New Release Version 2.01.05 (Java 13.0.1, 64bit)


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug   474. Click Detector Classifier fails when trying to use amplitude range for classification.
  2. Bug   476. Array Manager dialog throws exception if there is only 1 hydrophone.
  3. Bug   478. Ishmael Detector auto-scaling graphics does not work well.
  4. Bug   479. Increase number of characters in fixed landmark module from 50 to 256.
  5. Bug   481. Depending on Windows Security settings, PAMGuard may not be able to access dll library (such as NMEA).
  6. Bug   482. Concurrency problem when hydrophone interpolation method is not set to "Use Latest Value".
  7. Bug   483. Radar display loses it's params when new modules are added.
  8. Bug   484. Datagram Display error.
  9. Bug   485. 3D Group Localiser limited by millisecond times when dealing with closely-spaced hydrophones.
  10. Bug   486. UDF tables not getting copied over to new database properly.
  11. Bug   487. Database module not working with newer version of MySQL
  12. Bug   488. Incorrect 0-peak and peak-peak calculations in Filtered Noise Measurement module.


  1. Speed up adding subdetections to superdetections.
  2. Added new system of scrolling to data in Spectrogram, using CTRL+arrow keys to move to previous/next displayed data unit.
  3. Implemented new Effort Monitoring System to track on/off-effort information
  4. Added ability to receive NMEA over UDP multicast in addition to UDP broadcast
  5. Added logger form annotation to Spectrogram Annotation module.
  6. Better auto-scaling in Ishmael Detector graphics window.
  7. Change to Windows temporary folder location, to get around Windows Security settings that were preventing some modules from working properly.