PAMGuard 1.15.00 32 and 64 bit released


Version 1.15.00. February 2016

This is the first release of a 64 bit version of PAMGuard. The 64 bit version of PAMGuard allows access to more memory than the 32 bit version which is important when working at high sample rates or with large number of channels.

As with the 32 bit version a number of C language libraries are required to interface to external sound cards and other data acquisition devices. These have been extensively tested on several different computers, but may not be as stable as the 32 bit versions. Please report any problems immediately to the PAMGuard team.

Other Changes

Updated the configuration file WMM.COF for World Magnetic Model to the latest 2015-2020 version. See

Small changes to the ROCCA classification module:

  1. Remove white spaces and parenthesis characters from RoccaContourStats header row
  2. Report 'N/A' for min time between detections, if there is only 1 detection
  3. Add ability to load standard notes and use in RoccaParameters dialog window
  4. Fixed Rocca multi-threading problem which caused Click Detector to send same click multiple times

Bug Fixes

  1. Bug 253. Database import fails when Access database contains queries. Fixed.
  2. Bug 254. Lookup lists failing in imported SQLite databases. This was caused by the system “padding” topic’s with blank spaces and is now fixed.
  3. Bug 256. Map not updating. Graphics updating was only happening when new GPS data arrived and therefore didn’t update when using static hydrophones. Fixed so that graphics update correctly.
  4. Bug Sound recorder missing a few samples between files. The sound recorder wav file output system has been rewritten in a much simpler form and now won’t lose samples between consecutive files when new files are started automatically. It will also start new files on integer second or minute boundaries when file durations are set to a maximum fixed value.
  5. Bug 262. Access to SQLite database conversion. This would fail when tables were present which were not created by PAMGuard.  Fixes have been put in place for spaces in the table name or for not having an “Id” column. Fixes have not been implemented for spaces in a column name or use of a reserved word as a column name, however if either of these problems do exist it will no longer crash but issue a clear warning and carry onto the next table.