PAMGuard 1.15.04 Released


Version 1.15.04 July 2016 is now available for download.

A number of bug fixes and code improvements have been made since V 1.15.03. Thanks to everyone who submitted informative bug reports.

1. Bug 272. File types: Some File Open / File Save dialogs were allowing selection of all file types. e.g. Save Configuration As, Section of whistle classifier training file, Map file Selection, These have now been changed so that only the correct type of file can be selected.

2. Bug 274. GPS Memory leak. A Memory leak associated with GPS data collection has been found which could cause PAMGuard to run out of memory after a day or two’s operation. This has now been fixed.

3. Bug 275. Painting of thumbnail on the Map display time slider. Have fixed a small problem in the graphical display. The visibility of components on this slider has also been improved and a log time scale option is available to facilitate in map data display.

4. Bug 276. The default hydrophone sensitivity was -201dB re 1V/uPa. This was supposed to be used with a default preamp gain of 30dB. For some reason gain was no longer being added. We have therefore set a default sensitivity of -170dB and left gain at zero. This is more typical of many hydrophones in use today.

5. Bug 277. Text fields in classifier dialog were not large enough to display times greater than 10ms. We have increased length of text fields in the dialog.

6. Bug 278. Have future proofed against potential binary file format changes in future releases. New PAMGuard releases will always be able to open older binary files, however, with previous PAMGuard releases if a newer file format was opened, then PAMGuard was unable to check that the file format was newer and would attempt to read the files and might even corrupt them. Now it will recognise that it cannot open the files, display appropriate error messages and not attempt to read the files. NOTE that at this time there are no planned file format changes and that this is purely a future proofing exercise.

7. Bug 279. GUI Resizing: The whole PAMGuard GUI would suddenly resize to something very small when a dialog is opened. This has been traced to improper use of a common dialog component SourcePanel which tries to repack its parent Window. Some programmers had inadvertently set it to repack the main PAMGuard GUI instead. This has been Fixed.

8. Bug 280. Recorder control option to automatically restart recording were causing confusion. It was working in that the recorder would return to its previous state, but it was sometimes difficult for users to set it so that recording would always start as soon as PAMGuard started. More sensible and easy to understand options have been developed in a new options dialog.

9. Bug 281. Click classification dialog has grown too big to fit on the screen. The options have now been split across three tabbed panes which solves the problem.

10. Bug 282. Quiet clicks causing too many false classifications. An additional option has been added to the click classifier to limit a class to a range of amplitude.

11. Bug 283. The spectrogram display was not displaying data in Viewer mode. This has been traced to a problem in offline data mapping and has been fixed.