Release 1.15.06 November 2016


This release contains bug fixes from release 1.15.05, mostly concerning the new target motion analysis methods. Bugs were found in several places in the system, affecting calculations using all three methods: Least Squares, 2D Simplex and 3D Simplex. To the best of our knowledge, all issues are now resolved.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 291. Click Detector Click Classifier: If this is set to "none" the click detector will freeze / crash and will put the psf file into a state where it will never load again. Incredibly, this bug seems to have been in place for several years and no one has come across it until now. It's fixed.
  2. Bug 292. Incorrect labels on Target Motion panel in viewer - 3D algorithm was labelled as 2D.Fixed
  3. Bug 293. Errors displayed in the click detector target motion panel were wrong in the graphics for the Simplex localisers and wrong in the tabulated data for the least square model. Both fixed.
  4. Bug 294. Click classifier was crashing when the “min amplitude” option was used. This is fixed.
  5. Bug 295. If a click has a total length of a single sample, the code attempting to estimate the time delay between channels would crash. This is now fixed. This could only occur if both pre sample and post sample were set to 0 in the click detector, which is generally not a good idea, so this bug may have been there for some time, it's just that no one noticed before. Fixed
  6. Bug 296. Context menu popping up in click detector when marking clicks in Viewer mode. This has been fixed so that in viewer mode, the menu will only appear when you right click on the display.
  7. Bug 297. Airgun display was not correctly showing itself at fixed locations, but always following the vessel track. This is now fixed.
  8. Bug 299. Threading Hydrophone locator. Bug found in hydrophone heading calculation has been fixed.
  9. Bug 300. GUI Tab panel selections were not being restored correctly when PAMGuard displays were split across multiple frames. Fixed.
  10. Bug 301. Multiple errors in the target motion module have been fixed.