Release Version 2.01.04 (Java 13.0.1, 64bit)


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug   451. Small time offset was being applied when post-processing wav files.
  2. Bug   453. Adding a new spectrogram display causes PAMGuard to throw exception
  3. Bug   455. Cepstrum creating data units using channels it should not be using
  4. Bug   456. Under certain conditions, the Ishmael detection plugin that is shown at the bottom of the spectrogram can disappear about 500 msec behind the current time.
  5. Bug   457. PAMGuard throws exception in Viewer mode when trying to load a data unit that has more than 1 annotation
  6. Bug   458. Contour lines on map disappear when user zooms in
  7. Bug   459. Rocca does not save wav clip properly when WMD is source
  8. Bug   460. Click Detector BT Display vertical axis shows all zeroes when zooming out
  9. Bug   461. Fix pam symbol drawing - bit of a mix up between width and right edge
  10. Bug   462. Fix time offset bug in Decimator. Was putting data times a chunk out of synch.
  11. Bug   463. Changed start sample in the data unit to be actual start sample and not the end sample.
  12. Bug   464. Click Train Detector multiplying instead of dividing for long tracks.
  13. Bug   465. Matched click classifier peak search was not working.
  14. Bug   466. Bug in IIR filter which was not correctly handling odd numbered band pass or band stop filters.
  15. Bug   467. Fix bug in triggered recordings that was messing up the amount of time.
  16. Bug   468. User Display tab does not disappear when the module is removed.
  17. Bug   469. Mark Observers may not work properly in TD Displays
  18. Bug   470. Datagram not displaying colours properly, hanging while scrolling.
  19. Bug   471. Beamformer, LTSA and Cepstrum data not displaying data properly in Spectrogram.
  20. Bug   472. Viewer mode crashing when generating a Datagram from very large binary files.
  21. Bug   473. ReportGenerator throwing exception when trying to generate report.


  1. Add functionality for bluetooth headsets.
  2. Add user-facing option to adjust the startup delay for the time-correction (Global Time module). This provides a workaround to speed up analysis of thousands of wav files (i.e. by setting startup delay to 0 instead of default value of 2000 ms).
  3. Add support for RS Aqua time format.
  4. Add 15 minute data load option to viewer mode.
  5. Add 3D map for target motion module.
  6. Add option to alarm module to attach screenshots of all frames to email alerts.
  7. Add Beamformer and Bearing Localiser modules
  8. Added Global Medium Manager, to switch between air and water mediums
  9. Added global hotkeys to Logger module.
  10. Added channel display to noise one band measurement display.
  11. Added Azigram module, to work in conjunction with Difar.
  12. Added beaked whale to sim sounds
  13. Added ctrl-p hotkey to print-screen button.
  14. Update simulated daq so that it generates new random noise correctly on each call rather then recycling old data. Makes the output more spectrally flat.
  15. Changes to FX Display to make it more intuitive - menu options, button placement, etc.