Version 2.02.06 , November 2022


Bug Fixes

Two memory leaks:

A memory leak has been found which seems to mostly occur in Viewer mode. Some data on background noise measurements are not being cleared from memory, so memory will eventually run out. This could happen after browsing a lot of data, but was most likely when reprocessing files offline, for example running click classifiers. This is now fixed.

Also fixed a memory leak in the ROCCA whistle classification module.

New Features

SoundTrap SUD file reading. If you’re using SoundTrap autonomous recorders from Ocean Instruments, you no longer need to decompress the SoundTrap files prior to processing. This will save time and a lot of disk space. Extraction of clicks from the inbuilt SoundTrap Click detector can also happen while processing SUD file data with other detectors, thereby streamlining the whole processing chain. Read the online Help for details.