PAMGUARD Source Code

All PAMGUARD source code is available on Github at For instructions on setting up the Eclipse IDE with the GitHub repository, click here

Code were migrated from sourceforge on 7 January 2022. The Github version is based on the latest working branch from sourceforge rev r6278.

The commit history from SVN has not been migrated, so if you need to see version history you'll need to visit the sourceforge site as detailed below

PAMGUARD is open source software licensed under the GNU General Public License from the Free Software Foundation

As open source software, anyone is free to view and modify PAMGUARD in any way they like. However, if you pass copies of the software (modified or unmodified) on to third parties, you must do so under the terms of the license.

Use of Eclipse

Many PAMGUARD developers use the Eclipse IDE for code development. Click here for instructions on how to configure Eclipse and connect to the PAMGUARD SVN server.

If you require access to the old CVS repository, it is still available on the sourceforge site.


Information on the PAMGUARD API and on how to make PAMGUARD plug-ins is available on this web site.

You should also sign up to the pamguard-developer mail list.

The PAMGUARD guardians have limited time to spend assisting developers if the development project is in line with the interests of our current sponsors. For assistance email