Version 2.02.08, May 2008


Latest Version 2.02.08 May 2023

Bug Fixes

ROCCA Memory Leak: A memory leak in ROCCA, which mostly occurred when processing large datasets of many offline files, has been fixed.

Data Map: “Scroll To Data” pop-up menu, which didn’t always scroll to the correct place, is now fixed.

Bearing Localiser offline: If reprocessing bearings, the localizer was not correctly loading required raw or FFT data to input to the cross correlation algorithm. This is now fixed so that you can reprocess bearings in viewer mode.

Map files: Added additional exception handlers to handle corrupt map files.

New Features

Restart Options: When you restart processing of offline files, if output data already exist (binary data of within database tables) you will be asked if you want to overwrite the data, cancel, or try to continue from where to left off.

Updated SoundTrap sud file interface so that PAMGuard now extracts and stores the Click Detector settings from the sud files and stores them within the PAMGuard configuration. This does not affect processing, but is important for record keeping.

GPS options to use any valid RMC or GGA string. Not all GPS receivers output their RMC data as GPRMC – e.g. some may output as GNRMC. A new option allows the GPS module to use any string, whatever the first two characters of the string name may be.