Bug fixing is a high priority for the PAMGuard team. Below are just some of the bugs we are currently working to fix, or bugs which have recently been fixed. Further details of all currently known bugs can be found on the sourceforge website.

Open = No work started, but we welcome further input (or offers to fund, or even fix this bug yourself).
Pending = Work has started, although the feature is not yet ready for release.
Complete = The feature is complete and has been released in the latest version.

Of course we can only fix bugs if we know about them. If you are aware of a bug which is not listed below, please see here for what to do next. Please get in touch if you want to discuss the timeline for the fixing of a particular bug.

Most bug fixes will be included in the next PAMGuard release. We will however endeavour to make important bug fixes available to users as quickly as possible.

  • High DPI displays and Warning Messages cause repaint

    On higfh DPI screens the info and warning messages at the top right of PAMGuard havea larger font size than the space between the menu bar and the t…
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  • Clip generator dialog not updating.

    The dialog in the clip generator does not update when the module is added, nor does it update when other modules are added. To get the list of possibl…
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  • Backwards Compatiity of psf files

    New features in PAMGuard Beta (UID branch) mean that psf files created with new versions are not compatible wth earlier versions and all configuration…
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  • NI Cards on 64 bit

    PAMGuard is failing to read configuration data from National Instruments in 64 bit versions of PAMGuard. This only applies ot the first card in the li…
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  • GPS Logging Error

    GPS Data stop writing to database with an SQL Exception and can't restart until PAMGuard restarts. Am not sure why it fails, bu thave added code to re…
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  • Incorrect key colours in Noise Band Monitor and Noise Monitor modules

    The colours shown in the keys and the colours used for the frequency bands may not match. Tested on version 1.15.10.…
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  • Seismic Veto

    The seismic Veto is only taking out part of the large pulse in the waveform. It seems to be sensibly dealing with the spectogram data, but the informa…
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  • Missing libraries in 64 bit version

    Some users of the 64 bit version are getting error messages stating that dependent libraries cannot be found, e.g. ... jninidaqmx.dll: Can't find depe…
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  • Batch localise freezes in Java8

    When using Java 8 the batch process in the static localiser does not work. It appears to not start, perhaps an issue saving to SQLite? …
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  • Poor playback sound quality in real time when acquiring HF data

    Sound playback jittery and intermittent when acquiring on an HF device (e.g. NI card), decimating and playing back at a lower sample rate through a so…
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  • Display time of Whistles on Radar

    From user: I’ve a bug I think – bearings on the radar display to WMD connected regions stop being displayed. They are fine for the first about 12…
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  • Multiple sound file analysis won't stop

    Processing multiple sound files. When stopis pressed, it immediately starts on the next file. …
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  • Spectrogram Frequency Range

    The spectrogram is defaulting the frequency range settings each time you go back into the settings window, I think was fixed in the past but has regre…
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