Our vision for
the PAMGUARD initiative

To address the fundamental limitations of existing cetacean passive acoustic monitoring (PAM) software capabilities by creating an integrated PAM software infrastructure that is open source and available to all PAM users for the benefit of the marine environment. The PAMGUARD project was set up to provide the world standard software infrastructure for acoustic detection, localisation and classification for mitigation against harm to marine mammals.

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Develop with the Pamguard API

Developers are welcome to modify and add to the core features of PAMGUARD.

Of course we hope that you will do so in a way which is compatible with existing features.

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Current Activity

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  1. Beta Release 1.13.00

    Just in time for Christmas, the PAMGuard team are happy to announce the release of PAMGuard Beta version 1.13.00.
    The new v…

  2. Continued PAMGuard funding from IOGP

    The International Association of Oil and Gas Producers (IOGP) has awarded a contract to SMRU Marine, at the University of St …

  3. Java 8 Update

    Java 8 now seems to be the automatic  update preference. This will cause MS Access not to work. We suggest not updating. If y…