Beta Release 1.13.03


PAMGuard Beta Release 1.13.03 is now available with the following changes and bug fixes


Small changes have been made to the ROCCA whistle classifier module: Added Sampling Rate, Number of Channels and Geographic Location to the Rocca contour output file.  Number of Channels and Geographic Location can be specified by the user in the Rocca Parameters dialog Notes tab.

Bug Fixes

A number of minor bugs have been fixed for this release.

  1. Bug 209. Map zoom level. This was zoomed right into a range of about 1m when new maps were created. This is now fixed and it starts with a default range of 10km on the display.
  2. Bug 212. Decimator crashed. This only happened very rarely and only if a very large decimation factor was used, so it’s unlikely to have affected anyone.
  3. Bug 215. Sound acquisition dialog crashing. Could happen if there were no sound cards installed on a system.
  4. Bug 216. Whistle classifier would not work offline (in viewer mode). This is now fixed.
  5. Bug 217. PAMGuard viewer fails to read a configuration at startup. This would cause total loss of the PAMGuard configuration in viewer mode and has been rectified.
  6. Bug 218. SAIL Acquisition card would hang the system. This has also been fixed.
  7. Bug 219. Problems displaying Offline Click Events in the Viewer map have been fixed.