PAMGuard Beta 1.14.00 Released


Version 1.14.00 Beta, September 2014

The format of configuration files has changed for version 1.14.00. Older configurations will load with this new version, but configurations saved with 1.14.00 may not open correctly with earlier versions.

PAMGuard Versions 1.14.00 and above will work with Java 8. PAMGuard will continue to work with Java 7, but support for Java 7 will be removed entirely during 2016. This means that the Microsoft Access Database interface will no longer be available. Version 1.14.00 will continue to support Microsoft Access so long as you don’t upgrade your Java version to Java 8.

An alternative database interface has been provided in the form of SQLite which has been extensively tested with all PAMGuard modules. Limited connectivity to MS Access databases using the open source UCanAccess database connection is provided in Viewer mode which will allow users to convert old Access databases to SQLite or MySQL depending on preference. See the PAMGuard help file for further details.

Other Changes

  1. Feature Request 45. Module settings import. Functions have been provided which enable users to import the settings for individual modules into new configurations. See the help file for details.
  2. Feature Request 45. Click classification settings export / import. Click classification settings can be exported individually to files and imported into other click detector configurations. See the help file for details.
  3. GPS Loading into PAMGuard Viewer. This has been modified so that the rules governing GPS data collection and storage also apply when loading data from the database. For instance, if you’ve stored all GPS data, you’ve probably got a record every second in the database which can create memory overflows if you try to load a lot of data in the viewer. You can now tell PAMGuard to only load a data point every n seconds which will reduce the number of points loaded. Useful when making large scale overview maps of a survey.
  4. Sound Trap tools module. This is a development module for users of the Ocean Instruments Sound Trap who have it configured to run automatic click detection. This feature is currently in its development phase and is of little relevance to most users.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 246. AIS Data Unpacking. Bug in AIS data unpacker fixed.
  2. Bug 247. Fixed Landmark display. Landmarks were not displaying in the viewer. This is now fixed.
  3. Bug 248. Crash in hydrophone array manager. Bug in array manager would crash PAMGuard when the click detector was configured with more channels than the sound acquisition system (almost impossible to achieve, but someone managed it).
  4. Bug 249. Corrected bugs in Rocca analysis of click events.
  5. Bug 250. DIFAR module was crashing if it attempted to triangulate between more than two simultaneous bearings. Fixed.
  6. Bug 251. Fixed error in DIFAR intensity calculation.
  7. Bug 252. Bug which plotted bearings to whistle and moan detections from the front hydrophone rather than the central position between hydrophones now fixed.