Release 1.15.13d and Beta Release 2.00.12c March 2018


PAMGuard Version 2.xx contains major updates. You should read and understand the notes listed for Beta Version 2.00.10 (below) before proceeding with installation and use of this version.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 355. Pamguard crashed when database module was present and Rocca tried to load classifier
  2. Bug 356. Ishmael Localiser losing raw audio before it had time to localise
  3. Bug 357. Difar storing Tracked Group latitude in both GroupLatitude and GroupLongitude database columns
  4. Bug 358. Clip Generator not storing overlapping detections properly
  5. Bug 359. Pamguard crashes when selecting auto-scale option in Noise Monitor module
  6. Bug 360. LTSA not loading in viewer mode (Beta version only)
  7. Bug 362. Bug in maximum likelihood bearing estimator grid search (Beta version only)
  8. Bug 363. Rocca throwing exception if user boxes a whistle close to the beginning of a file
  9. Bug 364. LTSA bug - get correct fft length and hop into datablock and output stream
  10. Bug 365. Lose spectrogram settings when converting data from Core to Beta versions (Beta version only)
  11. Bug 366. Rocca manual whistle contour extraction throws error when trying to classify a boxed whistle


  1. During conversion from Core to Beta versions, if there are any problems matching database units to binary store units the UID values will now be set to negative numbers instead of leaving them null. The user is warned about this and encouraged to manually fix the database. (Beta version only)