Release 1.15.12b and Beta Release 2.00.11c October 2017


PAMGuard Version 2.xx contains major updates. You should read and understand the notes listed for Beta Version 2.00.10 (below) before proceeding with installation and use of this version.

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 322. Fixed problem with Log event average and click templates not showing.
  2. Bug 323. Difar module. Fixed a couple of small bugs in the DIFAR system which caused it to not work if old configuratins were used.
  3. Bug 324. Occassional crashing in the AIS Module, as reported by user. Added warnings and more robust error handling.
  4. Bug 325. Fixed bug in complex addition/subtraction methods.
  5. Bug 328. Fixed bug in NMEA data flow which caused a Null pointer exception. (Beta version only)
  6. Bug 330. Problem with certain FLAC files not being read properly. Upgraded jFLAC library to fix.
  7. Bug 332. Fixed problem with secondary maps (those not in the main display) not displaying detections.
  8. Bug 333. Fixed problem with data end times rounding incorrectly. (Beta version only)
  9. Bug 334. GPS dialog causing Pamguard window to resize.
  10. Bug 335. Loss of UID information from Binary Files after data is modified (Beta version only)
  11. Bug 336. Binary file corruption when max file size is changed.

Upgrades (Standard Version)

  1. Linked Rocca module to the Sound Acquisition Module. When running auto-detectors (Whistle & Moan or Click Detector), Rocca will now automatically change the Event number when the source file changes.
  2. Allow user to set custom date format when using Soundtrap source files

Upgrades (Beta Version)

  1. Added sound playback and other useful information to bar on FX display
  2. Updates/bug fixes to the landmark module.
  3. Added a simulated white noise source which can be moved around in the same way as other sources.
  4. Reworked annotation system, and added annotations to binary storage
  5. Added 3D rotation to map display. Hold down the shift key while clicking and dragging on the map to see this in action.
  6. Added database logging and other updates to the Click Detector trigger function
  7. Added circular movement option to source simulation
  8. Allow user to set custom date format when using Soundtrap source files