Beta Release 2.00.14c 32 and 64 bit October 2018


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 338. Problem displaying coastlines and bathymetric contours around the dateline (+/- 180 longitude) in the map.
  2. Bug 397. Clip Generator not able to find raw data when clips were taken from many channels.
  3. Bugs 398 and 399. Click Detector, FFT Engine and Filter modules were losing source during startup, if the source selected was not the first raw data source in the list.
  4. Bug 400. Spectrogram display running out of memory.


  1. Added decimal degrees option to latitude/longitude dialog.
  2. Added option in the Click Delay parameters to restrict the number of initial samples used in the calculation. This can be useful for cleaning up delays in the presence of echoes and small time delays.
  3. Increased upsampling to 2, 3 or 4 times.
  4. Can now change units and scale type in level meter display.