Version 1.15.10 March 2017


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 308. Map Overlay Control. Storage of data saying what get's plotted on each map and for how long became corrupted and the list grew to a ridiculous size. Code has been put in place to a) stop it happening again and b) to repair any configuration files which are corrupted. Corrupted files will be slow to load, slow to save and will be > several megabytes in size. It may be necessary to delete the PamguardSettings table in any databases since these too may have become oversized which will slow down viewer mode PAMGuard start-up.
  2. Bug 309. Rocca would crash when the user would press the classify button after the contour was recalculated. This has been corrected.
  3. Bug 310. When exiting Viewer mode, PAMGuard queries the user whether they are sure they want to exit without saving even though they selected Save and Exit. Corrected, and added an Exit without Save option.
  4. Bug 311. When double-clicking on a psf file to start PAMGuard, the working directory is set as the location of the psf and not as the installation folder. The library subfolder (lib or lib64) uses a relative path from the working folder, and therefore is set incorrectly. This has been fixed.
  5. Bug 314. If PAMGuard is started by double-clicking on a psf, nothing happens when the user selects save as new configuration. This has been fixed.
  6. Bug 315. code searched for file in working folder, which is the installation folder when starting PAMGuard using a shortcut link. But when double-clicking on a psf, the working folder is the location of the psf. This has been fixed.
  7. Bug 316. Another error reading metadata for Dtag and SoundTrap files has occurred due to a format change in dTag metadata. This has been fixed.