Beta Release 2.00.14 32 and 64 bit September 2018


Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 381. Logger form loses controls when the order is changed.
  2. Bug 382. Click species check boxes get cleared in toolbar when the Click Classification dialog is closed
  3. Bug 383. Spectrogram max frequency resetting to incorrect value the first time the spectrogram dialog is opened.
  4. Bug 385. Bug in offline toolbar which will crash if the classifier dialog is opened and then closed with no classifiers specified.
  5. Bug 386. Click Detector Sweep Classifier sometimes keeping changed settings even when user tries to cancel or discard changes
  6. Bug 387. Map was stopping displaying data based on the start time of data units. Have changed this to last updated time so that click events will display if they have been recently modified. Otherwise, long events get lost from the display.
  7. Bug 388. Spectrogram annotations not working properly in beta branch. Would make and store mark, but not store snr or notes. Both now fixed for both online and offline operations. Have also added some options controlling SNR measurement period.
  8. Bug 389. Multiple annotations of the same class would not be stored to the database if they had the same class. This was affecting the Spectrogram Annotation module which has now been given two text type annotations.
  9. Bug 391. Click Detector not registering change in multi-threading option.
  10. Bug 392. Click Detector throwing exception if multi-threading is turned off and the Basic Sweep Classifier is testing the amplitude range.
  11. Bug 393. Rocca module not calculating energy, duty cycle, and windowRMS values when manually picking contour points.
  12. Bug 394. Occasional divide-by-0 error in Spectrogram Display time scale.
  13. Bug 395. Problem with hydrophone locator was resulting in an incorrect x position for hydrophone 0.


  1. Better way of coupling scrollers in User Display panels - see new options in main menu.
  2. Added Matched Template Click Classifier. Classifies clicks based on an ideal template to match and a template to reject. An example of this is to classify beaked whale clicks in an environment with dolphin clicks.
  3. Added zoom in/out to Raw Data plugin display in spectrogram.
  4. Added ability to read differential GPS data.
  5. Added check for duplicate settings in the psf file when exiting Pamguard. If duplicate settings are found, user is given the option to leave them in the psf or get rid of them. Duplicate settings are ignored by Pamguard, but can cause the psf file to grow large over time.
  6. New features in PAMGuard Beta mean that psf files created with new versions are not compatible wth earlier versions and all configuration data may be lost if an attempt is made to open newly created psf files with older versions. We have therefore changed the file extension of psf files to .psfx in new Beta releases. Beta releases will still load the older psf files, but when the configuration is saved, the original psf file will remain untouched and data will be written to a psfx file with the same directory and name.