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iBoard - Variable in class depthReadout.MccDepthParameters
iChan - Variable in class depthReadout.MccDepthParameters.MccSensorParameters
ICI - Static variable in class PamGraph3D.graphDisplay3D.BTAxis3DParams
iciRange - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
iciUpdateRatio - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
ICON_HORIZONTAL_CENTRE - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_HORIZONTAL_FILL - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_HORIZONTAL_LEFT - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_HORIZONTAL_RIGHT - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_STYLE_LINE - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_STYLE_SYMBOL - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_VERTICAL_BOTTOM - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_VERTICAL_FILL - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_VERTICAL_MIDDLE - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
ICON_VERTICAL_TOP - Static variable in class PamView.PamSymbol
IconPanel - Class in PamView
IconPanel(Icon) - Constructor for class PamView.IconPanel
IconPanel(int, int) - Constructor for class PamView.IconPanel
ID_SENSOR - Static variable in class d3.TLogLine
ID_WAV - Static variable in class d3.TLogLine
identifier - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.GuardBand
The identifier of this guard band.
identifier - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
The signal band identifier.
identify(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basic.BasicClickIdentifier
Identifies a click.
identify(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifier
identify(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.basicSweep.SweepClassifierWorker
identify(ClickDetection) - Method in interface clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.ClickIdentifier
identify(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickClassifiers.NullClassifier
IDI_Display - Class in clickDetector
Creates a click ICI histogram display add-in
IDI_Display(ClickControl, ClickDisplayManager, ClickDisplayManager.ClickDisplayInfo) - Constructor for class clickDetector.IDI_Display
Main constructor
IDI_DisplayDialog - Class in clickDetector
IDI_DisplayParams - Class in clickDetector
Parameters for the IDI Display
IDI_DisplayParams() - Constructor for class clickDetector.IDI_DisplayParams
IDLE - Static variable in class SoundRecorder.RecorderControl
IDLE - Static variable in class whistleClassifier.training.ClassifierTrainingProgress
ifft(Complex[], int) - Method in class fftManager.FastFFT
Inverse FFT for Complex data.
IGNORE_PERCENTAGE - Static variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCParams
ignoreClosest - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
Ignore the closest segment (ie.
IirfFilter - Class in Filters
IirfFilter(int, double, FilterParams) - Constructor for class Filters.IirfFilter
IIRFilterMethod - Class in Filters
IIRFilterMethod(double, FilterParams) - Constructor for class Filters.IIRFilterMethod
iirOrder - Variable in class noiseBandMonitor.NoiseBandSettings
imag - Variable in class fftManager.Complex
image2LL(Coordinate3d) - Method in class Map.MapRectProjector
IMAGE_CHANGE - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
The image has changed
IMAGE_CROP - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
IMAGE_SCALE_CHANGE - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
The scale of the image has been changed.
IMAGE_SCROLL - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
IMAGE_SHRINK - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
IMAGE_SHRINKORSTRETCH - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
IMAGE_STRETCH - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
IMAGE_TAB - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRParametersDialog
IMAGE_TIME_CHANGE - Static variable in class videoRangePanel.VRControl
The time of the image has been changed.
ImageAnglePanel - Class in videoRangePanel.vrmethods
A panel which allows users to manually add a heading and roll angle.
ImageAnglePanel(VRControl, VRMethod) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.vrmethods.ImageAnglePanel
imageAnimal - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
imageBearing - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Bearing of image in degrees
imageBearingErr - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
image bearing error in degrees
imageData - Variable in class dataGram.DatagramImageData
imageDirectory - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
imageEndTime - Variable in class dataGram.DatagramImageData
ImageFileFilter - Class in videoRangePanel
ImageFileFilter() - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.ImageFileFilter
imageHScale - Variable in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayParameters
imageName - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
imageOK() - Method in class videoRangePanel.PamImage
imageOrigin - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Location the image was taken from
imagePitch - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Image Pitch in degrees
imagePitchErr - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Image pitch error in degrees
imageRibbonPanel - Variable in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRTabPanelControl
ImageRotRibbonPanel - Class in videoRangePanel.vrmethods
imageScaling - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRParameters
imageStartTime - Variable in class dataGram.DatagramImageData
imageTilt - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Image tilt in degrees
imageTiltErr - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Image tilt error in degrees
imageTime - Variable in class videoRangePanel.VRMeasurement
Time the image was taken (note this can be null, e.g.
imageToScreen(Point) - Method in class videoRangePanel.panels.VRPanel
imageVScale - Variable in class clipgenerator.clipDisplay.ClipDisplayParameters
immediateInsert(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
Do an immediate insert of data which should already have been put into the data objects of the table definition.
immediateUpdate(Connection) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
Do an immediate update of a single item which already has it's data in the table definition fields.
imoNumber - Variable in class AIS.AISStaticData
IMPORT_CSV - Static variable in class IMU.IMUParams
importButtonPress() - Method in class dbht.DbHtDialog
Import a set of frequency / hearing threshold values.
importButtonPress() - Method in class Filters.FilterDialogPanel
importClicks(RainbowFileMap) - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowDatabseConverter
importcsvData(String) - Method in class IMU.IMUImport
Import the data form the .csv file into a 2D ArrayList.
importCSVData(String) - Static method in class PamUtils.TxtFileUtils
Load data from a .csv file into a 2D ArrayList.
ImportDataDialog - Class in PamView.importData
Generic Dialog for opening a file.
ImportDataDialog(Window, String, FileImportParams, String[]) - Constructor for class PamView.importData.ImportDataDialog
ImportDataSystem<T> - Class in PamView.importData
This class brings together the abstract classes and display componwenets which create a data import system for PAMGUARD.
ImportDataSystem(DataImport<T>) - Constructor for class PamView.importData.ImportDataSystem
importEvents() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.rcImport.RainbowDatabseConverter
Read events from the rainbow click database and write them to the PAMguard database.
importFileStrings(String) - Static method in class GPS.ImportGPSData
Import from .csv or txt- creates an array of strings.
ImportGGADialog - Class in GPS
Simple dialog asking the user to input a date for GGA string input.
ImportGGADialog(Window, Point) - Constructor for class GPS.ImportGGADialog
ImportGPSData - Class in GPS
Class to take external GPS data and record in a database table.
ImportGPSData(GPSControl) - Constructor for class GPS.ImportGPSData
ImportGPSDialog - Class in GPS
Simple dialog which returns a path to get GPS data from;
ImportGPSDialog(Window, Point) - Constructor for class GPS.ImportGPSDialog
ImportGPSParams - Class in GPS
ImportGPSParams() - Constructor for class GPS.ImportGPSParams
ImportHydrophoneTableDef - Class in Array
ImportHydrophoneTableDef(String) - Constructor for class Array.ImportHydrophoneTableDef
importLndMrkGrpCSV(String) - Static method in class videoRangePanel.LandMrkGrpCSVLogging
ImportLoadBar - Class in PamView
ImportLoadBar(Window, String) - Constructor for class PamView.ImportLoadBar
importSettings(JFrame) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
Import a configuration during viewer mode operation.
ImportTideData - Class in videoRangePanel.importTideData
Class for importing tide data.
ImportTideData() - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.importTideData.ImportTideData
importTideFile(File) - Method in class videoRangePanel.importTideData.ImportTideData
importTxtData(String, String) - Static method in class PamUtils.TxtFileUtils
Load data from a text file into a 2D ArrayList.
importTxtDataToString(String, String) - Static method in class PamUtils.TxtFileUtils
Load data from a text file into a 2D ArrayList.
importTxtToCollection(String) - Static method in class PamUtils.TxtFileUtils
Import text data into an array of strings.
ImpulseSignal - Class in simulatedAcquisition.sounds
ImpulseSignal() - Constructor for class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.ImpulseSignal
IMU - package IMU
IMUAquisitionMthd - Interface in IMU
The IMU module may have multiple ways of aquiring IMU data.
IMUCalibrationDialog - Class in IMU
Dialog box for IMU calibration values.
IMUCalibrationDialog(Window) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUCalibrationDialog
IMUControl - Class in IMU
IMUControl(String) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUControl
IMUDataBlock - Class in IMU
IMUDataBlock(IMUControl, String, PamProcess) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUDataBlock
IMUImport - Class in IMU
Sets up a thread to import .csv files and save data units to a database.
IMUImport(IMUImportMananger) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUImport
IMUImportDialog - Class in IMU
IMUImportDialog(Window, IMUControl, IMUImportMananger) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUImportDialog
IMUImportMananger - Class in IMU
Import IMU data from .csv.
IMUImportMananger(IMUControl) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUImportMananger
IMUListener - Class in videoRangePanel.externalSensors
IMUListener(VRControl) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.externalSensors.IMUListener
IMULogging - Class in IMU
IMULogging(IMUControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IMU.IMULogging
IMUMethod - Class in videoRangePanel.vrmethods
Uses sensor information, heading, pitch and roll, plus GPS co-ordinates and height to calculated the position of an animal.
IMUMethod(VRControl) - Constructor for class videoRangePanel.vrmethods.IMUMethod
IMUParams - Class in IMU
IMUParams() - Constructor for class IMU.IMUParams
IMUProcess - Class in IMU
IMUProcess(IMUControl) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUProcess
IMUSettingsDialog - Class in IMU
IMUSettingsDialog(Window, IMUControl) - Constructor for class IMU.IMUSettingsDialog
IN_DATA - Static variable in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
IN_GAP - Static variable in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
InBandAsRatio() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
The user defines InBandThreshold in dB, however the underlying modules require a linear ratio.
inBandEnergy(double[]) - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
Calculates the total energy within a particular frequency band
inBandEnergy(double[]) - Method in class clickDetector.OldClickClass
Calculates the total energy within a particular frequency band
inBandThresholdDb - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
The in-band threshold, in db.
inBandThresholdLimits - Variable in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
The in-band threshold's limits.
includeSubFolders - Variable in class Acquisition.offlineFuncs.OfflineFileParameters
include sub folders
incNumDetections() - Static method in class rocca.RoccaSpecPopUp
increasePulseWidth() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLAsciiCommands
increasePulseWidth() - Method in class smlPingerControl.SMLBinaryCommands
increasePulseWidth() - Method in interface smlPingerControl.SMLPingerCommands
Increases the configured Pulse Width setting by a pre-set value of 100ÁSeconds until the maximum limit is reached
incSpeciesCount(String, int, double) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel
Increments a specific species classification count serialVersionUID=15 2014/11/12 add start time to method, and pass to the RoccaSightingDataUnit.
incSpeciesCount(String, String, double) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSidePanel
Increments a specific species classification count serialVersionUID=15 2014/11/12 add start time to method, and pass to the RoccaSightingDataUnit.
incSpeciesCount(int) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Increments a specific species classification count
incSpeciesCount(int, double) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Increment a specific species classification count, and save the starting time.
incSpeciesCount(String) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Increments a specific species classification count
incSpeciesCount(String, double) - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
Increments a specific species classification count and save the starting time.
indexFileType - Static variable in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStore
indexM1(int) - Static method in class PamDetection.AbstractDetectionMatch
IndexM1 and IndexM2 specify which hydrophones to calculate time delays between.
indexM1(int) - Static method in class PamDetection.AbstractLocalisation
indexM2(int) - Static method in class PamDetection.AbstractDetectionMatch
IndexM1 and IndexM2 specify which hydrophones to calculate time delays between.
indexM2(int) - Static method in class PamDetection.AbstractLocalisation
IndexM1 and IndexM2 specify which hydrophones to calculate time delays between.
indexOfClass(Class) - Method in class Array.HydrophoneLocators
Get teh index of a specified locator class.
indexOfClass(Class) - Method in class Array.streamerOrigin.HydrophoneOriginMethods
indexOfCode(String) - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupList
indexOfStreamer(Streamer) - Method in class Array.PamArray
Get the index of a specified streamer.
InfoPanel - Class in nmeaEmulator
Panel of information near top of main frame.
InfoPanel(NMEAFrontEnd) - Constructor for class nmeaEmulator.InfoPanel
init() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
Initialise the 3D Graph.
init() - Method in class PamGraph3D.spectrogram3D.Spectrogram3DPamGraph
Initialise the 3D Graph.
initialise() - Method in interface clickDetector.echoDetection.EchoDetector
Initialise the echo detector
initialise() - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDetector
initialise() - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.SimpleEchoDetector
initialise(long) - Method in class clipgenerator.StandardClipBudgetMaker
Initialise the budget maker.
initialise() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.BuoyStatusDataUnit
initialise(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.averageSubtraction.AverageSubtraction
initialise(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.kernelSmoothing.KernelSmoothing
initialise(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.medianFilter.SpectrogramMedianFilter
initialise(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpecNoiseMethod
Set up the noise reduction process
initialise(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.threshold.SpectrogramThreshold
INITIALIZATION_COMPLETE - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Automatically sent when PAMGAURD has finished loading it's initial settings file and created the GUI
initialize() - Method in class clickDetector.ConcatenatedSpectrogram.MouseDragged
initialize() - Method in class clickDetector.ConcatenatedSpectrogram.MouseWheelMoved
initialize() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface.MouseDragged
initialize() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurface.MouseWheelMoved
initialize() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel.MouseDragged
initialize() - Method in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.MCMCPanel.MouseWheelMoved
initialize() - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseGetVirtualLocation
initialize() - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseProportionalZoom
initialize() - Method in class PamGraph3D.MouseRightClickMenu
initialize(EnumMap<RoccaContourStats.ParamIndx, Double>) - Method in class rocca.RoccaContourStats
Initialize all parameters in the map except FREQMIN to 0.0; set FREQMIN to 100000.0.
INITIALIZE_LOADDATA - Static variable in interface PamController.PamControllerInterface
Called at startup in the viewer in the AWT thread should come after the data maps have been made.
initialPerpendicularDistance - Variable in class clickDetector.ClickParameters
initMapPanel() - Method in class Map.SimpleMap
initWriteToPort() - Method in class serialComms.SerialPortCom
inputData - Variable in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetSave
inputData - Variable in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocProcess
inputDataClass() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.EnergySumProcess
inputDataClass() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnProcess
inputDataClass() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.MatchFiltProcess
inputDataClass() - Method in class IshmaelDetector.SgramCorrProcess
inputDataSource - Variable in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetParams
inputDataSource - Variable in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocParams
insertAbove(ControlTitle) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.FormEditDialog
Insert a new control above this one
insertBelow(ControlTitle) - Method in class loggerForms.formdesign.FormEditDialog
Insert a new control below this one
insertRow(boolean) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
insertRow(boolean) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
Insert row statement
insertRow(boolean) - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
installUI(JComponent) - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
Installs this UI delegate on the specified component.
IntegerControl - Class in loggerForms.controls
IntegerControl(ControlDescription, LoggerForm) - Constructor for class loggerForms.controls.IntegerControl
IntegerCtlrColPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels
IntegerCtlrColPanel(ControlTitle, UDColName, String) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.itempanels.IntegerCtlrColPanel
IntegerPanel - Class in loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels
IntegerPanel(FormEditor, PropertyTypes, UDColName, String, String) - Constructor for class loggerForms.formdesign.propertypanels.IntegerPanel
internalFrameActivated(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameClosed(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameClosing(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramDisplay
internalFrameClosing(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameDeactivated(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameDeiconified(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameIconified(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalFrameOpened(InternalFrameEvent) - Method in class userDisplay.UserFramePlots
internalTimes(double) - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Multiply a complex numbers real and imaginary parts by a real number
internalTimes(Complex) - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Multiply a complex numbers real and imaginary parts by a complex number
InterpolationDialogPanel - Class in Array
Dialog component used by both the streamer and the hydrophone dialogs
InterpolationDialogPanel(PamDialog) - Constructor for class Array.InterpolationDialogPanel
interpretColourString(String) - Static method in class PamView.PamColors
Interpret a colour string of the type used in Logger forms.
interpretData(Socket, short, short, short, short, int, int, byte[]) - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
interpretNewFile(String) - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
interpretNewFile(String) - Method in class Acquisition.FolderInputSystem
interpretPamData(Socket, short, BuoyStatusDataUnit, short, int, int, byte[]) - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
interpretSource(String) - Static method in class beakedWhaleProtocol.BeakedLocationData
interpretSystemData(Socket, short, BuoyStatusDataUnit, short, int, int, byte[]) - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkReceiver
interpretTextCode(String) - Static method in class PamView.PamSymbol
Convert a single character text code into a symbol type more or less following the Matlab symbol definitions.
interractiveCommand(TargetMotionLocaliser.Interractive) - Method in class targetMotionOld.TargetMotionLocaliser
INTERVAL_AUTO - Static variable in class Layout.PamAxis
intervalSeconds - Variable in class dbht.offline.DbHtSummaryParams
intervalSeconds - Variable in class ltsa.LtsaParameters
Interval for basic measurements.
intervalSeconds - Variable in class noiseOneBand.offline.OneBandSummaryParams
IntValueParams - Class in generalDatabase.dataExport
Class for filtering integer values in a database table
IntValueParams() - Constructor for class generalDatabase.dataExport.IntValueParams
INVALID_CHANNEL_LIST - Static variable in exception PamguardMVC.RawDataUnavailableException
INVALID_DELAY - Static variable in class whistleDetector.WhistleDelays
invalidateEverything(Component) - Static method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialog
Work through tree of subcomponents, invalidating everything to try to solve layout problem.
invalidateLayout(Container) - Method in class PamView.CornerLayout
inverse33Matrix(Complex[][]) - Static method in class PamUtils.MatrixOps
inverseNnMatrix(Complex[][]) - Static method in class PamUtils.MatrixOps
invertAngles - Variable in class angleMeasurement.FluxgateWorldParameters
ipAddress - Variable in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendParams
ipcomms - package ipcomms
IpiController - Class in ipiDemo
Controller for sperm whale IPI computation, parameters, and displays.
IpiController(String) - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiController
IpiDataDisplayOptions - Class in ipiDemo
IpiDataDisplayOptions() - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiDataDisplayOptions
ipiDemo - package ipiDemo
IpiParametersDialog - Class in ipiDemo
A dialog box used to control the IPI computation parameters.
IpiPluginPanelProvider - Class in ipiDemo
IpiPluginPanelProvider(IpiController) - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiPluginPanelProvider
IpiPluginPanelProvider.IpiPluginPanel - Class in ipiDemo
IpiPluginPanelProvider.IpiPluginPanel(IpiPluginPanelProvider, DisplayPanelContainer) - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiPluginPanelProvider.IpiPluginPanel
IpiProcess - Class in ipiDemo
This is a module for Sperm whale Inter-pulse interval (IPI) computation.
IpiProcess(IpiController) - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiProcess
IpiProcessParameters - Class in ipiDemo
IpiProcessParameters() - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiProcessParameters
IpiSidePanel - Class in ipiDemo
Displays summary information about the IPI modules.
IpiSidePanel(IpiController) - Constructor for class ipiDemo.IpiSidePanel
is3D - Variable in class Localiser.timeDelayLocalisers.LikelihoodSurfaceParams
isAcceptFolders() - Method in class PamUtils.PamFileFilter
isActive() - Method in class alarm.AlarmDataUnit
isActive() - Method in class autecPhones.AutecDataUnit
isAfterLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
isAfterLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
isAfterLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
isAISimultaneousSampling(int) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
Get if the device is simulated
isAllowEdits() - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupComponent
isAllowNullSelection() - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupComponent
isAllowScaleMultiples() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isAllowScores() - Method in class PamguardMVC.dataSelector.DataSelector
isAsioControlPanelValid() - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface.AsioDriverSettings
isAutoGrouping() - Method in class PamView.GroupedSourcePanel
isAutoHide() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogPanel
Should the dialog automatically disappear when the mouse moves off it ?
isAutoInsets() - Method in class Layout.PamAxisPanel
isAutoShow() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogPanel
? auto show the dialog as soon as the mouse moves over the showButton
isBAutoScroll() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDisplayManager
isBeforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
isBeforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
isBeforeFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
isBinCentres() - Method in class pamMaths.PamHistogram
isCancelled() - Method in class PamUtils.DetectionMatchWorker
isCanClipGenerate() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
isCanEdit() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseMeasurementBand
isCanMultiThread() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamProcess
isCanRemove() - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseMeasurementBand
isCanView() - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
isCellEditable(EventObject) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.AbstractCellEditor
isCellEditable(EventObject) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTable.TreeTableCellEditor
isCellEditable(Object, int) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTableModel
Implementation of TreeModel.isCellEditable.
isCellEditable(int, int) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTableModelAdapter
isChangeable() - Method in class Array.HydrophoneLocator
Note- changeable refers to the array positions changing relative to each other.
isChangeable() - Method in class Array.MasterLocator
isChangeable() - Method in class Array.SimpleHydrophoneLocator
isChangeable() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkHydrophoneLocator
isClassifierLoaded() - Method in class rocca.RoccaProcess
Checks to see if classifier has been loaded
isClearAtStart() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
Flag to say that data should be cleared every time PAMGuard starts.
isClosed() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
isClosed() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
isClosed() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
isClosed() - Method in class PamView.zoomer.ZoomShape
isCommandProcess() - Method in class networkTransfer.send.NetworkSendProcess
isComplete() - Method in class AIS.AISDataUnit
isComplete() - Method in class dataPlots.mouse.AbstractTDZoomable
isComplete() - Method in class dataPlots.mouse.TDGraphZoomer
isComplete() - Method in class Spectrogram.SpectrogramZoomer
isContourChanged() - Method in class rocca.RoccaContour
isCoreModule() - Method in class PamModel.PamModuleInfo
isCounter() - Method in class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
isCrampLabels() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
Cramped labels means that when drawing an axis, the end labels will be shifted to remain within the bounds of the axis itself.
isCross(int) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
isDataBlockUsed(PamDataBlock) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
See if this scroller is using a particular data block
isDataComing() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderProcess
isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor) - Method in class PamUtils.LatLong
isDataFlavorSupported(DataFlavor) - Method in class PamView.ClipboardCopier
isDataFormatOK(ArrayList<Double>) - Method in class Array.importHydrophoneData.HydrophoneImport
isDataFormatOK(ArrayList<Double>) - Method in class Array.importHydrophoneData.StreamerImport
isDataFormatOK(ArrayList<Double>) - Method in class IMU.IMUImport
isDataFormatOK(T) - Method in class PamView.importData.DataImport
Check that a row of imported data is in the correct format.
isDataOk() - Method in interface Acquisition.ChannelListPanel
isDataOk() - Method in class Acquisition.StandardChannelListPanel
isDataOk() - Method in class GPS.GpsData
isDataOk() - Method in class nidaqdev.NIChannelListPanel
isDatedSubFolders() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryStoreSettings
isDetectionData() - Method in class PamView.PamDetectionOverlayGraphics
isDeviceIsSimulated() - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq.DAQmxGetDevIsSimulatedParams
isDiscardSmallOnes() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.FragmentingFragmenter
isDoBinaryStore() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryDataSource
isDone() - Method in class PamUtils.DetectionMatchWorker
isDoneFile(File) - Method in class zipUnpacker.ZipSettings
isDoRun() - Method in class offlineProcessing.OfflineTask
return whether or not the task SHOULD be run - i.e.
isDrawLine() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isDrawLineToLocations() - Method in class PamView.PamDetectionOverlayGraphics
isEcho() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
isEcho(ClickDetection) - Method in interface clickDetector.echoDetection.EchoDetector
Test to see if a single click is an echo or not.
isEcho(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.JamieEchoDetector
isEcho(ClickDetection) - Method in class clickDetector.echoDetection.SimpleEchoDetector
isEmptyRead() - Method in class PamguardMVC.ThreadedObserver
isEnable() - Static method in class PamModel.SMRUEnable
isEnable() - Static method in class smlGainControl.SEICHEEnable
isEnable() - Method in class zipUnpacker.ZipSettings
isEnabled() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventListPanel
isEnabled() - Method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
Returns the currentEnabled state
isEnabled() - Method in class SoundRecorder.trigger.RecorderTriggerData
isEnabled(int) - Method in class targetMotionModule.panels.ModelControlPanel
isEnabled(int) - Method in class targetMotionOld.dialog.ModelControlPanel
isEnableOrientation() - Method in class Array.Streamer
isError() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.GuardBand
Checks if is error.
isError() - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.SignalBand
Checks if is error.
isExists() - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDeviceInfo
isExpanded() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingPanel
Return true if the panel is in it's expanded state.
isFileLoaded() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickAlarm
isFileOpened() - Method in class Logging.LogToFlatFile
isFill() - Method in class PamView.PamSymbol
isFillHead() - Method in class loggerForms.propertyInfos.HEADINGinfo
isFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
isFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
isFirst() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
isFractionalScale() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isFullTablesCheck() - Method in class generalDatabase.DBControl
isGraphVisible() - Method in class dataMap.DataStreamPanel
isGrowing() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
IshAnchorGroup - Class in PamDetection
Brings together groups of IshDetWrappers
IshAnchorGroup(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.IshAnchorGroup
isHasAngleAmbiguity() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DDataUnit
isHasAngles() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DDataUnit
isHasChanges() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.DataMapSerialiser
isHasDepth() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DDataUnit
isHasFit() - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.GroupDetection
isHasRanges() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.TowedArray3DDataUnit
IshDetControl - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetControl(String, String, IshDetParams) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetControl
IshDetection - Class in PamDetection
Basic detection on a single channel for the Ishmael det/loc.
IshDetection(long, long, float, float, long, double, PamDataBlock, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.IshDetection
IshDetectionWrapper - Class in IshmaelLocator
This has information for a single IshDetection that indicates (1) whether the detection is an 'anchor' detection within this channel, i.e., whether it is the principal one of a group of multipath detections, and (2) whether the detection is an anchor detection across channels, i.e., whether it is the anchor detection on a specially-designated reference channel.
IshDetectionWrapper(IshDetection) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshDetectionWrapper
IshDetFnDataUnit - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetFnDataUnit(long, int, long, long, double[]) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnDataUnit
IshDetFnProcess - Class in IshmaelDetector
This is the abstract superclass for all the "Ishmael detectors", i.e., the detection PamProcesses that use a detection function and threshold in the course of doing making detections.
IshDetFnProcess(IshDetControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetFnProcess
IshDetGraphics - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetGraphics displays a detection function from an Ishmael-type detector (EnergySum, MatchFilt, SgramCorr).
IshDetGraphics(IshDetControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetGraphics
IshDetParams - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetParams() - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetParams
ishDetParams - Variable in class IshmaelDetector.IshDetParamsDialog
IshDetParamsDialog - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetSave - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshDetSave(IshDetControl) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshDetSave
IshDetWrapper - Class in PamDetection
Groups togetehr a series of IshDeections.
IshDetWrapper(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.IshDetWrapper
isHeaderOk() - Method in class wavFiles.WavHeader
isHidden() - Method in class PamModel.PamModuleInfo
isHighlight() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingPanel
Check whether the hiding panel is highlighted when the mouse enters.
IshLocalisation - Class in IshmaelLocator
Whenever one of the IshLoc routines calculates a location (bearing, X-Y position, etc.) it generates an IshLocation, which is then passed to the rest of PAMGUARD via IshLocProcess.outputDataBlock.
IshLocControl - Class in IshmaelLocator
This implements the two locators from Ishmael.
IshLocControl(String) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocControl
IshLocGraphics - Class in IshmaelLocator
IshLocGraphics(IshLocControl) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocGraphics
IshLocHyperbParams - Class in IshmaelLocator
IshLocHyperbParams() - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocHyperbParams
IshLocHyperbParamsDialog - Class in IshmaelLocator
IshLocHyperbProcess - Class in IshmaelLocator
Two-hydrophone bearing calculation.
IshLocHyperbProcess(IshLocControl) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocHyperbProcess
IshLocPairProcess - Class in IshmaelLocator
Two-hydrophone bearing calculation.
IshLocPairProcess(IshLocControl) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocPairProcess
IshLocParams - Class in IshmaelLocator
IshLocParams() - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocParams
ishLocParams - Variable in class IshmaelLocator.IshLocParamsDialog
IshLocParamsDialog - Class in IshmaelLocator
IshLocProcess - Class in IshmaelLocator
This is a superclass to a "real" localization class.
IshLocProcess(IshLocControl) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshLocProcess
IshLogger - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshLogger(IshDetControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshLogger
ishmaelComms - package ishmaelComms
IshmaelData - Class in ishmaelComms
IshmaelData() - Constructor for class ishmaelComms.IshmaelData
IshmaelData.IshmaelDataType - Enum in ishmaelComms
IshmaelDataControl - Class in ishmaelComms
IshmaelDataControl(String) - Constructor for class ishmaelComms.IshmaelDataControl
IshmaelDataUnit - Class in ishmaelComms
IshmaelDataUnit(long) - Constructor for class ishmaelComms.IshmaelDataUnit
IshmaelDetector - package IshmaelDetector
IshmaelGraphics - Class in ishmaelComms
IshmaelGraphics(IshmaelDataControl) - Constructor for class ishmaelComms.IshmaelGraphics
IshmaelLocator - package IshmaelLocator
IshOverlayGraphics - Class in IshmaelLocator
Process for choosing a symbol to represent IshLocalizations on the map (and elsewhere).
IshOverlayGraphics(PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IshmaelLocator.IshOverlayGraphics
IshPeakProcess - Class in IshmaelDetector
IshPeakProcess(IshDetControl, PamDataBlock) - Constructor for class IshmaelDetector.IshPeakProcess
IshTrack - Class in PamDetection
IshTrack may not need to hold any location information itself - it mainly holds a list of IshAnchorGroups, each of which has a PamLocation object, the contents of which will make up a track.
IshTrack(long, int, long, long) - Constructor for class PamDetection.IshTrack
isImmediate() - Method in class PamController.command.ExtCommand
isIncludeSubFolders() - Method in class PamUtils.SelectFolder
Get the state of the sub folder check box.
isIndependent() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.AbstractSLAlgorithm
isIndependent() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.Mimplex
isIndependent() - Method in interface staticLocaliser.algorithms.SLAlgorithmModel
Called whenever a localiser will deal itself with multiple time delays.
isInfinite() - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Returns true if either the real or imaginary part is infinite, false otherwise
isInGap(long) - Method in class dataMap.OfflineDataMap
Work out where the time is within a map.
isInGap(PamDataBlock, long) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractScrollManager
Work out whether or not a particular time falls in the gap between points in a datamap .
isInitializationComplete() - Method in class PamController.PamController
isInLine(PamVector) - Method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Test to see whether two vectors lie in a perfect line
isInMark(Component, Point) - Method in class PamView.zoomer.Zoomer
isInput() - Method in class loggerForms.controlDescriptions.ControlDescription
isInSpecialList(PamDataBlock) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractPamScroller
Check if a data block is within the special data block list.
isInSpecialList(PamDataBlock) - Method in class pamScrollSystem.AbstractScrollManager
Check if a data block is within the special data block list.
isIntegerFormat() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isIntermediate() - Method in class PamView.ImportLoadBar
isIntermediate() - Method in class PamView.PamLoadBar
isLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.NonScrollablePamCursor
isLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.PamCursor
isLast() - Method in class generalDatabase.pamCursor.ScrollablePamCursor
isLeaf(Object) - Method in class likelihoodDetectionModule.TreeTableModel
Implementation of isLeaf from the TreeModel interface.
isLinkGpsData() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
isLoadLibraryOK() - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
isLoadViewData() - Method in class generalDatabase.SQLLogging
isLock15() - Method in class difar.DemuxWorkerMessage
isLock75() - Method in class difar.DemuxWorkerMessage
isLogFileOpened() - Method in class Logging.LogDataObserver
isLoggingActive() - Method in class Logging.LogDataObserver
isLogScale() - Method in class dataGram.DatagramScaleInformation
isLogScale() - Method in class dataMap.DataStreamPanel
isLogScale() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isLogTenthsScale() - Method in class Layout.PamAxis
isMerge(int) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
isModality() - Method in class PamView.hidingpanel.HidingDialogPanel
isMultiThread() - Method in class PamModel.PamModel
isNaN() - Method in class fftManager.Complex
Returns true if either the real or imaginary part is a Not-a-Number (NaN) value, false otherwise
isNeedsUDFSave() - Method in class loggerForms.FormDescription
isNeedsUpdate() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.DataUnitFileInformation
isNightTime() - Method in class PamView.ColorSettings
isNmeaStartCharacter(char) - Static method in class NMEA.NMEADataBlock
isNumeric() - Method in enum loggerForms.controlDescriptions.ControlTypes
isOff() - Method in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
isOffscreen() - Method in class PamGraph3D.PamPanel3D
isOk() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistlePeak
isOn() - Method in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
isOutputSaved() - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_DisplayParams
isOutputSaved() - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDParameters
isPaintScrollArea() - Method in class PamView.PamTabbedPane
isParallel(PamVector) - Method in class pamMaths.PamVector
Tests to see whether two vectors are parallel
isPartPlot(int) - Method in class decimus.summarystring.DStrModulePartInfo
Check if specified part should be plotted or not.
isPaused() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.AbstractLocaliserControl
isPaused() - Method in class staticLocaliser.panels.ClickLocaliserControl
The display is paused if the pause check box is selected in the tdGrpah.
isPaused() - Method in interface staticLocaliser.panels.LocaliserControlModel
Check whether the localiser control panel is paused.
isPlot() - Method in class loggerForms.propertyInfos.BEARINGinfo
isPlotControl(int) - Method in class loggerForms.FormPlotOptions
isPlotControl(int, int) - Method in class loggerForms.FormPlotOptions
isPortOk() - Method in class alarm.actions.serial.AlarmSerialInterface
isPressed() - Method in class SoundRecorder.RecorderButton
isPrimaryKey() - Method in class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
isProperty(String) - Static method in class loggerForms.PropertyDescription
isRealTime() - Method in class Acquisition.DaqSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class Acquisition.FileInputSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class Acquisition.SoundCardSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class asiojni.ASIOSoundSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class asiojni.NewAsioSoundSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class hfDaqCard.SmruDaqSystem
isRealTime() - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDAQProcess
isRealTime() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.SimProcess
isRealTimePlayback() - Method in class soundPlayback.PlaybackControl
Returns true if the playback is real time.
isReasonable(GpsDataUnit) - Method in class GPS.GPSDataBlock
Check a GPS entry is reasonable - i.e.
isRecordActive() - Method in class asiojni.AsioJniInterface
isRecycle() - Method in class fftManager.FFTDataBlock
isRecycling() - Method in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock
isRepeat() - Method in class nmeaEmulator.InfoPanel
isRepeat() - Method in class nmeaEmulator.NMEAOutdialog
isRequired() - Method in class generalDatabase.PamTableItem
isResultOk(SLResult) - Method in class staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.BasicResultFilter
isResultOk(SLResult) - Method in class staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.NoResultsfilter
isResultOk(SLResult) - Method in interface staticLocaliser.resultsAnalysis.SLResultsAnalysis
Check whether a static localiser result is valid i.e.
isRightMess() - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
isRunMethod(int) - Method in class spectrogramNoiseReduction.SpectrogramNoiseSettings
isRunning() - Method in class PamView.PamWaitAnimation
isRunning() - Method in class smlPingerControl.data.SMLStatusData
isRunOnAdd() - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.AbstractLocaliser
isRunOnUpdate() - Method in class Localiser.bearingLocaliser.AbstractLocaliser
isSame(PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnitSettings
Find out if a set of settings are compatible with another set.
isSameDay(long, long) - Static method in class PamUtils.PamCalendar
Compares two times in milliseconds to see if they are on the same day or not.
isSelectable() - Method in class generalDatabase.lookupTables.LookupItem
isSelectData(int) - Method in class noiseMonitor.NoiseDisplaySettings
isSelected() - Method in class PamView.MenuItemEnabler
Gets the current selected state for this enabler
isSelected() - Method in class staticLocaliser.algorithms.AbstractSLAlgorithm
isSelected() - Method in interface staticLocaliser.algorithms.SLAlgorithmModel
Check whether the algorithm is selected
isSendGeneralSettingsNotification() - Method in class PamView.PamDialog
isServerConnected() - Method in class generalDatabase.MySQLSystem
isSettingsOf(String, String) - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnitSettings
Find out if this settings unit is that for the given type and name
isSettingsUnit(PamSettings, PamControlledUnitSettings) - Method in class PamController.PamSettingManager
See if a particular PamControlledUnitSettings object is the right one for a particular module that wants some settings.
isShouldPlot() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickTrainDetection
isShouldPlot(String) - Method in class Map.MapDetectionsManager
isShouldPlot(PamDataBlock) - Method in class Map.MapDetectionsManager
isShowAtStart() - Method in class tipOfTheDay.TipOfTheDayManager
isShowControlPanel() - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
Check whether the time display has a control panel.
isShowing() - Method in class dataPlots.data.TDDataInfo
isShowing - Variable in class dataPlots.layout.DataListInfo
isShowStats() - Method in class pamMaths.HistogramDisplay
isSightingSaved() - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
isSimulated(int) - Method in class nidaqdev.Nidaq
Get if the device is simulated
isSimulated() - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDeviceInfo
isSimultaneous() - Method in class nidaqdev.NIDeviceInfo
isSingleClickSave() - Method in class difar.DifarParameters
isSolidShape() - Method in class PamView.PamSymbol
isSomethingShowing() - Static method in class PamView.PamGui
Static flag to say that at least one GUI has opened.
isSoundFile() - Static method in class PamUtils.PamCalendar
isSplit(int) - Method in class whistlesAndMoans.ConnectedRegion
isStalled() - Method in class Acquisition.AcquisitionControl
isStarted() - Method in class networkTransfer.emulator.NetworkEmulator
isStarted() - Method in class simulatedAcquisition.sounds.SimSound
isStartupErrors() - Static method in class PamUtils.Splash
isStatic() - Method in class Array.HydrophoneLocator
isStatic() - Method in class Array.MasterLocator
isStatic() - Method in class Array.SimpleHydrophoneLocator
isStatic() - Method in class networkTransfer.receive.NetworkHydrophoneLocator
isStatsRun() - Method in class rocca.RoccaContourDataBlock
isStoreBinary(String, boolean) - Method in class PamController.StorageParameters
isStoreData() - Method in class binaryFileStorage.BinaryDataSource
Flag to say we want to actually store the data.
isStoreDatabase(String, boolean) - Method in class PamController.StorageParameters
isStoreOk() - Method in class whistleClassifier.FileTrainingStore
isStoreOk() - Method in class whistleClassifier.training.FileTrainingStore
isStoreOk() - Method in interface whistleClassifier.training.TrainingDataStore
IS a store correctly opened.
isStoreOk() - Method in interface whistleClassifier.TrainingDataStore
IS a store correctly opened.
isSuspectEventTimes() - Method in class clickDetector.offlineFuncs.OfflineEventDataUnit
isThreadDone() - Method in class staticLocaliser.TDManager
isTracked() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickDetection
isTracked() - Method in class clickDetector.OldClickClass
isTraining() - Method in class whistleClassifier.WhistleClassifierProcess
Flag to say that it's in the process of collecting training data.
isUpperDragging() - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
isUpperThumbSelected() - Method in class PamView.sliders.PamRangeSliderUI
isUseAnalysisTime() - Method in class PamController.PamViewParameters
isUseCheatIndexing() - Method in class generalDatabase.EmptyTableDefinition
Cheat at database indexing.
isUseMax() - Method in class generalDatabase.dataExport.ValueFilterParams
isUseMin() - Method in class generalDatabase.dataExport.ValueFilterParams
isValidLength(int) - Static method in class fftManager.FFTParameters
isValidLength(int) - Static method in class NMEA.NMEAParameters
isVessel() - Method in class difar.DifarDataUnit
isVetoOn() - Method in class seismicVeto.VetoBackgroundDataUnit
isVetoPeak() - Method in class whistleDetector.WhistlePeak
isViewer() - Method in class dataPlots.TDControl
isViewer() - Method in class PamController.PamControlledUnit
isViewer() - Method in class PamView.GeneralProjector
isViewer - Variable in class staticLocaliser.StaticLocaliserControl
isViewerMode() - Method in class clickDetector.ClickControl
Speedier way of knowing if it's viewer mode than going back to the controller every time
isWarnDefaultSetting() - Method in class PamView.PamDialog
isWhistleClassified() - Method in class rocca.RoccaSightingDataUnit
checks to see if any whistles have been classified yet
isWithin(File, File) - Static method in class PamUtils.FileParts
isWithin(File, File, boolean) - Static method in class PamUtils.FileParts
isYes_focal_list() - Method in class loc3d_Thode.CrossStationMatcher
ItemDescription - Class in loggerForms
ItemDescription(FormDescription, ItemInformation) - Constructor for class loggerForms.ItemDescription
ItemInformation - Class in loggerForms
ItemInformation(FormDescription) - Constructor for class loggerForms.ItemInformation
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class clickDetector.IDI_DisplayDialog
Selects/Deselects the checkbox to save the output to file
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class portcomms.PortChooser
This will be called from either of the JComboBoxes when the user selects any given item.
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class rocca.RoccaParametersDialog
itemStateChanged(ItemEvent) - Method in class WILDInterface.WILDParametersDialog
Selects/Deselects the checkbox to save the output to file
ITERATOR_END - Static variable in class PamguardMVC.PamDataBlock