Beaked Whale

This configuration file provides an example of how to detect beaked whale clicks. It was created to detect beaked whales on the AUTEC range sensed using wideband sonobuoys. It produced over 90% detection rate with only a few false alarms on this data, but may need to be tweaked for other situations. The example requires at least 35 kHz data (70 kHz sample rate) to run. The minimum time between detections was set to 0.25 seconds as the inter-click interval was ~0.3 seconds. The signal and guard band frequencies are a bit different than is normally expected for this species (Blainville's Beak Whale) and may need to be adjusted for other cases. Note that the noise window is longer than recommended by the 'rules of thumb' in the help. This is to provide better averaging, but will allow medium duration signals to be detected. It was tested with windows as short as 2.5 ms and still performed 'OK'. More testing is required to decide on the most robust setting.