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waitForThreadedObservers(long) - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamObservable
Go through all the threaded observers and wait for them to finish processing any data remaining in their lists.
WAITING - Static variable in class targetMotionModule.EventLocalisationProgress
WAITING - Static variable in class targetMotionOld.EventLocalisationProgress
waitingDataUnits(int) - Method in class Acquisition.rona.RonaGatherer
wantClick(ClickDetection, ClickIdInformation) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetector
Return true if the click should be processed and stored.
WavChunkData - Class in Acquisition
WavChunkData(int, long, byte[], byte[]) - Constructor for class Acquisition.WavChunkData
WaveClipFunctions - Class in PamDetection
Class to provide clip functions to a pam data unit.
WaveClipFunctions() - Constructor for class PamDetection.WaveClipFunctions
WaveCorrector - Class in clickDetector.waveCorrector
WaveDisplayDialog - Class in clickDetector.dialogs
waveFixedXScale - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
Stop auto scaling the x axis - fix it at the max click length.
waveformFilterParams - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
Parameters for waveform filter.
waveShowEnvelope - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
Show the envelope waveform
WAVFILE - Static variable in class Acquisition.AcquisitionCParameters
WavFile - Class in wavFiles
WavFile(String, String) - Constructor for class wavFiles.WavFile
Open a wav file for reading or writing.
WavFileDataMap - Class in Acquisition.offlineFuncs
WavFileDataMap(OfflineDataStore, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.WavFileDataMap
WavFileDataMapPoint - Class in Acquisition.offlineFuncs
WavFileDataMapPoint(File, long, long) - Constructor for class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.WavFileDataMapPoint
WavFileFFTTest - Class in fftManager
WavFileFFTTest() - Constructor for class fftManager.WavFileFFTTest
WavFileFuncs - Class in Acquisition
WavFileFuncs() - Constructor for class Acquisition.WavFileFuncs
WavFileInputStream - Class in Acquisition.pamAudio
Wav file input stream which will work for large wav files (>2 Gigabytes) which fail with the standard JAva classes since the data chunk size gets read as a signed integer which then ends up < 0.
wavFiles - package wavFiles
wavFolderNameAsSpecies - Variable in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassificationParameters
when analysing wav files to generate training data use the folder name for species.
WavHeadChunk - Class in wavFiles
Chunk information from a wav file header.
WavHeadChunk(String, byte[]) - Constructor for class wavFiles.WavHeadChunk
WavHeader - Class in Acquisition
WavHeader() - Constructor for class Acquisition.WavHeader
WavHeader - Class in wavFiles
WavHeader() - Constructor for class wavFiles.WavHeader
weAreUsingClick() - Method in class rocca.RoccaParameters
weAreUsingFFT() - Method in class rocca.RoccaParameters
weAreUsingWMD() - Method in class rocca.RoccaParameters
webAddress - Static variable in class PamController.PamguardVersionInfo
Pamguard web address
weightD2F - Variable in class whistleDetector.WhistleParameters
Wighting factor for D2F in final link decision
weightDA - Variable in class whistleDetector.WhistleParameters
Wighting factor for DA in final link decision
weightDF - Variable in class whistleDetector.WhistleParameters
Weighting factor for DF in final link decision
WekaClassifier - Class in classifier
WekaClassifier(AbstractClassifier, String) - Constructor for class classifier.WekaClassifier
WekaClassifierParams - Class in classifier
WekaClassifierParams() - Constructor for class classifier.WekaClassifierParams
WekaOptionsDialog - Class in classifier
WekaRandomForest - Class in classifier
WekaRandomForest() - Constructor for class classifier.WekaRandomForest
WekaRegressionTree - Class in classifier
WekaRegressionTree() - Constructor for class classifier.WekaRegressionTree
wheelMoved(MouseWheelEvent) - Method in class dataMap.DataStreamPanel
whichSelections - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
WHISTLE_MOAN_DETECTION - Static variable in class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleBinaryDataSource
WhistleBearingInfo - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleBearingInfo(PamDataUnit, BearingLocaliser, int, double[][]) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleBearingInfo
WhistleBinaryDataSource - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleBinaryDataSource(WhistleToneConnectProcess, PamDataBlock, String) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleBinaryDataSource
WhistleBinaryModuleHeader - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleBinaryModuleHeader(int) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleBinaryModuleHeader
WhistleClasificationDataBlock - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClasificationDataBlock(PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClasificationDataBlock
WhistleClassificationDataUnit - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClassificationDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassificationDataUnit
WhistleClassificationDialog - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClassificationParameters - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClassificationParameters() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassificationParameters
whistleClassifier - package whistleClassifier
whistleClassifier.offline - package whistleClassifier.offline
whistleClassifier.training - package whistleClassifier.training
WhistleClassifierControl - Class in whistleClassifier
Whistle Classifier control class.
WhistleClassifierControl(String) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierControl
WhistleClassifierLogging - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClassifierLogging(WhistleClassifierProcess, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierLogging
WhistleClassifierProcess - Class in whistleClassifier
Whistle Classifier process
WhistleClassifierProcess(WhistleClassifierControl) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
WhistleClassifierTabPanelControl - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleClassifierTabPanelControl(WhistleClassifierControl) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierTabPanelControl
WhistleContour - Interface in whistleClassifier
Interface to get the basic information out of a whistle object.
WhistleControl - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleControl(String) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleControl
WhistleDataBlock - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleDataBlock(Class, String, PamProcess, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleDataBlock
WhistleDelays - Class in whistleDetector
Class containing functions to calulate the delay between a detected whistle on one channel and the signal on an adjacent channel.
WhistleDelays() - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleDelays
WhistleDelays - Class in whistlesAndMoans
Class for estimating whistle delays from a whistle shape.
WhistleDelays(WhistleMoanControl, int) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleDelays
WhistleDetectionGrouper - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleDetectionGrouper(PamControlledUnit, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleDetectionGrouper
whistleDetector - package whistleDetector
WhistleDetector - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleDetector(WhistleControl) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleDetector
WhistleEventDetector - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleEventDetector(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleEventDetector
WhistleEventGraphics - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleEventGraphics(WhistleEventDetector) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleEventGraphics
WhistleEventLogger - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleEventLogger(WhistleEventDetector, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleEventLogger
WhistleFragment - Class in whistleClassifier
WhistleFragment(double[], double[]) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleFragment
Constructor to create a fragment using all of the data passed
WhistleFragment(double[], double[], int, int) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleFragment
Constructor to automatically extract the fragment from a longer segment.
WhistleFragment(WhistleContour, int, int) - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleFragment
Constructor to automatically extract a fragment from a longer contour.
WhistleFragmenter - Class in whistleClassifier
Break a whistle up into fragments.
WhistleFragmenter() - Constructor for class whistleClassifier.WhistleFragmenter
WhistleGraphics - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleGraphics(WhistleDetector) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleGraphics
WhistleGroupDetection - Class in whistleDetector
Whistle group detection is initially designed to take just one whistle from each of many hydrophone pairs.
WhistleGroupDetection(ShapeDataUnit) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleGroupDetection
WhistleLinker - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleLinker(WhistleControl, WhistleDetector, PeakDetector, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleLinker
WhistleLocalisation - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleLocalisation(ShapeDataUnit, int) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleLocalisation
WhistleLocalisationGraphics - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleLocalisationGraphics(PamDataBlock<WhistleGroupDetection>) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleLocalisationGraphics
WhistleLocaliser - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleLocaliser(WhistleControl) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleLocaliser
WhistleLocaliserControl - Class in staticLocaliser.panels
Under construction- control panel for whistles and moans.
WhistleLocaliserControl(StaticLocaliserControl) - Constructor for class staticLocaliser.panels.WhistleLocaliserControl
WhistleLogger - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleLogger(WhistleControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleLogger
WhistleMoanControl - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleMoanControl(String) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleMoanControl
WhistleParameters - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleParameters() - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleParameters
WhistleParametersDialog - Class in whistleDetector
WhistlePeak - Class in whistleDetector
WhistlePlotInfo - Class in whistlesAndMoans.plots
WhistlePlotInfo(TDDataProvider, WhistleMoanControl, TDGraph, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.plots.WhistlePlotInfo
WhistlePlotProvider - Class in whistlesAndMoans.plots
WhistlePlotProvider(WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.plots.WhistlePlotProvider
whistlesAndMoans - package whistlesAndMoans
whistlesAndMoans.alarm - package whistlesAndMoans.alarm
whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector - package whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector
whistlesAndMoans.plots - package whistlesAndMoans.plots
WhistleShape - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleSidePanel - Class in whistleDetector
WhistleSidePanel(WhistleControl) - Constructor for class whistleDetector.WhistleSidePanel
WhistleToneConnectProcess - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneConnectProcess(WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneConnectProcess
WhistleToneConnectProcess.ShapeConnector - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneDialog - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneGroupedDetection - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneGroupedDetection(ConnectedRegionDataUnit) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneGroupedDetection
WhistleToneLocalisationGraphics - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneLocalisationGraphics(PamDataBlock<WhistleToneGroupedDetection>) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneLocalisationGraphics
WhistleToneLogging - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneLogging(WhistleMoanControl, PamDataBlock, int) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneLogging
WhistleToneParameters - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WhistleToneParameters() - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WhistleToneParameters
white - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.PamShapes3D
widthEnergyFraction - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickTypeParams
WignerPlot - Class in clickDetector
WignerPlot(ClickControl, ClickDisplayManager, ClickDisplayManager.ClickDisplayInfo) - Constructor for class clickDetector.WignerPlot
WignerPlotdialog - Class in clickDetector
WignerPlotOptions - Class in clickDetector
WignerPlotOptions() - Constructor for class clickDetector.WignerPlotOptions
WignerTransform - Class in pamMaths
WignerTransform() - Constructor for class pamMaths.WignerTransform
wignerTransform(double[]) - Static method in class pamMaths.WignerTransform
Calculate Wigner transform of real data.
wignerTransform(Complex[]) - Static method in class pamMaths.WignerTransform
Calculate the Wigner transform from data that has already been Hilbert transformed.
WILDControl - Class in WILDInterface
WILDControl(String) - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDControl
WILDInterface - package WILDInterface
WILDParameters - Class in WILDInterface
WILDParameters() - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDParameters
WILDParametersDialog - Class in WILDInterface
WILDSerialInterface - Class in WILDInterface
WILDSerialInterface(String, int, CommPortIdentifier, WILDControl) - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDSerialInterface
WILDSidePanel - Class in WILDInterface
WILDSidePanel(WILDControl) - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel
Main constructor
WILDSidePanel.SidePanel - Class in WILDInterface
Inner class containing the panel components
WILDSidePanel.SidePanel() - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel.SidePanel
WILDSidePanel.SidePanel.GPSDataPanel - Class in WILDInterface
WILDSidePanel.SidePanel.GPSDataPanel() - Constructor for class WILDInterface.WILDSidePanel.SidePanel.GPSDataPanel
windowActivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
Implementation of WindowListener
windowActivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
Implementation of WindowListener
windowClosed(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowClosed(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
windowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowClosing(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
windowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowDeactivated(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
windowDeiconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowDeiconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
windowFunction - Variable in class fftManager.FFTParameters
WindowFunction - Class in Spectrogram
Window function for use with FFT.
WindowFunction() - Constructor for class Spectrogram.WindowFunction
windowIconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowIconified(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
windowName - Variable in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramParameters
windowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamGui
windowOpened(WindowEvent) - Method in class PamView.PamObjectList
WindowsBuffer - Class in clickDetector
WindowsBuffer(byte[]) - Constructor for class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
WindowsFile - Class in clickDetector
WindowsFile(String, String) - Constructor for class clickDetector.WindowsFile
WindowsFile(File, String) - Constructor for class clickDetector.WindowsFile
WMAlarmCounter - Class in whistlesAndMoans.alarm
WMAlarmCounter(AlarmControl, WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmCounter
WMAlarmCounterProvider - Class in whistlesAndMoans.alarm
WMAlarmCounterProvider(WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmCounterProvider
WMAlarmDialog - Class in whistlesAndMoans.alarm
WMAlarmParameters - Class in whistlesAndMoans.alarm
WMAlarmParameters() - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.alarm.WMAlarmParameters
WMDatagramProvider - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WMDatagramProvider(ConnectedRegionDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WMDatagramProvider
WMDDataSelectCreator - Class in whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector
WMDDataSelectCreator(WhistleMoanControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector.WMDDataSelectCreator
WMDDataSelector - Class in whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector
WMDDataSelector(WhistleMoanControl, PamDataBlock, String, boolean) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector.WMDDataSelector
WMDisplayDialog - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WMDSelectPanel - Class in whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector
WMDSelectPanel(WMDDataSelector) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.dataSelector.WMDSelectPanel
WMRecorderTrigger - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WMRecorderTriggerData - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WMRecorderTriggerData(WhistleMoanControl) - Constructor for class whistlesAndMoans.WMRecorderTriggerData
WMRecordTriggerdialog - Class in whistlesAndMoans
WorkshopController - Class in WorkshopDemo
Simple detector designed to demonstrate main Pamguard developer environment, using as many Pamguard features as possible, but in a really simple way.
WorkshopController(String) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopController
Must have a default constructor that takes a single String as an argument.
WorkshopDataUnit - Class in WorkshopDemo
WorkshopDataUnit(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopDataUnit
WorkshopDemo - package WorkshopDemo
WorkshopOverlayGraphics - Class in WorkshopDemo
Graphics examples showing how to draw the detector output on the map and on the spectrogram display.
WorkshopOverlayGraphics(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopOverlayGraphics
WorkshopParametersDialog - Class in WorkshopDemo
WorkshopPluginPanelProvider - Class in WorkshopDemo
Provide a graphics planel, or panels that can be added to the bottom of spectrogram displays.
WorkshopPluginPanelProvider(WorkshopController) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopPluginPanelProvider
WorkshopPluginPanelProvider.WorkshopPluginPanel - Class in WorkshopDemo
The class that actually does the display work.
WorkshopPluginPanelProvider.WorkshopPluginPanel(WorkshopPluginPanelProvider, DisplayPanelContainer) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopPluginPanelProvider.WorkshopPluginPanel
WorkshopProcess - Class in WorkshopDemo
WorkshopProcess(WorkshopController) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopProcess
WorkshopProcessParameters - Class in WorkshopDemo
for each module, it's best to keep all parameters controlling that module in a single class which must be serialisable so that the Pamguard settings manager can save it between runs.
WorkshopProcessParameters() - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopProcessParameters
WorkshopSQLLogging - Class in WorkshopDemo
WorkshopSQLLogging(WorkshopController, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class WorkshopDemo.WorkshopSQLLogging
WorldMapComponent - Class in worldWindMap
WorldMapComponent() - Constructor for class worldWindMap.WorldMapComponent
WorldMapProvider - Class in worldWindMap
WorldMapProvider() - Constructor for class worldWindMap.WorldMapProvider
worldWindMap - package worldWindMap
wrap360(double) - Static method in class videoRangePanel.vrmethods.VRLandMarkMethod
Make sure an angle falls between zero and 2pi(360 degrees)
wrapDisplay() - Method in interface Layout.DisplayPanelContainer
wrapDisplay() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
wrapDisplay - Variable in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramParameters
Wraps display if this is true (defalt)
write(float, int, double[][]) - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
Writes an array of double values to a WAV file.
write(AudioFormat, double[][]) - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
Writes an array of double values to a WAV file.
writeByte(int) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeByte(byte) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeByte(int) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
writeClick(ClickDetection) - Method in interface clickDetector.ClickFileStorage
writeClick(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
writeClickHeader(ClickDetection) - Method in interface clickDetector.ClickFileStorage
writeClickHeader(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
writeClickStructure(int, ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
writeClickStructures(ClickParameters) - Method in interface clickDetector.ClickFileStorage
writeClickStructures(ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
writeClickTemptoFile(ClickTemplate, ArrayList<ArrayList<Double>>, String) - Static method in class clickDetector.ClickTemplate
Writes a .csv with mean fft and standard deviation of each fft bin.
writeClickTemptoFile(ClickTemplate, String) - Static method in class clickDetector.ClickTemplate
writeCount(int, int) - Method in class generalDatabase.DBSidePanel
writeData(TrainingDataSet) - Method in class whistleClassifier.FileTrainingStore
writeData(TrainingDataSet) - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.FileTrainingStore
writeData(TrainingDataSet) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.training.TrainingDataStore
Write data to the opened store
writeData(TrainingDataSet) - Method in interface whistleClassifier.TrainingDataStore
Write data to the opened store
writeDatagram(Datagram) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Write a Datagram to an output stream
writeDatagram(DataOutputStream) - Method in class dataGram.Datagram
Write the datagram to an output stream.
writeFileFooter(BinaryFooter) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Write a file footer to the binary output stream.
writeFooter(DataOutputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryFooter
writeFooter(long, long, int) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeHeader(DataOutputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryHeader
Write the header to the output stream
writeHeader(long, long) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeModuleFooter() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeModuleFooter(ModuleFooter) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Write a module footer to the output stream.
writeModuleFooter(byte[]) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Write module footer data to the output stream.
writeModuleFooter(DataOutputStream, byte[]) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
Write module footer data to a specific output stream.
writeModuleFooter(DataOutputStream) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.ModuleFooter
Writes the module header to a DataOutputStream
writeModuleHeader() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeModuleHeader(byte[]) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeModuleHeader(DataOutputStream, byte[]) - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryOutputStream
writeSCSettings(ClickParameters) - Method in class clickDetector.RainbowFile
writeSingleChannel(AudioFormat, double[]) - Method in class wavFiles.WavFile
Writes an array of double values to a WAV file.
writeString(String) - Method in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialInterface
Write a string to the serial port.
writeTableDefRecord() - Method in class loggerForms.ItemInformation
Move data from the item back into the appropriate columns of the udf table ready for writing to the database.
writeTDResultstoFile(ArrayList<ArrayList<Double>>, String, boolean) - Static method in class staticLocaliser.TimeDelaysCSVLogging
writeToPort(String) - Method in class serialComms.SerialPortCom
writeToPort(byte[]) - Method in class smlPingerControl.PingerSerialPort
writeTrainingStoreData() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
writeUDFTable(ArrayList<ItemInformation>) - Method in class loggerForms.FormDescription
Write a totally new set of form data from the from design dialog back down into the UDF table.
writeWinDouble(double) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeWinDouble(double) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
writeWinDouble(double) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
WriteWinFile - Interface in clickDetector
writeWinFloat(float) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeWinFloat(float) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
writeWinFloat(float) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
writeWinInt(int) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeWinInt(int) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
writeWinInt(int) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
writeWinLong(long) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeWinLong(long) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
writeWinLong(long) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
writeWinShort(int) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsBuffer
writeWinShort(int) - Method in class clickDetector.WindowsFile
writeWinShort(int) - Method in interface clickDetector.WriteWinFile
WRONG_FORMAT - Static variable in class IMU.IMUImportMananger
The file is in the wrong format.
WRONG_FORMAT - Static variable in class PamView.importData.ImportDataSystem
The file is in the wrong format.