Version 2.02.05 October 2022


Click Train Detector Features and Bug Fixes


Changes to GUI to make dialog shorter for low DPI screens.

Complete rewrite of the classification system to have nested classifiers which can be enabled or disabled.

Changes to classification GUI to accommodate the new classification system.

Addition of data selectors to the minimum number of clicks accepted by the classifier. This allows the click-by-click classifier and the click train detector to be used to together to improve classification accuracy.

Bug fixes

Click detection bug fix in kernel which improved click fragmentation.

Bug fix to database were JSON data from classifier was being trimmed.


Comprehensive help file including description of the algorithm, screen grabs and examples.

Bug fixes

Other Features

Help documentation for Backup Manager

Help documentation for Matched Click Classifier

Database logging of offline tasks (such as click re-classification, bearing calculation, etc.)

Data selector for Whistle Classifier module

Variable sound output level when using National Instruments devices for sound playback.

Speed improvement when processing flac audio files.

Bug Fixes

Soundtrap DWV import. Will now generate binary files even if DWV file doesn’t exist (which is correct behavior in quiet conditions when no clicks were detected).

Spectrogram. Changes to stop occasional crashing when restarting processing of wav files.

Sizing of dialogs on ultra high definition monitors so that data fields are sized correctly.

Fixed a memory leak in ROCCA

Fixed issues with options in Click Detector bearing time display which (when using planar and 3D arrays) allow you to plot relative to the array, the vessel, or North.