PAMGuard Beta 1.13.04 released.


Version 1.13.04 Beta, June 2015


  1. Spectrogram annotation marks. A simple system for marking spectrograms during real time analysis has been incorporated. To use it, add the module, in the spectrogram settings, select the annotation marks in the ‘Mark Observers’ tab of the spectrogram configuration dialog, and also right click on the spectrogram and select to display the annotations. Annotations are saved to the database so you will also need a database module in your configuration.  
  2. A new system for important warning messages has been implemented. Warnings such as failure to connect to the GPS or a database error will now appear at the top of the main PAMGuard display.
  3. File and Folder audio input systems now have an optional repeat button which is useful when using PAMGuard for demonstration purposes.
  4. The sound File and Folder audio input systems now have an optional time zone setting. Note that PAMGuard analysis should still all be taking place in UTC and that this option is intended to allow the conversion of file times which were not recorded as UTC into UTC and not the other way around. Use the option with caution !
  5. The Open Office Database system has been removed from the list of available options since it is not reliable. If you require a free database solution we recommend you use the MySql Community Server
  6. Changed Rocca Measurement menu item to open a window containing click events, instead of a submenu listing click events.  Using a window simplifies multiple event selections
  7. The DIFAR module has received numerous improvements and bugfixes after 6 weeks of field testing.

Bug Fixes

The following bugs have been fixed for this release.

  1. Bug 220 Sample counts were wrapping and causing PAMGuard to report incorrect times after 2^31 samples.
  2. Bug 223. Click detector null clicks (This primarily only affected offline file analysis).
  3. Bug 225. Display of remaining recording time. Was only displaying hours, minutes and seconds. Now correctly displays the number of remaining days.
  4. Bug 226. Spectrogram Mark Observer list doesn’t refresh when modules added or removed.
  5. Bug 227. Logger forms not working with MySQL. Several minor issues with the MySQL interface generally and in particular with the logger forms module have been resolved.
  6. Bug 228. Occasional crashing when training the whistle classifier.
  7. Bug 229. Fixed bug in Viewer Mode which caused Rocca to crash when analyzing click event containing unclassified clicks
  8. Bug 230. Click Bearing Display. With a two hydrophone system, clicks calculated to have a bearing of exactly 180 degrees would be displayed at 0 degrees on the bearing time display.