Beta Release 2.00.15 32 and 64 bit January 2019


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 401. AIS graphics in Viewer crashing.
  2. Bug 402. Fixed problem with data from old access database not importing correctly
  3. Bug 403. Seismic Veto throwing ClassCastException when downstream of a Signal Amplifier and the multithreading options are changed. Fixed.
  4. Bug 406. Pamguard resetting UID values in binary files.
  5. Bug 408. Map Key icon not updated when colouring by channel. Fixed.
  6. Bug 409. Fixed Click Detector not showing the correct input source in the dialog
  7. Bug 410. Bug in Difar module, manually editing sonobuoy compass corrections.
  8. Bug 411. Incorrect matching of GPS data sources for calibration in Difar module.
  9. Bug 412. Fixed problem with ship always centering on map.


  1. Improvement to Range Rings in Map display.
  2. Improvement in click train detector speed.
  3. Added table of compass calibration to the Sonobuoy Manager, and option to use magnetic variation as initial calibration.
  4. Matched template classifier extended to handle multiple templates.
  5. New methods for handling and logging time offsets from the PC clock based either on GPS NMEA data or on pings of an NTP time server.
  6. Improvements to Difar module graphics - easier reading, better visibility at night.
  7. Added print screen button to capture/save all PAMGuard screens to file and log the information to the database.
  8. Updates to the Ishmael module.
  9. Added option to the WarnOnce dialog to hide a warning for the current PAMGuard session, but not forever.