PAMGuard Beta 1.13.05 released.


Version 1.13.05 Beta, July 2015


  1. Improved options for plotting clicks on the map in viewer mode – can now select clicks by the type of event they are part of (when marked as part of an offline event).

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed for this release.

  1. Bug 231. PAMGuard freezing when starting viewer mode. (Caused by an infinite loop in the map module). Fixed.
  2. Bug 232. Incorrect click length calculation in ROCCA module. Fixed.
  3. Bug 233. ROCCA not analysing correct clicks in Viewer mode. Fixed.
  4. Bug 234. Hydrophone import of .paf files crashing. Fixed.
  5. Bug 235. Target motion analyser crashes when changing default bearing line length. Fixed.
  6. Bug 236. Whistle classifier crashing during batch training just prior to writing results files. Fixed.
  7. Bug 237. Logger forms not saving data to database after sound acquisition starts. Fixed.
  8. Bug 238. Viewer mode out of memory error. Have adjusted memory allocation to allow more memory for the database interface. Hopefully Fixed.
  9. Bug 239. Fixed bug in the DIFAR module that was incorrectly preventing cross-fixes for some calls.