-check the database tables associated with this Logger.
recipComp(Complex) - Static method in class PamUtils.MatrixOps
ReclassifyTask - Class in whistleClassifier.offline
ReclassifyTask(WhistleClassifierControl) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.offline.ReclassifyTask
ReclassifyWhistles - Class in whistleClassifier.offline
Stuff for re-running whistle classification offline.
ReclassifyWhistles(WhistleClassifierControl) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.offline.ReclassifyWhistles
RecorderButton - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderButton() - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
RecorderButton(Action) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
RecorderButton(Icon) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
RecorderButton(String, Icon) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
RecorderButton(String) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
RecorderControl - Class in SoundRecorder
Control a sound file recorder.
RecorderControl(String) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
RecorderDataUnit - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderDataUnit(long, RecordingInfo) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderDataUnit
RecorderLogger - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderLogger(RecorderControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderLogger
RecorderProcess - Class in SoundRecorder
Process raw audio data prior to storage.
RecorderProcess(RecorderControl) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecorderProcess
RecorderSettings - Class in SoundRecorder
Control parameters for sound recorders.
RecorderSettingsDialog - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderSidePanel - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderStorage - Interface in SoundRecorder
Writes audio data into a file.
RecorderTabPanel - Class in SoundRecorder
RecorderTrigger - Class in SoundRecorder.trigger
RecorderTriggers are used to automatically make sound file recordings in response to detections, or any other PamGuard event.
RecorderTrigger() - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.trigger.RecorderTrigger
RecorderTriggerData - Class in SoundRecorder.trigger
Information for triggered recordings to tell each recorder how long a recording it should make.
RecorderTriggerData(String, double, double) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.trigger.RecorderTriggerData
recorderUnitType - Static variable in class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
RecorderView - Interface in SoundRecorder
RECORDING - Static variable in class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
RecordingInfo - Class in SoundRecorder
RecordingInfo(String, float, int, int, long, long, String) - Constructor for class SoundRecorder.RecordingInfo
RECTANGULAR - Static variable in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
rectangular(int) - Static method in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
recursiveFFT(Complex[]) - Method in class fftManager.FFT
recursiveIFFT(Complex[]) - Method in class fftManager.FFT
recycle() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
recycleComplexArray(Complex[]) - Method in class fftManager.FFTDataBlock
red - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
ReDoClickId - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs
ReDoClickId(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.ReDoClickId
redrawEverything() - Method in class clickDetector.waveCorrector.WaveCorrector
REF_BUOY - Static variable in class Array.Streamer
REF_SHIP_GPS - Static variable in class Array.Streamer
The streamer doesn't need to hold the reference to the locator though That's held within the MasterLocator - still need to work out how to serialise that with the array settings.
REFERENCE_ABSOLUTE - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
When getting a DataUnit from the Datablock, get the absolute data unit, i.e.
REFERENCE_CURRENT - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
When getting a DataUnit from the Datablock, get the current data unit, i.e.
RefractionMethod - Class in videoRangePanel
RefractionMethod(VRControl) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.RefractionMethod
RefractionParameters - Class in videoRangePanel
RefractionParameters() - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.RefractionParameters
refreshData() - Method in class targetMotionModule.panels.EventControlPanel
refreshData() - Method in interface targetMotionModule.panels.TargetMotionControlPanel
Refresh all the data in the control panel.
refreshDetectorList() - Method in class Map.MapController
refreshDetectorList() - Method in class Map.MapTabPanelControl
refreshDetectorList() - Method in class Map.SimpleMap
refreshRow() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
refreshRow() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
refreshRow() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
regenerateContour(RoccaContourDataBlock, FFTDataBlock, long, double, long, double, PamRawDataBlock, int, RoccaParameters) - Method in class rocca.RoccaContour
regenerateForms(Window) - Method in class loggerForms.FormsControl
Delete and recreate all forms / form data, etc.
RegionFragmenter - Interface in whistlesAndMoans
Method for breaking up connected regions which contain multiple crossing whistles into sensible parts.
register() - Static method in class dataPlots.TDDisplayProvider
Gets called from user display - does nothing except force instantiation of methods - and registration !
registerControlledUnit(String, String) - Static method in class PamModel.PamModuleInfo
registers different controlled units in an ArrayList so that they can be instantiated by the user.
registerDaqSystem(DaqSystem) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionControl
Registered new DAQ systems and makes them available via the AcquisitionCialog
registerDataInfo(TDDataProvider) - Method in class dataPlots.data.TDDataProviderRegister
Register a source of plottable data.
registerDisplay(String, String, int, boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplayManager
RegisterLocator(HydrophoneLocatorSystem) - Method in class Array.HydrophoneLocators
registerMethod(HydrophoneOriginSystem) - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.HydrophoneOriginMethods
Register a new hydrophone origin method
registerPlayButton(AbstractButton) - Static method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
registerRecorderTrigger(RecorderTrigger) - Static method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
Register recorder triggers with all recorders.
registerSettings(PamSettings) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
Register a PAMGAURD module that wants to store settings in a serialised file (.psf file) and / or have those settings stored in the database settings table.
registerSettings(PamSettings, int) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
Register modules that have settings information that should be stored in serialised form in psf files and database Pamguard_Settings tables.
registerStopButton(AbstractButton) - Static method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
Regressions - Class in pamMaths
Class for performing various regressions.
Regressions() - Constructor for class pamMaths.Regressions
RejoiningFragmenter - Class in whistlesAndMoans
Join fragmented shapes back together again.
RejoiningFragmenter(WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.RejoiningFragmenter
relMillisecondsToSamples(double) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Convert a number of milliseconds to a number of samples.
reLoad() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Command passed through the the scroll manager telling it reload data.
reLoad() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractScrollManager
Command telling manager to reload it's data.
reLoad() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.RealTimeScrollManager
reLoad() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.ViewerScrollerManager
reload() - Method in class PamView.PamHelpContentViewer
reLogData(Connection, PamDataUnit) - Method in class alarm.AlarmLogging
reLogData(Connection, PamDataUnit) - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
Called when an old PamDataUnit is updated.
relSamplesToMilliseconds(long) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Convert a number of samples into a number of milliseconds
remakeDialog() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraphHidingDialog
Remake the dialog checkboxes after data have been added or removed from it.
remote_psf - Static variable in class PamController.PamSettingManager
remotePort - Variable in class networkTransfer.emulator.EmBuoyStatus
remove() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.GPSOriginIterator
remove() - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.StreamerDataIterator
remove(SweepClassifierSet) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierParameters
remove(int) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierParameters
remove(OfflineEventDataUnit) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDataBlock
remove(LandmarkData) - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkDatas
remove(int) - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkDatas
remove() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ChannelIterator
remove() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
remove(Tunit) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
remove() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ReverseChannelIterator
remove(JComponent) - Method in class PamView.HidingSidePanel
Remove a component from the side panel.
remove(PamKeyItem) - Method in class PamView.KeyPanel
REMOVE_CONTROLLEDUNIT - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically sent when a PamControlledUnit is removed
REMOVE_DATABLOCK - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically sent when a PamDataBlock is removed
REMOVE_PROCESS - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically sent when a PamProcess is removed
removeAll() - Method in class PamView.HidingSidePanel
Remove all components from the side panel
removeAllClips() - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayPanel
removeAllDataBlocks() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Remove all data blocks from a process.
removeAllDataBlocks() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Remove all datablocks from the viewed list.
removeAllFFTProcesses() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodFFTController
Removes the all fft processes.
removeAllForms() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsTabPanel
Called when forms are to be regenerated.
removeAllGraphData() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel
removeAllHistograms(PamHistogram) - Method in class pamMaths.HistogramDisplay
removeAllListeners() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsHotKeyControl
removeAllPlotMouseListeners() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Remove all plot mouse listeners from the tdgraph.
removeAllPlotMouseMotionListeners() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Remove all plot mouse motion listeners from the tdGraph.
removeAllZoomers() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Clear all the zoomers associated with this graph
removeArray(PamArray) - Method in class Array.ArrayManager
removeAxisVisulaisation() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
removeCalibrationData(VRCalibrationData) - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
removeCellEditorListener(CellEditorListener) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.AbstractCellEditor
removeChangeListener(HidingDialogChangeListener) - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogComponent
removeChangeObserver(PlaybackChangeObserver) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackSystem
removeClickInPlace(double[], double, double) - Method in class fftManager.ClickRemoval
Writes over existing data.
removeClicks(double[], double, double) - Method in class fftManager.ClickRemoval
Leaves existing data alone and creates new array.
removeClicks(double[], double[], double, double) - Method in class fftManager.ClickRemoval
Perform click removal.
removeClip(ClipDataUnit) - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayPanel
Remove the display component associated with a specific data unit.
removeControlledUnit(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
removeControlledUnit(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectViewer
removeControlledUnit(PamControlledUnit) - Method in interface PamView.PamViewInterface
removeControlledUnt(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamController.PamController
removeControlledUnt(PamControlledUnit) - Method in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Removes a PamControlledUnit from the controller
removeControlledUnt(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamView.GuiFrameManager
removeData() - Method in class dataPlots.data.TDDataInfo
Called whenever a data line is removed from a graph, or when a graph is removed from a plot.
removeData() - Method in class fftManager.newSpectrogram.SpectrogramPlotInfo
removeDataAnnotation(int) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataUnit
Remove a data annotation
removeDataAnnotation(DataAnnotation) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataUnit
Remove a data annotation
removeDataBlock(PamDataBlock) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Remove a datablock from the viewed list.
removeDataItem(TDDataInfo) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Remove a data item from the plot list.
removeDecoration() - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayDecorations
Remove any additional decorations
removeDecoration() - Method in class difar.display.DifarClipDecorations
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class dataPlots.TDDisplayProvider
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class difar.display.DifarDisplayProvider
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class difar.display.DifarDisplayProvider2
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class Map.MapDisplayProvider
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDisplayProvider
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in interface userDisplay.UserDisplayProvider
Called when a display is removed from a user display.
removeDisplay(UserDisplayComponent) - Method in class worldWindMap.WorldMapProvider
removeDisplayDecorations() - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayUnit
removeDisplayPanelProvider(DisplayPanelProvider) - Static method in class Layout.DisplayProviderList
removeDisplayProvider(UserDisplayProvider) - Static method in class userDisplay.UserDisplayControl
Remove a reference to a list of user display provider
removeDuplicates() - Method in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
Needed to sort out some damaged binary data maps which are corrupted by being opened in viewer while data still writing.
removeFileAtIndex(int) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.DataMapSerialiser
Remove a file from the datamap
removeFolderChangeListener(FolderChangeListener) - Method in class PamUtils.SelectFolder
Remove a folder change listener
removeForm(Window) - Method in class loggerForms.FormDescription
Remove the form.
removeFromSpecialDatablock(PamDataBlock) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractScrollManager
remove from special data block list.
removeGraph(ActionEvent) - Method in class dataPlots.HidingControlPanel
removeGraph() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
removeGraph(int) - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
Remove graph with given index.
removeGraphData() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface
removeHistogram(PamHistogram) - Method in class pamMaths.HistogramDisplay
removeHydrophone(Hydrophone) - Method in class Array.PamArray
removeItem(LookupItem) - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupList
Remove the first occurrence of an item from the list
removeItem(int) - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupList
Remove an item at a specified index in the list
removeLayoutComponent(Component) - Method in class dataMap.DataMapLayout
removeLayoutComponent(Component) - Method in class PamView.CornerLayout
removeLayoutComponent(Component) - Method in class PamView.VerticalLayout
Not used by this class
removeLight() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Remove lighting from root group.
removeListDuplicates(ArrayList<FoundDataUnit>) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Check for duplicate values in the selected data units and delete.
removeLocContents(int) - Method in class PamDetection.AbstractLocalisation
removeMainComponent() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingPanel
Remove the mainComponentPanel.
removeManagedSymbol(Object) - Method in class PamView.PamSymbolManager
Remove an object from the symbol manager.
removeMapPoint(File) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOfflineDataMap
Finds the mapPoint of a specific binary file
removeMapPoint(File, ArrayList<PamDataBlock>) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
removeMeasurementBand(int) - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseSettings
Remove a noise measurement band from the list
removeMeasurementListener(AngleMeasurementListener) - Method in class angleMeasurement.AngleMeasurement
removeMenuBar(JMenuBar) - Static method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
Call this for a menu that is no longer needed to remove all it's items from the enabler list.
removeMenuItem(JMenuItem) - Method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
removeMenuItem(AbstractButton) - Method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
removeMenuItemEnabler() - Method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
removeMouseRotate() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Remove the rotate functionality.
removeMouseRotate() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Remove the rotate functionality
removeMouseTranslate() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Remove the translate functionality.
removeMouseZoom() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Remove the mouse zoom functionality.
removeObject(SimObject) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimParameters
removeObject(int) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimParameters
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Array.ArrayManager
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Array.StraightHydrophoneLocator
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationDialog
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrum
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTabPanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrigger
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickWaveform
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_Display
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipProcess.ClipBlockProcess
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class depthReadout.DepthSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class eventCounter.DataCounter
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class fftManager.FFTPluginPanelProvider.FFTPluginPanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class GPS.UpdateClockDialog
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiPluginPanelProvider.IpiPluginPanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetSave
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class levelMeter.LevelMeterSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class loggerForms.FormsAlertSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Logging.LogDataObserver
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Map.MapPanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Map.SimpleMap
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class PamController.masterReference.GPSDataSystem
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in interface PamguardMVC.PamObserver
called when an Observable (PamDataBlock) is removed from the system
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamObserverAdapter
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
Called when a PamDataBlock observed by this PamProcess is removed.
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class PamguardMVC.RawDataDisplay.RawDisplayPanel
Implementation of PamObserver
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class PamguardMVC.ThreadedObserver
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class radardisplay.RadarDisplay
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoPluginPanelProvider.VetoPluginPanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialDisplayTable
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class whistleClassifier.ClassifierHistoryWindow
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleSidePanel
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel
If the GPS Data object gets deleted, reset the sidePanel so that we don't keep listening for something that isn't there
removeObservable(PamObservable) - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopPluginPanelProvider.WorkshopPluginPanel
removeObserver(PamScrollObserver) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Remove an observer which no longer requires notifications when the scroller moves.
removeOfflineDataMap(OfflineDataStore) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
remove a no longer needed offline data map.
removeOnZoom() - Method in class PamView.zoomer.ZoomPolygon
removeOnZoom() - Method in class PamView.zoomer.ZoomRectangle
removeOnZoom() - Method in class PamView.zoomer.ZoomShape
removeOutputDatablock(PamDataBlock) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
removePamProcess(PamProcess) - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Removes a process.
removePamScroller(AbstractPamScroller) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractScrollManager
Remove a pam scroller from the managed list.
removePlotMouseListener(PlotMouseListener) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Remove a plot mouse listener.
removePlotMouseMotionListener(PlotMouseMotionListener) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Remove a plot mouse motion listener.
removeRangeSpinnerListener(RangeSpinnerListener) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.RangeSpinner
Remove a range spinner listener.
removeScroller(AbstractPamScroller) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.ScrollerCoupling
Remove a scroller form a coupling
removeSourcePanelMonitor(SourcePanelMonitor) - Method in class PamView.SourcePanel
removeSpectrogram2D() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Remove the 2D spectrogram from the graph
removeSpectrogram3D() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Remove the 3D spectrogram from the Graph;
removeSpectrogramMarkObserver(SpectrogramMarkObserver) - Static method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramMarkObservers
removeSpectrograms() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Remove all spectrograms from graph.
removeStreamer(int) - Method in class Array.PamArray
removeSubDetection(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDataUnit
removeSubDetection(T) - Method in class PamDetection.PamDetection
removeSuperDetection(PamDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
removeSuperDetection(U) - Method in class PamDetection.PamDetection
removeTab(FormDescription) - Method in class loggerForms.LoggerTabbedPane
removeTableItem(int) - Method in class generalDatabase.EmptyTableDefinition
Removes a table item from the table definition.
removeTableItem(PamTableItem) - Method in class generalDatabase.EmptyTableDefinition
Removes a table item from the table definition.
removeTiltSpinner() - Method in class videoRangePanel.vrmethods.ImageAnglePanel
removeTrackedGroup(String) - Method in class difar.DifarParameters
removeTreeModelListener(TreeModelListener) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTableModel
Removes a listener for TreeModel events.
removeUnit() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionControl
removeUnit() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipControl
removeUnit() - Method in class depthReadout.DepthControl
removeUnit() - Method in class difar.DifarControl
removeUnit() - Method in class GPS.GPSControl
removeUnit() - Method in class Map.MapController
removeUnit() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
Called to remove a unit.
removeUnusedProcesses() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodFFTController
Removes the unused processes.
removeVeto(int) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoParameters
Remove a veto from the list
removeVeto(AngleVeto) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoParameters
Remove a veto from the list.
removeView(PamViewInterface) - Method in class PamView.GuiFrameManager
rename(String) - Method in class alarm.AlarmSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class angleMeasurement.AngleSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class depthReadout.DepthSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class eventCounter.EventCounterSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class fftManager.PamFFTControl
rename(String) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class KernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothingControl
rename(String) - Method in class levelMeter.LevelMeterSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class loggerForms.FormsAlertSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiveSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
rename(String) - Method in interface PamView.PamSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLoggerSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class smlGainControl.SMLGainSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class smlPingerControl.display.PingerSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class UserInput.UserInputSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleSidePanel
rename(String) - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel
RENAME_CONTROLLED_UNIT - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically sent when a PamControlledUnit is renamed.
renameControlledUnit(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
renameControlledUnit(PamControlledUnit) - Method in class PamView.PamView
renameSightingAndFiles() - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel.SidePanel
Rename the sighting number and the files with that sighting number as well.
renameTable(String, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBProcess
renewPerChannelInfo() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.SgramCorrProcess
reOpenStorage(long) - Method in class SoundRecorder.PamAudioFileStorage
reOpenStorage(long) - Method in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderStorage
Reopens the recording storage in a new file (if appropriate) This is done in the RecorderStorage class rather than as separate calls to closeStorage and openStorage in
REORDER_CONTROLLEDUNITS - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically added when PamControlledUnits are re-ordered
repackDialog() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialog
repackDisplay() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogComponent
repaint() - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoDisplay
repaint(int) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickWaveform
repaint() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
repaint(int, int, int, int) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
repaint(long) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
repaint(long) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph
Repaint all graph components.
repaint() - Method in class Layout.DisplayPanel
repaints the display - needs to be called after any changes to the image
repaint(int) - Method in class Layout.DisplayPanel
repaints the display - needs to be called after any changes to the image
repaint(int) - Method in class Layout.PamFramePlots
Repaint all windows in the frame plot with delay tm
repaint(boolean) - Method in class Map.MapPanel
repaint() - Method in class pamMaths.HistogramDisplay
repaint(long, int, int, int, int) - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
repaint(Rectangle) - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
repaint() - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
repaint(long) - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
repaint() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRPanel
repaint() - Method in class worldWindMap.PAMDataLayer
rePaint3D() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface
repaintAll() - Method in class dataMap.DataMapPanel
repaintAll() - Method in class dataMap.DataStreamPanel
Repaint everything, including the output border panel
repaintAll() - Method in class dataMap.ScrollingDataPanel
repaintAll() - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
repaintAll(long) - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
repaintAll() - Method in class difar.display.DIFARGram
repaintAll() - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandDialog
repaintAll() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
repaintBaseDrawing() - Method in class Map.MapPanel
Instruct map to redraw it's base image next time anything is redrawn.
repaintBoth() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
Repaints both the plot and the axis panel
repaintHighlights() - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
Repaint the panel without repainting the main buffered image representing the data.
repaintHighlights(long) - Method in class dataPlots.layout.TDGraph.GraphPlotPanel
Repaint the panel without repainting the main buffered image representing the data.
rePaintPanel(Graphics, Rectangle) - Method in class PamView.JBufferedPanel
repaintPlots() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseTabPanel
repaintSide() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRTabPanelControl
repaintTotal() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
Repaints forcing a redrawing of all click.
repaintUnit() - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayUnit
Repaint both the border and the image panel.
repairSizes(long) - Method in class Acquisition.WavHeader
Write the correct sizes into the file data.
repeat - Variable in class nmeaEmulator.NMEAEmulatorParams
RepeatedAxis - Class in Layout
RepeatedAxis(int, int, int, int, double, double, int, String, int, String) - Constructor for class Layout.RepeatedAxis
RepeatedAxis(int, int, int, int, double, double, boolean, String, String) - Constructor for class Layout.RepeatedAxis
repeatIndicator - Variable in class AIS.AISPositionReport
repeatLoop - Variable in class Acquisition.FileInputParameters
repeat in an infinite loop
replace(ClipGenSetting, ClipGenSetting) - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipSettings
replace(LandmarkData, LandmarkData) - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkDatas
replaceSimObject(SimObject, SimObject) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimParameters
replaceSubDetection(T, T) - Method in class PamDetection.PamDetection
Replace a sub detection in an event.
replaceTriggerData(RecorderTriggerData) - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderSettings
Find a trigger data object with the same name and replace it.
replaceVeto(int, AngleVeto) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoParameters
Replace a veto in the list at given index.
reportError(String) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLogger
reportError(String) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLoggerSidePanel
reportOk - Variable in class AIS.AISPositionReport
REQUEST_DATA_LOADED - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Data loaded for requested time period.
REQUEST_DATA_PARTIAL_LOAD - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Data partially loaded for requested time period
REQUEST_EXCEPTION - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
The request threw an exception of some sort.
REQUEST_INTERRUPTED - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
The request was interrupted (in multi thread load)
REQUEST_NO_DATA - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
No data available for offline loading.
REQUEST_SAME_REQUEST - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
this is exactly the same data as requested last time.
requestAdHocStatusUpdate() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLAsciiCommands
requestAdHocStatusUpdate() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLBinaryCommands
requestAdHocStatusUpdate() - Method in interface smlPingerControl.SMLPingerCommands
Request the transmission of a single Pinger Status message
RequestCancellationObject - Class in PamguardMVC
Used to cancel data requests when calling to load data in multiple threads.
RequestCancellationObject() - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.RequestCancellationObject
requestTemperature() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLAsciiCommands
requestTemperature() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLBinaryCommands
requestTemperature() - Method in interface smlPingerControl.SMLPingerCommands
Returns the current temperature measured by the Pinger
reset() - Method in class Acquisition.RawDataBinaryDataSource
reset() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryDataSource
Reset anything needing resetting in the binary data source.
reset() - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
Just rests the offset, so writing starts again at the beginning, but does not delete the allocated memory.
reset() - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
Reset anything needing resetting in the binary data source.
reset() - Method in interface NMEA.AISDataSet
Rest the simulator or list.
reset() - Method in class NMEA.ChannelAISData
reset() - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
Clear all settings from the manager
reset() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Reset a datablock.
resetCard(int) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqJNI
resetClassifier() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
Called when reprocessing offline.
resetColour() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.CROverlayGraphics
resetCounter() - Method in class alarm.AlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class alarm.SimpleAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class clickDetector.alarm.ClickAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class dbht.alarm.DbHtAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class noiseMonitor.alarm.NoiseAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class noiseOneBand.alarm.OneBandAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class staticLocaliser.alarm.SLAlarmCounter
resetCounter() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmCounter
resetDataBlocks() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
reset datablocks.
resetForLoad() - Method in class fftManager.newSpectrogram.SpectrogramChannelData
Rest anything necessary before new data are loaded offline in viewer mode.
resetPamguard(int, char[]) - Static method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
resetPlot() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface
resetPlot() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel
resetPlot(double) - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Resets rotateGroup with Z axis translation of Z preserving the aspect ratio.
resetPlot(double) - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Resets plot with Z axis translation of Z preserving the aspect ratio.
resetPlot() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Resets plot to default rotation, maintaining aspect ratio and translation components.
resetPlotRotation() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Resets plot to default rotation, maintaining aspect ratio and translation components.
resetRegion(int, int, int, int) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
Prepare a region for re-use (saves some time reallocating the object if they were only used very briefly).
resize() - Method in class PamView.PamStatusBar
ResolutionPanel - Class in noiseMonitor
Creates a standard panel to display frequency resolution information
ResolutionPanel() - Constructor for class noiseMonitor.ResolutionPanel
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Acquisition.CheckWavFileHeaders
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.FileMapMakingdialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class AirgunDisplay.AirgunParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class AIS.AISDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class AIS.AISSettingsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class alarm.actions.sound.PlaySoundDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class alarm.AlarmDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class amplifier.AmpDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class angleMeasurement.AngleCalibrationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoesDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class annotationMark.MarkAnnotationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Array.ArrayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Array.HydrophoneElementDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Array.importHydrophoneData.StreamerOriginDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Array.StreamerDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryMapMakingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStorageDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class classifier.WekaOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.alarm.ClickAlarmDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.ClickTypeDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.ClickClassifyDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.ClickTypesDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumTemplateDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrumTemplateEditDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.ConcatenatedSpectrogramdialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickAlarmDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickMapDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickStorageOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickTrainIdDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.OverlayOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.WaveDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.EchoDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_DisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.DatabaseCheckDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.EditOfflineEventDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.EventListDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.LabelClicksDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflienEventViewer
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventViewer
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.BatchRainbowFileConversion
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowDatabaseConversion
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.waveCorrector.WaveCorrector
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clickDetector.WignerPlotdialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipGenSettingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class cpod.CPODDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dataGram.DatagramDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dataGram.DatagramProgressDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dbht.alarm.DbHtAlarmParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dbht.DbHtDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dbht.DbHtDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class dbht.offline.DbHtSummaryDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class decimator.DecimatorParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class decimus.summarystring.plots.DstrPlotDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class depthReadout.DepthDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class depthReadout.MccDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class difar.calibration.CalibrationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class difar.dialogs.DifarDisplayParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class difar.dialogs.DifarParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class echoDetector.EchoParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class EdgeDetector.EdgeParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class fftFilter.FFTFilterDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class fftManager.FFTParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class fftManager.FFTPluginParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileProgressDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFilesDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Filters.FilterDataSourceDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Filters.FilterDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Filters.FilterDialogPanel
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.DatabaseSpeedDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.dataExport.DataExportDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.dataExport.ValueFilterDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBMapMakingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupEditDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class GPS.GPSParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class GPS.ImportGGADialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class GPS.ImportGPSDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class IMU.IMUCalibrationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class IMU.IMUImportDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class IMU.IMUSettingsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class KernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class landMarks.LandmarksDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class levelMeter.LevelMeterDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodDetectionParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class listening.ListeningDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.DelayOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurfaceDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.FormEditDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.PreviewDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsDataUnitEditDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsPlotOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class ltsa.LtsaDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Map.MapCommentDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Map.MapDetectionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Map.MapParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class networkTransfer.emulator.EmulateDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiveDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class NMEA.NMEAParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class NMEA.NMEASimDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class nmeaEmulator.NMEAOutdialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class nmeaEmulator.TimesDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseMonitor.alarm.NoiseAlarmDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseMonitor.UserBandDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseOneBand.alarm.OneBandAlarmParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OLProcessDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamController.ModuleOrderDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamController.NewModuleDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamController.SettingsFileDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamController.StorageOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamguardMVC.dataSelector.DataSelectDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class pamMaths.MatrixDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamModel.DeprecatedModuleDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamModel.ThreadingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.LoadingDataDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class pamScrollSystem.LoadOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamUtils.LatLongDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.AnnotationsPopup
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.importData.ImportDataDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.ImportLoadBar
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.PamDialog
standard function which should us used to copy default parameters into the dialog controls.
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.PamSymbolDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class PamView.ViewTimesDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class patchPanel.PatchPanelDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class performanceTests.PerformanceDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class radardisplay.RadarParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class rocca.RoccaParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLoggerDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.movement.GridMovementDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimObjectDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class smlGainControl.SMLGainDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderSettingsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class SoundRecorder.trigger.TriggerOptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramParamsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.alarm.SLAlarmOptions
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MimplexDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.ExportDelaysDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.HyperbolicLocDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.OptionsDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.UnsyncdataBlocks
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.TargetMotionDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class tipOfTheDay.PamTipViewer
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.AcceptMeasurementDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.HeightDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.LandMarkAddDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.LandMarkGroupDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.ManualLocationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRCalibrationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistleClassifier.ClassifierTrainingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.ClassifierTrainingDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassificationDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WMDisplayDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WMRecordTriggerdialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettings() - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopParametersDialog
restoreDefaultSettingsQ() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.ClickTypeDialog
restoreDefaultSettingsQ() - Method in class PamView.PamDialog
restore default setting ? Check with user before calling restoreDefaultSettings(); Thsi may be overridden if you want to ask a more complex question or offer options at this point.
restoreDefaultSpeciesParams() - Method in class difar.DifarParameters
restoreDifarMaximum() - Method in class difar.display.DIFARGram
Restore maximum values
restoreExpanded(String) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTable
This method accepts a comma-delimited string returned from the preserveExpanded() method and attempts to change the internal JTree's expanded state to match it.
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Acquisition.FolderInputSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineFileServer
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Acquisition.SoundCardSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class AirgunDisplay.AirgunControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class AIS.AISControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialInterface
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class alarm.actions.sound.PlaySound
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class alarm.AlarmControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class amplifier.AmpControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldAngles
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class angleVetoes.AngleVetoes
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Array.ArrayManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class asiojni.ASIOSoundSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class asiojni.NewAsioSoundSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.alarm.ClickAlarmCounter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickBTDisplay
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.BasicClickIdentifier
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifier
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplayManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickSpectrum
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.dataSelector.ClickDataSelector
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDetectionSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.SimpleEchoDetectionSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_Display
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clickDetector.WignerPlot
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clipgenerator.ClipControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayPanel
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class cpod.CPODControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class dataMap.DataMapControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class dbht.alarm.DbHtAlarmCounter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class dbht.DbHtControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class decimator.DecimatorControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class decimus.summarystring.DStrControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class depthReadout.DepthControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class depthReadout.MccDepthSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class difar.dataSelector.DifarDataSelector
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class difar.demux.GreenridgeDemux
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class difar.DifarControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class echoDetector.EchoController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class EdgeDetector.EdgeControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class envelopeTracer.EnvelopeControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class fftManager.FFTPluginPanelProvider.FFTPluginPanel
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class fftManager.PamFFTControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Filters.FilterControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class generalDatabase.MSAccessSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class generalDatabase.MySQLSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class generalDatabase.OOoDBSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class generalDatabase.UCanAccessSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class GPS.GPSControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqSystem
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IMU.IMUControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class ipiDemo.IpiPluginPanelProvider.IpiPluginPanel
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class ishmaelComms.IshmaelDataControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IshmaelDetector.EnergySumControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetControl
This is called after a settings file is read.
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IshmaelDetector.MatchFiltControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IshmaelDetector.SgramCorrControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocControl
This is called after a settings file is read.
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class KernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothingControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class levelMeter.LevelMeterControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.LikelihoodDetectionUnit
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class listening.ListeningControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class loggerForms.FormSettingsControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class ltsa.LtsaControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Map.MapDetectionsManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class Map.SimpleMap
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class networkTransfer.emulator.NetworkEmulator
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSender
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDAQProcess
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class NMEA.NMEAControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class noiseMonitor.alarm.NoiseAlarmCounter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class noiseOneBand.alarm.OneBandAlarmCounter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class noiseOneBand.OneBandControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineTaskGroup
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamController.PamController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in interface PamController.PamSettings
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamController.StorageOptions
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamguardMVC.RawDataDisplay.RawDisplayPanel
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamModel.PamModel
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.ViewerScrollerManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamView.GuiFrameManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamView.PamColors
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectViewer
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamView.PamSymbolManager
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class patchPanel.PatchPanelControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class rocca.RoccaControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class serialPortLogger.SerialLogger
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.movement.GridMovement
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimProcess
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class smlGainControl.SMLGainControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLPingerControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.HyperboleLoc
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSLHM
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.ClickLocaliserControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.BasicResultFilter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.MarkovChain
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class targetMotionModule.TargetMotionControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class targetMotionOld.MarkovChain
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class userDisplay.UserDisplayControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class videoRangePanel.RefractionMethod
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmCounter
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector.WMDDataSelector
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleMoanControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopController
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class xBatLogViewer.XBatLogControl
restoreSettings(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class zipUnpacker.ZipUnpacker
restrictedBins - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierSet
restrictedTitles - Static variable in class loggerForms.FormsControl
restrictLength - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierSet
RESULT_TABLE_ADD - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
resultExportFiles - Variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserParams
File list of recent .csv files to export to.
ResultsFilterManager - Class in staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis
Class for managing the different results filters
ResultsFilterManager(StaticLocaliserControl) - Constructor for class staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.ResultsFilterManager
RETURNFLOAT - Static variable in class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
constant indicating the getXPosition or getYPosition method should return a float
RETURNINT - Static variable in class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
constant indicating the getXPosition or getYPosition method should return an int
returnto2DView() - Method in class targetMotionModule.panels.MapPanel3D
returnto2DView() - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.DialogMap3D
ReturnToQueue - Static variable in class difar.DIFARMessage
Return a demuxed data unit from the DIFARgram back to the queue.
reverseArray() - Method in class PamView.ColourArray
ReverseChannelIterator<Tunit extends PamDataUnit> - Class in PamguardMVC
Iterator for going backwards through a datablock, but only selecting data untits that have a specific channel.
ReverseChannelIterator(PamDataBlock<Tunit>, int) - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.ReverseChannelIterator
reverseShowButton() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingPanel
Swaps the hide and show buttons around.
revisionString - Static variable in class PamController.PamguardVersionInfo
rewriteChangedUDFTables() - Method in class loggerForms.FormsControl
Rewrite all UDF tables in forms which have been altered.
reWriteClick(ClickDetection, boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
reWriteClick(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionControl
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineFileServer
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
rewrite the index file.
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class decimator.DecimatorControl
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class fileOfflineData.OfflineFileControl
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBControlUnit
rewriteIndexFile(PamDataBlock, OfflineDataMapPoint) - Method in interface PamController.OfflineDataStore
Moved this function over from binary data store.
rfft(double[], Complex[], int) - Method in class fftManager.FastFFT
Fast FFT function for real data.
RIGHT - Static variable in class PamView.VerticalLayout
The horizontal alignment constant that designates right justification.
RightWhaleEdgeDetector - package RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RightWhales - Class in simulatedAcquisition.sounds
RightWhales() - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.RightWhales
rldb - Variable in class rocca.RoccaStatsLogger
The RoccaLoggingDataBlock to be saved to the database
rmcInitials - Variable in class GPS.GPSParameters
String initials
rocca - package rocca
RoccaAxis - Class in rocca
RoccaAxis(int, int, int, int, double, double, boolean, String, String, RoccaAxis.Orientation, RoccaSpecPopUp) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaAxis
Main Constructor
RoccaAxis.Orientation - Enum in rocca
Valid orientations of the axis
RoccaClassifier - Class in rocca
Rocca/Weka interface for classifying a contour
RoccaClassifier(RoccaProcess) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaClassifier
Create RoccaClassifier object for RoccaProcess
RoccaClassifyThis - Class in rocca
Short script to load the data from an existing contour stats file (Rocca output), classify each row and save the data into a new summary file.
RoccaClassifyThis(RoccaProcess) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaClassifyThis
RoccaClickTypeDialog - Class in rocca
Use this modal dialog to let the user choose one string from a long list.
RoccaContour - Class in rocca
RoccaContour(RoccaProcess) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaContour
Basic constructor
RoccaContourDataBlock - Class in rocca
RoccaContourDataBlock(PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaContourDataBlock
RoccaContourDataBlock.PosSweepIndx - Enum in rocca
A field mapping the sweep direction to the nominal index used to train the classifier
RoccaContourDataBlock.SweepIndx - Enum in rocca
A field mapping the sweep direction to the nominal index used to train the classifier
RoccaContourDataUnit - Class in rocca
RoccaContourDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaContourDataUnit
RoccaContourStats - Class in rocca
An EnumMap linking the parameter names to the values measured/calculated from the contour.
RoccaContourStats() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaContourStats
Main Constructor
RoccaContourStats.ParamIndx - Enum in rocca
Enum class with the names of the contour parameters
RoccaControl - Class in rocca
Main controller for Rocca
RoccaControl(String) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaControl
RoccaDataUnit - Class in rocca
Rocca data unit code copied from WorkshopDataUnit.java
RoccaDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaDataUnit
RoccaDetectionLogger - Class in rocca
Databse logging information for Rocca statistics.
RoccaDetectionLogger(RoccaSidePanel, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaDetectionLogger
RoccaFixParams - Class in rocca
Short script to load an existing contour file (Rocca output), recalculate the parameters and save the data into a new summary file.
RoccaFixParams(RoccaProcess) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaFixParams
RoccaGraphics - Class in rocca
RoccaGraphics(RoccaProcess) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaGraphics
RoccaLoggingDataBlock - Class in rocca
RoccaLoggingDataBlock(PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaLoggingDataBlock
RoccaLoggingDataUnit - Class in rocca
Data unit containing the RoccaContourDataBlock to save to the database
RoccaLoggingDataUnit(long, RoccaContourStats) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaLoggingDataUnit
Main constructor
RoccaParameters - Class in rocca
Parameters for Rocca modified contour calculations to better match original Matlab routine serialVersionUID = 2 2012/7/23 added whistle & moan as a potential data source for classifier serialVersionUID = 3 2012/8/12 corrected problem with not resetting inflection and sweep counts when reclassifying, resulting in doubling and tripling of the parameters serialVersionUID = 4 2012/8/16 corrected problem with freqmin=-1 when contour points dragged and end point reselected.
RoccaParameters() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaParameters
RoccaParametersDialog - Class in rocca
code copied from WorkshopParametersDialog.java
roccaProcess - Variable in class rocca.RoccaLoggingDataBlock
RoccaProcess - Class in rocca
Main Rocca process
RoccaProcess(RoccaControl) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaProcess
Main constructor
RoccaRFModel - Class in rocca
Class to hold information about the random forest classifier.
RoccaRFModel(AbstractClassifier, Instances, RoccaRFModel[]) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaRFModel
RoccaSidePanel - Class in rocca
RoccaSidePanel(RoccaControl) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSidePanel
RoccaSidePanel.SidePanel - Class in rocca
RoccaSidePanel.SidePanel() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSidePanel.SidePanel
RoccaSightingDataBlock - Class in rocca
Container to hold all the sighting data
RoccaSightingDataBlock(PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSightingDataBlock
Main Constructor
RoccaSightingDataUnit - Class in rocca
Container holding information about the current sighting, including pointers to the contours already measured
RoccaSightingDataUnit(long, int, long, long, String, JLabel[]) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Create a new RoccaSightingDataUnit
RoccaSightingDataUnit(long, int, long, long, String, String[]) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Create a new RoccaSightingDataUnit
RoccaSightingDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Create a new RoccaSightingDataUnit.
RoccaSpecPopUp - Class in rocca
RoccaSpecPopUp(double[][], String) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
Dummy constructor - only used to test display
RoccaSpecPopUp(RoccaProcess, FFTDataBlock, double, double, PamRawDataBlock, SpectrogramDisplay, int) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
RoccaStatsLogger - Class in rocca
Databse logging information for Rocca statistics.
RoccaStatsLogger(RoccaControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaStatsLogger
RoccaTrainClassifier - Class in rocca
RoccaTrainClassifier() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaTrainClassifier
RoccaTrainClassifier2 - Class in rocca
RoccaTrainClassifier2() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaTrainClassifier2
RoccaTrainClassifier3 - Class in rocca
RoccaTrainClassifier3() - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaTrainClassifier3
RoccaWhistleSelect - Class in rocca
RoccaWhistleSelect(RoccaControl) - Constructor for class rocca.RoccaWhistleSelect
rollOffset - Variable in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelParams
Roll offset is added to the measured roll
RonaFlacProcessor - Class in Acquisition.rona
RonaFlacProcessor(FileInputStream, long, float, int, RonaGatherer) - Constructor for class Acquisition.rona.RonaFlacProcessor
RonaGatherer - Class in Acquisition.rona
Gathers data from multiple threads unpacking Rona flac files and put them in order and sends off to a datablock.
RonaGatherer(PamRawDataBlock, int, RequestCancellationObject) - Constructor for class Acquisition.rona.RonaGatherer
RonaInputSystem - Class in Acquisition
Bespoke system for handling data from the Rona hydrophone array which consists of sets of seven files, each with different ends in th ename.
RonaInputSystem(AcquisitionControl) - Constructor for class Acquisition.RonaInputSystem
RonaLoader - Class in Acquisition.rona
Functions to automatically bring together and load sections of raw data from the single channel Rona FLAC files.
RonaLoader(RonaInputSystem, List<WavFileDataMapPoint>, PamRawDataBlock, RequestCancellationObject) - Constructor for class Acquisition.rona.RonaLoader
RonaOfflineFileServer - Class in Acquisition.rona
RonaOfflineFileServer(AcquisitionControl) - Constructor for class Acquisition.rona.RonaOfflineFileServer
rootGroup - Variable in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
rootGroup - Variable in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
rotate(double, Transform3D) - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
rotate(Matrix) - Method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Rotate the vector by a matrix.
rotate(double) - Method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Rotate a vector anti-clockwise by an angle.
rotate(PamVector) - Method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Rotate a vector using another vector.
rotate(double, Transform3D) - Method in class targetMotionModule.panels.MapPanel3D
rotate(double, Transform3D) - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.DialogMap3D
rotateGroup - Variable in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
rotateGroup - Variable in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
rotatePlot(double) - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Rotate the plot by specified angle;
rotatePolygon(Polygon, double) - Static method in class Map.TransformUtilities
rotateVector(PamVector, PamQuaternion) - Static method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Rotates a vector by a Quaternion .
rotateVector(PamVector, double[]) - Static method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Rotates a vector by the Euler angles.
rotateXY(CoordsXY, double) - Static method in class Map.TransformUtilities
rotateXY(double, double, double) - Method in class Map.TransformUtilities
rotationDegreesXYZ(Coordinate3d, double) - Static method in class Map.TransformUtilities
rotationXY(CoordsXY, double) - Static method in class Map.TransformUtilities
roundDown(long) - Method in class PamController.PamViewParameters
Round a time down to nearest second
RoundEarthMethod - Class in videoRangePanel
RoundEarthMethod(VRControl) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.RoundEarthMethod
roundNumber(double, double) - Static method in class PamUtils.PamUtils
roundUp(long) - Method in class PamController.PamViewParameters
Round a time down up nearest second
rowDeleted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
rowDeleted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
rowDeleted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
rowInserted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
rowInserted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
rowInserted() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
rowUpdated() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
rowUpdated() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
rowUpdated() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
rsdb - Variable in class rocca.RoccaDetectionLogger
The RoccaLoggingDataBlock to be saved to the database
run() - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem.CollectorThread
run() - Method in class fftManager.FileFFTTest
run() - Method in class ishmaelComms.Client
run() - Method in class PamUtils.Splash
run() - Method in class PamView.ScreenSize.GetBounds
run() - Method in class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
Launch this RoccaSpecPopUp in its own JFrame.
RUN - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
RUN-loclaise one time delay possibility.
run() - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
Begin the process of localisation but only localise one time delay possibility.
RUN_ALGORITHMS - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
Beginning to run the localisation algorithms.
RUN_ALL - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
Localise all time delay possibilities.
RUN_BATCH - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
Localise a section of or the entire datat set.
RUN_MIXEDMODE - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_NETWORKRECEIVER - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_NORMAL - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_NOTHING - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_PAMVIEW - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_REMOTE - Static variable in class PamController.PamController
RUN_REMOTE - Static variable in class PamController.PamSettingManager
running in remote mode, default normal
runAlgorithm() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.Hyperbolic
runAlgorithm() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMC
runAlgorithm() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.Simplex
runAlgorithm() - Method in interface Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.TimeDelayLocaliserModel
Runs the localisation algorithm an creates a results.
runAlgorithms(boolean) - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
Iterates through every selected algorithm and calls the runModel() function.
runAll() - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
Begin the process of localisation process for one or more time delay possibilities.
runAttTest() - Method in class rocca.AttTest
runBatch() - Method in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
Run an automatic localisation, i.e.
runChecks(boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.DatabaseChecks
runClassification(Matrix) - Method in class classifier.AbstractWekaClassifier
runClassification(double[]) - Method in class classifier.AbstractWekaClassifier
runClassification(double[][]) - Method in class classifier.AbstractWekaClassifier
runClassification(double[]) - Method in class classifier.Classifier
Run the classification on single parameter value.
runClassification(double[][]) - Method in class classifier.Classifier
Run classification on multiple parameter values.
runClassification(Matrix) - Method in class classifier.Classifier
runClassification(Matrix) - Method in class classifier.LinearClassifier
runClassification(Matrix) - Method in class classifier.MahalanobisClassifier
runClassification(long) - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
Run the classification model.
runClickTrainId - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
runEchoOnline - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
runFileAnalysis() - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
runFileAnalysis() - Method in class Acquisition.FolderInputSystem
runFilter(double, boolean) - Method in class clickDetector.TriggerFilter
Runs the filter ona single sample
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class fftFilter.FFTFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class fftFilter.FFTFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class fftFilter.FFTFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class Filters.AbstractFilter
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class Filters.AbstractFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.AbstractFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class Filters.FastIIRFilter
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class Filters.FastIIRFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.FastIIRFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in interface Filters.Filter
Runs the filter on an array of data
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in interface Filters.Filter
Runs the filter on an array of data
runFilter(double) - Method in interface Filters.Filter
Runs the filter on a single data value
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class Filters.FIRFilter
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class Filters.FIRFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.FIRFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class Filters.IirfFilter
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class Filters.IirfFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.IirfFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.MovingAverageFilter
runFilter(double[]) - Method in class Filters.NullFilter
runFilter(double[], double[]) - Method in class Filters.NullFilter
runFilter(double) - Method in class Filters.NullFilter
runModel(Integer) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.AbstractSLAlgorithm
Need to have this for the Mimplex localiser.
runModel() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.HyperboleLoc
runModel(Integer) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.HyperboleLoc
runModel() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
runModel(Integer) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
runModel() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Mimplex
Because this algorithm is independent there a few extra things that need to be taken care of in the runModel() function which are normally called in the Staticlocalise class.
runModel() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Simplex3DStatic
runModel(Integer) - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Simplex3DStatic
Run the localiser for a single time delay possibility defined by tdSel.
runModel() - Method in interface staticLocaliser.algorithms.SLAlgorithmModel
Run model.
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.LeastSquares
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.MarkovChain
Run the MCMC localisation algorithm for target motion analysis.
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex2D
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex3D
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in class targetMotionModule.algorithms.Simplex3DTD
runModel(TargetMotionInformation) - Method in interface targetMotionModule.algorithms.TargetMotionModel
runModel(T) - Method in class targetMotionOld.LeastSquares
runModel(T) - Method in class targetMotionOld.MarkovChain
runModel(T) - Method in class targetMotionOld.Simplex2D
runModel(T) - Method in class targetMotionOld.Simplex3D
runModel(T) - Method in interface targetMotionOld.TargetMotionModel
runModels(TargetMotionInformation, TargetMotionModel[]) - Method in class targetMotionModule.TargetMotionLocaliser
runModels(T, TargetMotionModel<T>[]) - Method in class targetMotionOld.TargetMotionLocaliser
runNoiseReduction(FFTDataUnit) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.averageSubtraction.AverageSubtraction
runNoiseReduction(FFTDataUnit) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.kernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothing
runNoiseReduction(FFTDataUnit) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.medianFilter.SpectrogramMedianFilter
runNoiseReduction(FFTDataUnit) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpecNoiseMethod
Run the noise reduction on the data in place.
runNoiseReduction(FFTDataUnit) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
runReclassify(Frame) - Method in class whistleClassifier.offline.ReclassifyWhistles
runTasks() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineTaskGroup
Run all the tasks.
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.CPUFFTTest
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.GraphicsDotTest
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.GraphicsDotTest2
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.GraphicsDotTestBuffered
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.PamguardInfo
runTest() - Method in interface performanceTests.PerformanceTest
Run the test
runTest() - Method in class performanceTests.SystemInfo
runThreadLoop() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.UDPControlThread
This is where it sits for ever - or until it's told to bomb out, e.g.
runTimingFunctions(long) - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
RWEBinaryDataSource - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEBinaryDataSource(RWEDataBlock) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEBinaryDataSource
RWEControl - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
Exact implementation of the 2003 Right Whale detector I developed when I was working for IFAW and is now implemented in the Cornell right whale buoys.
RWEControl(String) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEControl
RWEDataBlock - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEDataBlock(String, PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDataBlock
RWEDatagramProvider - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEDatagramProvider() - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDatagramProvider
RWEDataUnit - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEDataUnit(long, int, long, long, RWESound) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDataUnit
RWEDetectionPeak - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
Temporary holder of data about spectral peaks.
RWEDetectionPeak(int) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDetectionPeak
RWEDialog - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEOverlayGraphics - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEOverlayGraphics(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEOverlayGraphics
RWEParameters - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEParameters() - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEParameters
RWEProcess - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWEProcess(RWEControl) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEProcess
rweSound - Variable in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEDataUnit
RWESound - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWESound(long, RWEDetectionPeak, int) - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWESound
RWESQLLogging - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
RWStandardClassifier - Class in RightWhaleEdgeDetector
Standard classifier which does exactly the same as the old edge detector classifier.
RWStandardClassifier() - Constructor for class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWStandardClassifier