Core Release 1.15.17 and Beta Release 2.00.17 June 2019


Bug Fixes
  1. Bug 427. Soundtrap import not closing binary files properly if BCL files do not contain off-effort 'E' line (Beta only)
  2. Bug 428. Decimator crashing in viewer mode (Beta only)
  3. Bug 429. Click Bearings at 180 degrees (both)
  4. Bug 430. Rocca calculates inflection point parameters incorrectly (both)
  5. Bug 431. Error when trying to mark section of spectrogram to send to Bearing Calculator module (Beta only)
  6. Bug 432. MySQL database interface - connection problems (Beta only)

Upgrades (Beta Only)

  1. New display for Gebco Netcdf bathymetry maps.
  2. Difar enhancements based on recent field testing.
  3. Click Train Detector upgrades, including localisation capabilities.
  4. Updates to the Ishmael detectors.