Version 2.02.07, January 2023


Bug Fixes

Use of localization sensor and orientation data for static hydrophones had a bug whereby it would continually ‘forget’ angle offsets applied to static hydrophones in viewer mode. This is now fixed.

Click tool bar: Correctly shows event selection options even if no species classification options are in place.

Fixed Landmarks: Earlier versions were ‘losing’ these every time PAMGuard started or new data were loaded in viewer mode. Now fixed.

ROCCA: Fixed (another) memory leak which caused PAMGuard to crash when processing large data sets with the ROCCA classifier.

Ishmael Modules: Fixed bug which occasionally caused crashes when processing many files offline.

PAMDog: Fixed bug in watchdog program which was trying to start PAMGuard before modules were fully loaded. The watchdog now correctly waits until modules are loaded before attempting to start PAMGuard processing.

New Features

New sound type for simulated sounds which generates random chirps between around 200 and 800Hz, roughly the frequency you’d expect sound from higher frequency baleen whales, such as humpbacks, to vocalise at.   

Hiding tool tips. A menu item to permanently turn off all tool tips, or tap the ‘Esc’ key to turn them off for 6 seconds if they are getting in the way, particularly when trying to interact with displays using the mouse.