Core 1.15.16 and Beta 2.00.16 32 and 64 bit May 2019


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 391. Click Detector not registering change in multi-threading option. (Core)
  2. Bug 392. Click Detector throwing exception if multi-threading is turned off and the Basic Sweep Classifier is testing the amplitude range. (Core)
  3. Bug 393. Rocca module not calculating energy, duty cycle, and windowRMS values when manually picking contour points. (Core)
  4. Bug 403. Seismic Veto throwing ClassCastException when downstream of a Signal Amplifier and the multithreading options are changed. Fixed. (Core)
  5. Bug 413. Binary file crashing during load, after a system failure. Failure could cause the file to become corrupt, which caused a crash during subsequent load (Beta)
  6. Bug 414. Whistle Classifier module may not classify properly when analyzing multiple audio files. (Beta)
  7. Bug 415. Click Detector could throw an Out Of Memory error when processing a large dataset. (Beta)
  8. Bug 416. Bearing Localiser was not using the FFT information from it's Source, as it should have been. (Beta)
  9. Bug 418. Rocca module was not classifying clicks properly when in Viewer mode. (Both)
  10. Bug 419. Radar display not showing correct symbol in key. (Beta)
  11. Bug 420. The Click Classifier set was not getting updated properly in Viewer mode. (Beta)
  12. Bug 421. Alarm module resetting the simple count too quickly (Both)
  13. Bug 422. Soundtrap import causing memory problems with large datasets. (Beta)
  14. Bug 423. TD display FX scrolls extremely slowed when super detections were present. (Beta)
  15. Bug 424. Pamguard would occasionally freeze when processing offline files. (Both)
  16. Bug 425. Rocca crashing if Click Detector is used as source but the Click Classifier is not configured properly. (Both)
  17. Bug 426. Clip Generator could cause memory issues when a large number of files were being analyzed. (Beta)


  1. Upgrades to the Group Localiser, including better error estimation. (Beta)
  2. Click Train Detector upgrades, including ability to import time chunks from csv file for batch processing. (Beta)
  3. Better display of microseconds in dialogs. (Both)
  4. Added adaptive noise filter to Ishmael Detectors. (Beta)
  5. Many upgrades to the Sound Playback module, including a high-pass filter, gain control, and the ability to mix wavefrom and envelope data together to listen to high-frequency clicks and dolphin whistles at the same time. (Beta)
  6. New Analog Array Sensors module, to read data from 3-axis accelerometers. (Beta)
  7. Send Email option added to Alarm module. (Beta)
  8. Added ability to scale the PAMGuard display (go to Help > Set Display Scaling Factor to adjust the scale). This, in conjunction with the built-in Windows Display Scaling feature, will hopefully help with issues sometimes found when using 4k/UHD/high-DPI displays. At the moment this does not fix the JavaFX components, but we're working on that. (Both)