Upcoming Features

We are constantly planning new features for PAMGuard. New features may be entirely new modules or may be enhancements to existing modules. Most new ideas come out of conversations with PAMGuard users. If you have an idea for a new feature you’d like to see in PAMGuard, please get in touch by emailing support@pamguard.org.

We are only able to work on new features that have been funded. This includes quite a lot of work we do in support of our own research at St Andrews University or at SMRU Ltd as well as the Voluntary Contribution system.

This list of features should not be considered as a full list of all work going on within PAMGuard. We do occasionally develop something in confidence for a client – although everything we do will eventually end up in the open source code and new releases. There may also be other developers doing things we know nothing about.

Some of the features outlined below are really just request – no work has started. Others are near completion.

Open = No work started, but we welcome further input (or offers to fund, or even implement this feature).
Pending = Work has started, although the feature is not yet ready for release.
Complete = The feature is complete and has been released in the latest version.

Please get in touch if you want to discuss the timeline for the implementation of a specific feature.