Release 1.15.07 November 2016


This release contains two bug fixes.

  1. Bug 303. Some ASIO sound cards not working with either ASIO system in PAMGuard. For the PAMGuard ASIO system, this was due to a data format used by some sound cards never being properly implemented. For the “New ASIO system” which is based on jAsioHost, the unpacking of that format contained a bug which returned incorrect numbers, so data were swamped with noise. Both systems are now fixed. By preference, users should use the PAMGuard ASIO system since the JAsioHost based system seems to drop samples when many channels are running at high sample rate.
  2. Bug 305. Date and Time not being correctly extracted from wav files created using SoundTrap recorders. Fixed by correctly finding and unpacking information in the accompanying xml log files that come with SoundTrap files.