Release 1.15.14 and Beta Release 2.00.13 June 2018


PAMGuard Version 2.xx contains major updates. You should read and understand the notes listed for Beta Version 2.00.10 before proceeding with installation and use of this version.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 367. When adding a click to an event that already contained that click, the click was being duplicated in the subtable. (Beta version only)
  2. Bug 368. Whistles from the Whistle & Moan Detector no longer show up on the FX display overlay. (Beta version only)
  3. Bug 369. Map options not showing up in viewer mode when right-clicking on map. (Beta version only)
  4. Bug 370. Rocca crashing when receiving detections from Whistle and Moan Detector.
  5. Bug 371. Rocca loses FFT channel selection when opening params dialog.
  6. Bug 372. Rocca database record incorrectly lists Whistle Classifier file for Clicks.
  7. Bug 373. Incorrect GPS headings in the database are propagated through Pamguard and cause problems with mapping and TMA.
  8. Bug 374. Bearing Errors in Target Motion-3D Loc' calculations.
  9. Bug 375. Low Frequency Clicks not working.
  10. Bug 376. Error when using a serialised data map which spans a period of time in which Pamguard modules have changed.
  11. Bug 377. changes to click events in Viewer Mode not getting saved to database.
  12. Bug 378. TMA dialog not displaying current Model type, and unclear when event not selected.
  13. Bug 379. Channel boxes were being cleared whenever the Decimator settings window was opened.


  1. Soundtrap module - bug fixes and more intuitive user interface when importing Soundtrap data. Also changed the default date/time format to ISO8601 standard. (Beta version only)
  2. A number of upgrades and fixes to the Localiser algorithms, including expanding to work with whistles.
  3. Added option to export all settings and parameters as an XML-formatted file. Note that this required changes to the structure of the Array Manager, and as such any settings (psf) files created with this version of Pamguard cannot be used in older versions. Older psf files can be loaded with this version, but will be converted.
  4. Many updates to the Video Range module. Will currently only work with landmarks. (Beta version only)