Release 1.15.13 and Beta Release 2.00.12 January 2018


PAMGuard Version 2.xx contains major updates. You should read and understand the notes listed for Beta Version 2.00.10 (below) before proceeding with installation and use of this version.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 341. Temporary objects created in the Rocca module were not being discarded, and could cause memory issues in large datasets.
  2. Bug 342. Rocca was not properly loading a previously-saved EncounterStats file.
  3. Bug 343. Fixed threading issue between Rocca and Click Detector.
  4. Bug 344. Database subtable items were being duplicated when running offline batch processing.  (Beta version only)
  5. Bug 345. Offline Click Event reporting twice as many clicks as there actually were.  (Beta version only)
  6. Bug 346. Click Classifier not properly checking frequency ranges for invalid entries.
  7. Bug 347. Pamguard crashes when loading a Sound Acquisition module when Java 7 is installed on computer. Caused by JFLAC library, which has been recompiled to correct issue.
  8. Bug 348. Map plot overlay menu not updating.
  9. Bug 349. Clip Generator overlay graphics sometimes crashing on map.
  10. Bug 352. Click Detector event marking was not correctly removing clicks from the events tables in the database.  (Beta version only)
  11. Bug 353. Data load information dialog was not updating correctly, particularly when grouped data was relinked to super detections.  (Beta version only)
  12. Bug 354. Whistle Classifier was crashing if user accidentally entered invalid parameters. Have added diagnostics to prevent this.


  1. Can now add echoes to simulated sound acquisition. (Beta version only)