PAMGUARD Developer Tutorial

Developing PAMGUARD Modules

A developer tutorial was developed for the 2007 PAMGUARD workshop. The tutorial uses a simple detector, the Workshop Demo Detector to demonstrate the features of the PAMGUARD API and the data flow between PAMGUARD modules.

Download the Pamguard Developer Training Notes

Working through the training notes while examining the code in the Workshop Demo Detector will help you to understand how to develop your own PAMGUARD detection modules.

The Workshop Demo Detector is included in the PAMGUARD Beta release.

Modifying Core Features

Developers are of course welcome to modify and add to the core features of PAMGUARD.

Of course we hope that you will do so in a way which is compatible with existing features and your changes will only be merged into the rest of PAMGUARD once we are sure they do not affect the operation of existing features.