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backCol - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRMetaDataPanel
backgroundAlpha - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.DecayingAverageNormAlphas
backgroundConst - Variable in class RightWhaleEdgeDetector.RWEParameters
BackgroundDataUnit - Class in WorkshopDemo
BackgroundDataUnit(long, int, long, long, double) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.BackgroundDataUnit
backgroundNoise - Variable in class simulatedAcquisition.SimParameters
backgroundSeconds - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.GuardBand
The background seconds.
backgroundSeconds - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
The background seconds.
backgroundTimeConstant - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.NormalizerProcessTimeConstants
backgroundWidth - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.SplitWindowNormWidths
band1Energy - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
band1Freq - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
band2Energy - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
band2Freq - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
BAND_ENERGY - Static variable in class noiseMonitor.NoiseDisplaySettings
BandAnalyser - Class in noiseBandMonitor
Class to assess the performance of a bank of filters and decimators.
BandAnalyser(NoiseBandControl, double, NoiseBandSettings) - Constructor for class noiseBandMonitor.BandAnalyser
bandChanged() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseTabPanel
BandData - Class in noiseBandMonitor
Class to create a set of octave or third octave bands using base-two exact steps according to the standard ANSI S1.11-2004.
bandEnergyDifference - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
bandIndex() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.DetectionKey
bandIndex() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.thresholdDetector.TestConsumer.EventInfo
bandOption - Variable in class noiseMonitor.NoiseDisplaySettings
Band option - 0 = band energy, 1 = convert to spectrum level.
BandPerformance - Class in noiseBandMonitor
Contains data on the performance of a single filter band.
BandPerformance(int, double[], FilterMethod) - Constructor for class noiseBandMonitor.BandPerformance
BandType - Enum in noiseBandMonitor
bandType - Variable in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandSettings
BARTLETT - Static variable in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
bartlett(int) - Static method in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
BaseAccessSystem - Class in generalDatabase
BaseAccessSystem() - Constructor for class generalDatabase.BaseAccessSystem
BasePropertySet - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.controlpropsets
Property set for all
BasePropertySet(FormDescription, ControlTitle) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.controlpropsets.BasePropertySet
BasicClickIdentifier - Class in clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic
BasicClickIdentifier(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.BasicClickIdentifier
BasicClickIdParameters - Class in clickDetector
BasicClickIdParameters() - Constructor for class clickDetector.BasicClickIdParameters
BasicFragmentStore - Class in whistleClassifier
BasicFragmentStore(float) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.BasicFragmentStore
BasicIdentifierPanel - Class in clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic
BasicIdentifierPanel(BasicClickIdentifier, Frame, ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.BasicIdentifierPanel
BasicKeyItem - Class in PamView
BasicKeyItem() - Constructor for class PamView.BasicKeyItem
BasicKeyItem(Icon, String) - Constructor for class PamView.BasicKeyItem
BasicKeyItem(Component, String) - Constructor for class PamView.BasicKeyItem
BasicPDProvider - Class in whistleDetector
BasicPDProvider() - Constructor for class whistleDetector.BasicPDProvider
BasicPeakDetector - Class in whistleDetector
BasicPeakDetector(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector, FFTDataBlock, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.BasicPeakDetector
BasicResultFilter - Class in staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis
Filter for displaying results on the graph.
BasicResultFilterParams - Class in staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis
BasicResultFilterParams() - Constructor for class staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.BasicResultFilterParams
BATCH_LOCALISE - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.panels.StaticLocalisationMainPanel
BATCH_RUN_UPDATE - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocalise
batchConvertClickDatabase(Frame) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
BatchLocaliseOfflineTask - Class in staticLocaliser.offline
BatchLocaliseOfflineTask(StaticLocaliserControl) - Constructor for class staticLocaliser.offline.BatchLocaliseOfflineTask
BatchRainbowFileConversion - Class in clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport
BatchResultSet - Class in whistleClassifier.training
Container for batch processing results
BatchResultSet(int, int, double, Matrix, Matrix) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchResultSet
BatchTMLocalisation - Class in targetMotionModule.offline
BatchTMLocalisation(TargetMotionControl) - Constructor for class targetMotionModule.offline.BatchTMLocalisation
BatchTrainingDialog - Class in whistleClassifier.training
BatchTrainingDialog(Window, ClassifierTrainingDialog, FragmentClassifierParams) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingDialog
BatchTrainingMonitor - Interface in whistleClassifier.training
BatchTrainingParams - Class in whistleClassifier.training
BatchTrainingParams() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingParams
BatchTrainingProgress - Class in whistleClassifier.training
BatchTrainingProgress(int, boolean) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingProgress
BatchTrainingProgress(long) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingProgress
BatchTrainingProgress(String) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingProgress
BatchTrainingWorker - Class in whistleClassifier.training
BatchTrainingWorker(ClassifierTrainingDialog, BatchTrainingParams, BatchTrainingMonitor) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.training.BatchTrainingWorker
BATTERYID - Static variable in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
BAUD - Static variable in class portcomms.OpenCommPort
BeakedControl - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedControl(String) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedControl
BeakedDataBlock - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedDataBlock(String, BeakedProcess) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedDataBlock
BeakedDataUnit - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedDataUnit(long, BeakedLocationData) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedDataUnit
BeakedDialog - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedExperimentData - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedExperimentData(long) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedExperimentData
BeakedExperimentDataBlock - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedExperimentDataBlock(String, PamProcess) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedExperimentDataBlock
BeakedExperimentGraphics - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedExperimentGraphics(BeakedControl) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedExperimentGraphics
BeakedExperimentLogging - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedExperimentLogging(BeakedExperimentDataBlock) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedExperimentLogging
BeakedGraphics - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
Draws the beaked whale protocol graphics on the map
BeakedGraphics(BeakedControl) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedGraphics
BeakedLocationData - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BAsic ingormation on beaked whale location returned from BeakedLocationDialog
BeakedLocationData() - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationData
BeakedLocationDialog - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedLogging - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedLogging(BeakedControl, BeakedProcess) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLogging
BeakedParameters - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedParameters() - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedParameters
BeakedProcess - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedProcess(BeakedControl) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedProcess
BeakedSidePanel - Class in beakedWhaleProtocol
BeakedSidePanel(BeakedControl) - Constructor for class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedSidePanel
beakedWhaleDefaults() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierSet
beakedWhaleProtocol - package beakedWhaleProtocol
bearing - Variable in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationData
BEARING - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D.BTAxis3DParams
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrainLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class difar.DifarLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DLocalization
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.GroupDetectionLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class PamDetection.AbstractLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleLocalisation
bearingAmbiguity() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleBearingInfo
BEARINGinfo - Class in loggerForms.propertyInfos
BEARINGinfo(ControlDescription, int, BearingTypes, boolean) - Constructor for class loggerForms.propertyInfos.BEARINGinfo
bearingLocaliser - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickDetector.ChannelGroupDetector
BearingLocaliser - Interface in Localiser.bearingLocaliser
Class to estimate bearings, with errors from a closely spaced hydrophone array
BearingLocaliserSelector - Class in Localiser.bearingLocaliser
Class to automatically select / create the most appropriate type of bearing localiser.
BearingLocaliserSelector() - Constructor for class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.BearingLocaliserSelector
bearingMax - Variable in class PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D.BTAxis3DParams
BearingMean - Class in PamUtils
Calculate the mean of a load of angles in degrees.
BearingMean(double[]) - Constructor for class PamUtils.BearingMean
bearingMin - Variable in class PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D.BTAxis3DParams
BearingPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
BearingPanel(FormEditor, PropertyTypes) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.BearingPanel
bearingTo(LatLong) - Method in class PamUtils.LatLong
Get the bearing in degree to this latlong to another latlong.
bearingToReference() - Method in class landMarks.LandmarkData
BearingTypes - Enum in loggerForms
BEFORE_FIRST - Static variable in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
beforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
beforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
beforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
BELOW_RIGHT - Static variable in class Layout.PamAxis
BetterPDProvider - Class in whistleDetector
BetterPDProvider() - Constructor for class whistleDetector.BetterPDProvider
BetterPeakDetector - Class in whistleDetector
BetterPeakDetector(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector, FFTDataBlock, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.BetterPeakDetector
BINARY_FILE_NAME_LENGTH - Static variable in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineClickLogging
BinaryClickProcess - Class in clickDetector
BinaryClickProcess(ClickControl) - Constructor for class clickDetector.BinaryClickProcess
BinaryDataSource - Class in binaryFileStorage
Not just a source, but also a sink for binary data from the binary store.
BinaryDataSource(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryDataSource
Create a binary data source.
BinaryDataSource(PamDataBlock, boolean) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryDataSource
Create a binary data source.
BinaryFileMatcher - Class in PamguardMVC
Match data based on binary file information.
BinaryFileMatcher() - Constructor for class PamguardMVC.BinaryFileMatcher
binaryFileStorage - package binaryFileStorage
BinaryFooter - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryFooter(long, long, int, long) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryFooter
BinaryFooter() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryFooter
binaryFooter - Variable in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeaderAndFooter
BinaryHeader - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryHeader(String, String, String) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeader
BinaryHeader() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeader
binaryHeader - Variable in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeaderAndFooter
BinaryHeaderAndFooter - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryHeaderAndFooter() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeaderAndFooter
BinaryInputStream - Class in binaryFileStorage
Used to read data back from a binary data file and either send it off to the associated PamDataBlock or hand it back to the BinaryStore controller, e.g.
BinaryInputStream(BinaryStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryInputStream
BinaryMapMakeProgress - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryMapMakeProgress(int, String, int, int) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryMapMakeProgress
BinaryMapMakingDialog - Class in binaryFileStorage
Not really a dialog, but displayed by BinaryStore while its making maps of stored data during Viewer operation.
BinaryObjectData - Class in binaryFileStorage
Class to temporarily hold an objected data that has just been read from a binary file.
BinaryObjectData(int, byte[], int) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryObjectData
BinaryObjectData(int, long, int, byte[], int) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryObjectData
BinaryOfflineDataMap - Class in binaryFileStorage
A binary offline data map is a datamap for a single data stream (i.e.
BinaryOfflineDataMap(BinaryStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOfflineDataMap
BinaryOfflineDataMapPoint - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryOfflineDataMapPoint(BinaryStore, File, BinaryHeader, BinaryFooter, ModuleHeader, ModuleFooter, Datagram) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOfflineDataMapPoint
BinaryOfflineDataMapPoint() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOfflineDataMapPoint
BinaryOutputStream - Class in binaryFileStorage
Handles writing of an actual binary data file.
BinaryOutputStream(BinaryStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
BinarySettingsStorage - Class in binaryFileStorage
Manage storage and retrieval of PAMGUARD serialised settings storage in binary files.
BinarySettingsStorage(BinaryStore) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinarySettingsStorage
BinaryStorageDialog - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryStorageDialogPanel - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryStorageDialogPanel(Window) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStorageDialogPanel
BinaryStore - Class in binaryFileStorage
The binary store will work very much like the database in that it monitors the output of data streams and when data is added to them it writes it to the binary store.
BinaryStore(String) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
BinaryStoreProcess - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryStoreProcess(BinaryStore) - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStoreProcess
BinaryStoreSettings - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryStoreSettings() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStoreSettings
BinaryTypes - Class in binaryFileStorage
BinaryTypes() - Constructor for class binaryFileStorage.BinaryTypes
binsToHz(int) - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
Convert a number of frequency bins in the spectrgram matrix to a frequency in Hz.
binsToHz(double) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.AbstractWhistleDataBlock
binsToSeconds(int) - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
Convert a number of time bins in the spectrgram matris to a a time in seconds
binsToSeconds(double) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.AbstractWhistleDataBlock
BIP10VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP1PT25VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP1PT67VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP1VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP20VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP2PT5VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP2VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP4VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIP5VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
bipolarRanges - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT005VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT01VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT05VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT1VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT25VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT2VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT5VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
BIPPT625VOLTS - Static variable in class mcc.MccJniInterface
bitDepth - Variable in class Acquisition.FileInputParameters
BITDEPTHS - Static variable in class SoundRecorder.RecorderSettings
Allowable bit depths.
BITS_PER_SECOND_LIST - Static variable in class portcomms.OpenCommPort
bitsPerSecond - Variable in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialSettings
bitsPerSecondList - Variable in class NMEA.NMEAParametersDialog
black - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
BLACKMAN - Static variable in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
blackman(int) - Static method in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
BLACKMANHARRIS - Static variable in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
blackmanharris(int) - Static method in class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
BLOCK_COUNT - Static variable in class generalDatabase.CreateMapInfo
blockNum - Variable in class PamUtils.MapContourValues
BlockTimeStamp - Class in likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer
This is a convenience class which stores the critical non-static information about the data blocks being processed.
BlockTimeStamp(long, int, long, long, int) - Constructor for class likelihoodDetectionModule.normalizer.BlockTimeStamp
blue - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
boardNumber - Variable in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelParams
boardRange - Variable in class ArrayAccelerometer.ArrayAccelParams
bodePlot - Variable in class dbht.DbHtDialog
BooleanCtrlColPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels
BooleanCtrlColPanel(ControlTitle, UDColName) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.BooleanCtrlColPanel
BooleanPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
BooleanPanel(FormEditor, PropertyTypes, String) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.BooleanPanel
BOTH - Static variable in class PamView.VerticalLayout
The horizontal alignment constant that designates stretching the component horizontally.
BOTH_SIDES - Static variable in class Layout.PamAxis
BOTTOM - Static variable in class PamView.VerticalLayout
The anchoring constant that designates anchoring to the bottom of the display area
boundingRectangle - Variable in class userDisplay.UserFrameParameters
bounds - Variable in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
bounds - Variable in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
BranchedChirp - Class in simulatedAcquisition.sounds
BranchedChirp(double, double, double, double, double) - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.BranchedChirp
brighten(Color, int) - Static method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramHidingPanel
browseDatabases(Component) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBControl
browseDirectories() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickStorageOptionsDialog
browseFiles() - Method in class clickDetector.dialogs.ClickAlarmDialog
Allow the user to select a wav file
BScan - Class in difar
DIFAR Calculations, based on the Matlab bScanNew functions
BScan(DifarControl, double[][], int, int, float, double[], int, DifarParameters.DifarOutputTypes, DifarProcess.DifarDemuxWorker) - Constructor for class difar.BScan
BTAmplitudeSelector - Class in clickDetector
BTAmplitudeSelector(ClickControl, ClickBTDisplay) - Constructor for class clickDetector.BTAmplitudeSelector
BTAxis3DParams - Class in PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D
BTAxis3DParams() - Constructor for class PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D.BTAxis3DParams
BTDisplayParameters - Class in clickDetector
BTDisplayParameters() - Constructor for class clickDetector.BTDisplayParameters
BubbleSort - Class in PamUtils
Class to sort indexes, leaving original data intact.
BubbleSort() - Constructor for class PamUtils.BubbleSort
budgetPeriodHours - Variable in class clipgenerator.ClipGenSetting
Budget period in hours.
buildDatabaseUrl(String, int, String) - Method in class generalDatabase.MySQLSystem
BuoyCalibration - Class in difar
used to store and process information about each buoy.
BuoyCalibration(DifarControl, int) - Constructor for class difar.BuoyCalibration
BuoyCalibration(DifarControl, long, LatLong, int) - Constructor for class difar.BuoyCalibration
BuoyStatusDataBlock - Class in networkTransfer.receive
BuoyStatusDataBlock(PamProcess) - Constructor for class networkTransfer.receive.BuoyStatusDataBlock
BuoyStatusDataUnit - Class in networkTransfer.receive
Class for collecting data to do with individual buoys receiving data over the network.
BuoyStatusDataUnit(NetworkReceiver, int, int, int) - Constructor for class networkTransfer.receive.BuoyStatusDataUnit
BuoyStatusLogging - Class in networkTransfer.receive
BuoyStatusLogging(NetworkReceiver, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class networkTransfer.receive.BuoyStatusLogging
BURN_IN - Static variable in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.MarkovChainSL
Flag for locShape which identifies it as part of the burn in phase of the MCMC chain.
BusyLayeredPane - Class in PamView
BusyLayeredPane(JLayeredPane) - Constructor for class PamView.BusyLayeredPane
ButterworthMethod - Class in Filters
ButterworthMethod(double, FilterParams) - Constructor for class Filters.ButterworthMethod
BUTTON_AUTO - Static variable in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderView
BUTTON_OFF - Static variable in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderView
BUTTON_START - Static variable in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderView
BUTTON_START_BUFFERED - Static variable in interface SoundRecorder.RecorderView
ByteConverter - Class in wavFiles
Classes to convert between various wav and aif stream formats and double data scaled from -1 to +1 for PAMGUARD.
ByteConverter() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverter
ByteConverterAifInt16 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterAifInt16() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt16
ByteConverterAifInt24 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterAifInt24() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt24
ByteConverterAifInt32 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterAifInt32() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt32
ByteConverterAifInt8 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterAifInt8() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt8
ByteConverterFloat32 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterFloat32() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterFloat32
ByteConverterWavInt16 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterWavInt16() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt16
ByteConverterWavInt24 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterWavInt24() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt24
ByteConverterWavInt32 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterWavInt32() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt32
ByteConverterWavInt8 - Class in wavFiles
ByteConverterWavInt8() - Constructor for class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt8
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverter
Converts a byte array into a double array.
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt16
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt24
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt32
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterAifInt8
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterFloat32
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt16
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt24
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt32
bytesToDouble(byte[], double[][], int) - Method in class wavFiles.ByteConverterWavInt8
bytesToSamples(byte[], long, int, AudioFormat) - Static method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
Format one channel of the data in a byte array into a sample array.