Matlab Code

MATLAB code for opening PAMGuard binary files is now on the sourceforge repository.

The code is available from clicking the filename link will download the MATLAB code folder which can easily be uncompressed with 7zip

Best Method for keeping up-to-date using SVN

Preferably you can synchronise with this location as an SVN repository and receive the latest updates to our code and contribute your own. We use TortoiseSVN but you may be able to use an SVN client for MATLAB directly.

To use TortoiseSVN install as per instructions on TortoiseSVN website.

  • Right-click an empty folder space and you will now notice some TortoiseSVN context menu options.
  • Select SVN Checkout...
  • Fill in the options something like the picture below if Workspaces was the folder I had clicked within, then click OK

Tortoise SVN checkout settings

Now at any time you can right-click the folder "MatlabCode" on your computer and select SVN Update to get any updates we have issued


R Code

Thanks so much to our friends at NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center in San Diego , there is also an R package for opening PAMGuard binary files.  You can find the files on the GitHub page,

It will be available on CRAN soon, but for now the best way to download and stay up-to-date with this is by following the installation instructions on the GitHub page. The R functions are written to work just like the MATLAB code, and there is a short tutorial on the GitHub page.