Version 2.02.10, January 2024


Version 2.02.10 January 2024

New Features

Importing modules from other configurations: New options from file menu allowing import of specific modules, or module settings from other configurations. E.g. if you had three similar configurations and had set one of them up with a new detector, or got the click classifier settings set up just right in one of those configurations, you can import the additional modules or the click detector settings easily into the other configurations.

Improved SUD (soundtrap compressed files) file performance when scrolling through audio data in Viewer mode.

Viewer Launch by right clicking on sqlite database and selecting “open with / Pamguard ViewerMode” launcher menu option.

Bug Fixes

Logger Forms

Boolean (logical true/false, yes/no) data were not showing correctly in Viewer mode. Now fixed

Data selectors for plotting on map were not working, also fixed

Bearing localizer running offline was not correctly saving updated bearings to the database. Now fixed.

ROCCA Classifier fixes

Allow Rocca to run without classifiers: Fixed bug that threw an error if no classifier files were  specified in Rocca Params dialog

Fix memory issue with RoccaContourDataBlocks not being released for garbage collection

Set RoccaContourDataBlock objects to null and stop PamObserver Timer to force release

Fix problem tracing whistles in Rocca spectrogram pop-up: Whistle and raw data were being cleared before the user had time to trace out the whistle, causing PAMGuard to throw an exception.  Both were already being cleared when the pop-up window is closed, so no need to do it here.

DIFAR Module: Bug crashing the module with null pointer errors fixed.

Whistle Detector: Fixed bug which caused the detector to slow to almost zero speed when large complex sounds with many branches were detected.

Click Detector Offline Event Marking: Fixed problem of events not being correctly deleted and also of clicks not being correctly reassigned to different events.

Screen Position: When using multiple monitors, if you move a configuration to a computer with a different monitor layout, the GUI should work out if it’s opening on a screen area which no longer exists and move itself onto the primary monitor.

File Folder Processing: Previous version had a bug which caused files to not always be sorted into the correct order for processing. This caused some instability in some detectors, causing memory leaks when new data arrived with time stamps earlier than already processed data in memory. This is now fixed – files are ow correctly sorted alphabetically by file name, i.e. not including the name of the folder containing the files.