Release 1.15.15 July 2018


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 381. Logger form loses controls when the order is changed.
  2. Bug 382. Click species check boxes get cleared in toolbar when the Click Classification dialog is closed
  3. Bug 383. Spectrogram max frequency resetting to incorrect value the first time the spectrogram dialog is opened.
  4. Bug 384. Map options dialog loses Whistle & Moan Detector information.
  5. Bug 385. Bug in offline toolbar which will crash if the classifier dialog is opened and then closed with no classifiers specified.
  6. Bug 386. Click Detector Sweep Classifier sometimes keeping changed settings even when user tries to cancel or discard changes
  7. Bug 387. Map was stopping displaying data based on the start time of data units. Have changed this to last updated time so that click events will display if they have been recently modified. Otherwise, long events get lost from the display.


  1. Added zoom in/out to Raw Data plugin display in spectrogram.
  2. Added ability to read differential GPS data.
  3. Added check for duplicate settings in the psf file when exiting Pamguard. If duplicate settings are found, user is given the option to leave them in the psf or get rid of them. Duplicate settings are ignored by Pamguard, but can cause the psf file to grow large over time.